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  1. I had the same issue. The cause was my Bravo Throttle since after the update it changed the preset to default. Therefore I was not able to flip the switches for all external light settings. Changed it back to a custom empty preset and everything is working again.
  2. Wait what??? I m so hyped now for that plane!!!! Big thank you to Black Square!!!!
  3. Baron is out! https://www.justflight.com/product/steam-gauge-overhaul-analog-baron
  4. Maybe this is something that you are looking for?
  5. See here: https://discord.com/channels/750764704175226992/1040727793736102000/1049402253481619537 Matchstick — 05.12.2022 20:08 so we need to keep marketplace beta installed for other aircraft ? Matt (nishmaster) [Z-6] — 05.12.2022 20:09 Yes, if you want it in other aircraft you would need to still
  6. Same here... Why does have to be so complicated @MikeT707 ? Can you please help us out?
  7. Oktoberfest is actually in September. At least in Munich.
  8. Looks like there is somekind of update available. Just downloaded 0.1.0a Can somebody confirm that?
  9. Product page is already up... A bit of hope is still there 😉
  10. In addition to the already mentioned issues I have a misplaced Pilot and Passengers. They are sitting higher and partially outside of the plane.
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