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  1. Perhaps limited by thread performance with SU6? Not pushing enough frames to the GPU?
  2. Hoping you can help me. Have RYs mod installed, did Bert's fix, and have the PMS GTN 750 as well as the WT G1000 but the GTN 750 is not showing up on the right PFD, which seems to be the G1000. Any ideas?
  3. Not exactly the same - but recently forked over for the 3070 coming from a 2070 Super and its been a great decision. Now I'm more CPU bottlenecked with my 9900K is the limited by main thread. (playing at 1440P render scale at 125 locked at 40 FPS)
  4. Agreed RPMs were not responding when coming back on power.
  5. Has been updated to V 1.03 Changes: Fixed - Rain passing throught cabin Fixed - Engine CH temperature Fixed - Low manifold pressure Fixed - Left window glass gap Fixed - Left vent glass gap when open Fixed - Fuel flow needle Animation Fixed - ENG RPM needle Animation Fixed - ICAO type designator Fixed - Windows flickering when viewed from outside Fixed - Fuel quantity indicator working when aircraft not powered up Fixed - Airspeed indicator needle geometry Fixed - Airspeed indicator white bar range Fixed - Instrument light bulb in front of airspeed indicator Fixed - Propeller texture changed Fixed - Updated documentation Added - Rotating beacon lights Added - Panel color option (Grey or Black) Added - Emergency gear extension (Read Documentation) Added - Optional aera touchpad Added - Optional copilot controls Added - Windshield cover (Read Documentation) going to fire her up now
  6. Ctl alt delete - boot the sim in safe mode - exit sim - boot in normal mode - load flight Works every time for me.
  7. Boot the sim in safe mood - exit - then boot in norma works every time for me when that happens
  8. forgive my ignorance. can someone explain the DX12 transition and why it may be optional. what is it exactly, pros and cons? can i use it?
  9. ha! i knew it! .....but was too embarrassed to bring it up in case it was a coincidence
  10. Just completed another flight. Noticed the tax light lights up the ground but is not animated as lit on the nose gear bulb (at least during day-time) As stated above, beacon lights and strobes need to be slightly cleaned up to blink in their respective housings engine sounds when opening doors and windows prop should shake the aircraft on shutdown dont think any of these are a huge lift to clean up
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