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  1. I'm having a problem with a bush flight. I complete the first leg and get a big message saying that the leg was completed and Checked. However, when I come back for the second leg and I load the bush flight, I'm back at the beginning. I don't get the list of legs on the right side that should show the first leg complete and allow me to start at the second leg. Am I doing something wrong or missing a step along the way?
  2. What is the setting that causes the trees and autogen to pop up farther from the aircraft?
  3. I purchased Bijan's Seasons a while ago. Based on the advertising, REX AccuSeason appears to be a more complete product. Do you consider REX to be significantly better than Bijan's product?
  4. Not a big fan of MSFS Live Weather. Rex Weather Force seems to be the only weather add-on. Is it a significant improvement over Live Weather? Is it a recommended add-on?
  5. IRL how does ATC refer to the TBM930?
  6. Is it possible with P2A to get taxi instructions based on real world charts?
  7. At many airports the taxiway names do not agree with real world charts. I understand that this product will update the signage to agree with real world charts. My question is, Will ATC give you taxi instructions using the real world taxiway names or will their instructions still be based on the incorrect taxiway names?
  8. You are correct that you can't wire your pc to the laptop. However, it is very simple using two windows 10 machines. It is done using Miracast, which is built into Win10 and later. The queston is do the PC and Laptop have to berunning the same OS?
  9. Tried this in the hardware forum but got no replies. Hopefully, someoone here has the answer. I would like to use my laptop as a second monitor for my PC. Can this be done if the laptop is Windows 11 and the PC is Windows 10?
  10. Set your view and press CTRL-ALT- number. After that ALT-number will bring up the view that you set.
  11. AIG Traffic Controller takes a while to load. My question is, "When should you start the load process?" Should you start it before MSFS? Should you start it while MSFS is loading? Should you start it when you're at the gate?
  12. I don't remember trying it on a STAR. I have used it on a SID and an Approach. I'd be surprised if it didn't work on a STAR. I have also noticed that sometimes when I issue the command, I appear to be ignored and have to issue it again. It works the second time.
  13. What is a reasonable number for the Rolling Cache Limit?
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