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  1. tjrush


    That's probably because "wind" can also be pronounced like wind a watch.
  2. tjrush

    P3D ILS Tower approache procs missing

    He already mentioned KHLN and KTOL.
  3. tjrush

    F1 GTN 750

    1.) In the panel.cfg add the line type=special to the F1 GTN window.
  4. tjrush

    End It All

    Alacrity was last updated in 2016. I would be very concerned about running it on a current Windows 10 PC.
  5. tjrush

    Observations with 7.42.

    Why not use another ATC package??
  6. tjrush

    Vox atc. Any updates?

    How is this worth waiting a year for? And what good is it for those of us using UTLive?
  7. tjrush

    Invalid Aircraft

    Jay, forget this. I really had a senior moment. You can see it in my original post. I ran the EZDOK config, not the VOXATC cfg.
  8. I installed the Flight 1 Mustang into P3D V4. All went well. Mustang appears in P3D just fine. I then ran the EZCA2 Config Tool. It seems to have no problem. However when I try to start VOXATC, it fails with the invalid aircraft message. Any ideas?? Tom
  9. tjrush

    EZDOK & GTN750 Compatibility

    I googled EZDOK and can't find the update for 4.3
  10. Is EZDOK compatible with P3D 4.3? if so, would someone please post a link to the download. Also is the Flight 1 GTN750 compatible with 4.3?
  11. tjrush

    Headset Plus Speakers

    I think if you have a program that only sends output to the default, you can set the default to the headset and in P3D you then direct sound (not voice) to your speakers.
  12. tjrush

    Headset Plus Speakers

    You need a USB headset. If you have one, in the windows sound configuration set the microphone (under the recording tab) to the headset microphone. Under the playback tab set the default playback to your speakers. In P3D, leave the default sound settings.
  13. tjrush

    Just Flight Traffic Global

    Not to mention that the P3D forum has a thread showing that many are having installation problems.