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  1. The GLJ 25 documentation shows a picture of the optional RealityXP GTN 750/650 installed. I would like this same set-up with the Flight 1 versions. The documentation seems clear but I am still having a problem. Does anyone have the Flight 1 versions installed and would you be willing to share the related sections of your panel.cfg file? Thanks,
  2. At this time SpaceDesk does not appear to support an iPad. Duet uses a lightning to USB cable. I have an old iPad without a lightning connection. So, I'll look for another wifi software that suports an iPad.
  3. Downloaded version 2.4 Navigraph download manager still installs to the old directory and not Pilot2ATC_2018_x64. Can files be moved from old to new? Is it true that makerwys only need to be run in the main P3D v4 directory?
  4. Does anybody have a link to Rob Barendregt's groundhandling gauge? And does it work in P3D ver 4?
  5. Thanks all. I have it up and running.
  6. While EZDOK claims not to be compatible with P3D v4, I note many users claim to be using it with no problem. Exactly how do you install EZDOK in P3D v4.1? Tom
  7. Bill: Just curious. What's a night mode?
  8. I'm not sure how much detail you need other than the log. So, I requested a "direct to" a waypoint in the flight plan. It was approved.However, after turning direct to the waypoint, P2A told me I was off course and continued to instruct me to change to a heading of 240. This continues until I shut down P2A. How the hell do you attach the log??
  9. Toby, thanks for the detail. Sorry for being a little dense.
  10. Still have no idea how to download language packs
  11. I have no clue how this link helps with the downloading of new voices for P2A!
  12. FSX-MS

    They are probably on sale because there is no support. I've emailed them on three different occasions to ask if DBS Airport GPS was available for P3D and never got a response.
  13. Dave: Log sent.
  14. Flight from KSAC to KPWT. I was given the SLNT1 departure with the SAC transition. To the best of my knowledge, there are no DPs at KSAC.
  15. Dave; In P2A there are a number of different weather options. One of which is Sim Weather. If this option is selected, it appears that P2A will get its weather information from the sim. If this is true, does it make a difference how (AS16 or other engine) the weather got to the sim? I guess my real question is why not always select Sim Weather? Tom