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  1. tjrush

    EZDOK & GTN750 Compatibility

    I googled EZDOK and can't find the update for 4.3
  2. Is EZDOK compatible with P3D 4.3? if so, would someone please post a link to the download. Also is the Flight 1 GTN750 compatible with 4.3?
  3. tjrush

    Headset Plus Speakers

    I think if you have a program that only sends output to the default, you can set the default to the headset and in P3D you then direct sound (not voice) to your speakers.
  4. tjrush

    Headset Plus Speakers

    You need a USB headset. If you have one, in the windows sound configuration set the microphone (under the recording tab) to the headset microphone. Under the playback tab set the default playback to your speakers. In P3D, leave the default sound settings.
  5. tjrush

    Just Flight Traffic Global

    Not to mention that the P3D forum has a thread showing that many are having installation problems.
  6. tjrush

    AI for VOXATC

    Jay I think that I'll stick to UTLive.and not worry about AI in VOXATC . Who knows, maybe I'll live long enough to see UTBridge. Thanks again for all your help. Tom
  7. tjrush

    AI for VOXATC

    Jay, I want to thank you for all your help. I have come to the conclusion that, for me, creating the AI manually is more than I can handle. Having purchased UTLive, I'm not sure I want to spend the money on another traffic program. However, can you recommend another commercial traffic program that will work with VOXATC? Tom
  8. tjrush

    AI for VOXATC

    I am using AIFP. If I click on an aircraft it pops up a list of available repaints in blue. They all seem to lead to Flying Carpet which is unavailable. My guess is that there I would find a repaint. Will I also find the base models? When I started this with Southwest, I downloaded the AIG schedule, the FAIB Models and repaints. Then using AIFP I was able to match the repaints to a significant number of flights and compile the BGL. It seemed simple even if it was a little tedious. I was expecting much the same with the other airlines.
  9. tjrush

    AI for VOXATC

    I was trying to keep it simple and only download the FAIB models and associated repaints. I started with the 767-300 and -400. Unless I'm looking at the wrong thing, the only models in the above schedule are the 767-300ER and -400ER and they don't seem to match the FAIB repaints. Is there a Delta schedule somewhere that would include the FAIB models?
  10. tjrush

    AI for VOXATC

    I think I'm getting in over my head. Would you post a link to where I would find the latest Delta schedule?
  11. tjrush

    AI for VOXATC

    I think I got Southwest under control. I thought that I'd move on to Delta. I went to FAIB to download the Delta schedule. Two questions. 1) Is there a way to know which is the latest schedule. I found Summer 2017 by searching backwards. 2)There are two schedules and What is the difference between a FSP and a TFS file? Tom
  12. tjrush

    AI for VOXATC

    I believe that I successfully installed the 737-700 basepack. Now let's see if I understand the next step . I go back to FAIB and download the Southwest airlines repaints for the 737-700. There appears to be four of them and all seem to be for the winglets version. Now, for each repaint I put the texture folders in with the 700_w aircraft and add the fltsim.x entries to the aircraft.cfg file remembering to number the sections. I then repeat this process for each of the aircraft included in the AIG Southwest flight plans. Does this sound right? Tom
  13. tjrush

    AI for VOXATC

    Jay: Let's take one step at a time. I downloaded the FAIB Boeing 737-300 Basepack. I don't understand the installation instructions. How would I install it to C:\AIG\FAIB ? Tom
  14. tjrush

    AI for VOXATC

    I'm almost 73 years old and I'm coming to the conclusion that UTBridge may not be available in my lifetime. So, I thought I'd create my own AI. In another thread Jay suggested AIFP and starting simple with Southwest Airlines. I downloaded and installed AIFP and downloaded the AIG Southwest Summer 2017 schedule. The video Jay referenced says to load the schedule in AIFP, double-click on any red aircraft in the aircraft section, download the aircraft model to the AIFP\Repaints folder and click install. DONE Is this correct for this one aircraft? If I look into the model download it has both a FSX and FS9 version and also says it requires a download of the basepack for installation. Does AIFP handle all this automatically? Any help would be appreciated. I really don't want to screw up my P3D installation. Tom