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  1. For your example, I believe the correct response would have been 121.3. Keep in mind that the bottom left of the P2A screen shows the assigned frequency. I think that the full frequency is shown there even when you're given an abbreviated frequency.
  2. Dave, The reason I was quick to respond was because I've gotten that call a number of times. And not always that particular frequency. I actually liked it. It was a change of pace that makes me more attentive. Let me know if you have trouble finding the bug and I'll send a log next time I hear it.
  3. Dave, I currently have my aircraft ID set up as GA Elite 21. I am referred to as Elite two one by P2A. Is there a way to change this so that P2A calls me Elite twenty-one? Tom
  4. OK here is what I discovered. When you add a flight plan to .. \ Lockheed Martin \ Prepar3D \ F1TGTN \FPL it is also copied to C:\users\tyom\appdata\roaming\flight1 aviation technologies\gtngauge\navigator_1\winfs_mount\fpl When the file is deleted from the first directory it remains in the second one and will still load into the GTN. I have no idea what that second directory is. Maybe my original question should have been, How do I delete the flight plans available for import?
  5. The manual says Respectively if you use Prepar3D: ... \ Lockheed Martin \ Prepar3D \ F1TGTN \ I have no .gfp files in that directory. However, when I go to import I have four pages of flight plans. I assumed that maybe the directory should be ... \ Lockheed Martin \ Prepar3D \ F1TGTN \FPL I have no .gfp files in that directory either but I still have four pages of flight plans when I go to import. Hence, the question, Into what directory does one put a .gfp file to be imported into the GTN750?
  6. Into what directory does one put a .gfp file to be imported into the GTN750?This is for P3D ver 4.4
  7. Milviz states that Advanced series products are non-functional in P3D V5. So for me, I'll wait for v5 compatibility.
  8. Jay, Is this correct: Sids and Stars are updated through my Navigraph subscription. This may be why I have never noticed any missing SIDS and STARS For updated approaches (among other things) I would have to add a subscription to FSAerodata. Tom
  9. John, Thanks for trying to help. I'm afraid I don't understand anything you're suggesting. I think I'll continue my current practice of ignoring VOXATC and flying the RNAV of my choice. Thanks, Tom
  10. From where does VOXATC get its available approaches? In particular, many RNAV approaches seem to be unavailable as a choice from VOX. Can the available approaches be updated?
  11. Just updated the F1 GTN750. Now as soon as the GTN goes active the nav1 audio button on the audio panel lights up and the morse code begins. The problem is that I can't turn it off. If I click the button it goes off but immediately comes back on. I had this probl;em the last time I updated the GTN. I don't remember how I fixed it. Again this problem is only wiith aircraft where the GTN is installed. Anybody have any ideas??
  12. Dirk, There is no point in changing a saved flight unless you plan on loading it.However, it's possible that I have no idea what you're talking about. Go to the Options/general,applications page and make sure that the "Show Scenario Startup Screen" is checked. Now when you load the saved flight, you can change the date, time and flight plan.
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