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  1. So, flight simulator support answered to my ticket today. Apart from some basic ideas i already encountered, they told me to get in touch with microsoft support and xbox support. (https://support.xbox.com/en-US/) The website is unreachable for days already. Anyways, I am always happy to have donated 70 Euros to the devs. 😎👍
  2. Yes but nothing useful except for the suggestions I mentioned which didnt work.
  3. Hello, I bought MSFS in the microsoft store a year ago and now wanted to reinstall. It redirects me to xbox app for installation (which is already confusing to me since I am on a PC and bought a PC version). Anyways, the download always stops after 5 minutes of "preparing" with code "0x800700e7", which i already filed a ticket with but so far havent recieved any reaction because they seem to be very busy. google search told me to deactivate windows defender, check for windows updates and run sfc /scannow. i did all of that but still no luck so far. Any ideas are very welcome.
  4. Hello everyone, I increasingly run into issues with my installation when i install any kind of new addon airports. Even though i always search for older sceneries before the installation of a new version of the same airport/region, some thing get overlooked and causes issues like double buildings. An example is virtualcols colombia virtual extreme, which I installed like 6 years ago but has outdated airports which conflict with modern PKSim ones when installed. But i would like to keep the non-airport objects that virtualcol has. (This is just an example, its not a support issue for the devs.) Is there any tool that allows me to find out which bgl files get loaded for a specific airport? That would enable me to find conflicting scenery and delete it without messing around too much? Thanks for any tips 🙂
  5. Well i actually still fly FSX but in DX10 mode. Yes, its dated, but i pumped a few 1000s of bucks worth of addons into that sim and MSFS misses features which are very important to me: - an Active-Sky weather engine - Seasons - PMDG planes 😉 I wont bother with P3D since I dont want to buy all my addons again... Apart from that, I miss tropical water textures like in addon islands of FSX and a simple option to decrease spot view distance withouit zooming out, so you can actually ENJOY the beautiful scenery. Instead of adding more scenery updates maybe the devs should improve all those things that seem a but unfinished.
  6. When using bloom activated in SteveFX's fixer together with a REX sun preset, I found out the lens flare effect recieves accumulated bloom which makes the sun ridiculously large. To prevent that i have tune down the Fixer option "Light Glare Halo" all the way to 0. The option "Alpha/Halo" has no effect on this. I suppose its the lens flare textures that recieve bloom by the sim instead of the actual sun textures. Here is what it looks like with Light Glare Halo off: However, this removes the shiny effects from all other bright objects as well. The SweetFX bloom filter has an option to "blend" multiple bloom effects instead of adding them. Now I wonder if there is some way to tell FSX bloom logic to do the same, or make the lens flare texture simply not recieve any bloom, as using SweetFX in FSX DX10 results in frequent CTDs. The "Limit light scaling" or "limit environment bloom" options have no effect on this, as well as the "Light Glare Halo" slider itself doesnt change anything. The only way to get rid of the big sun is to turn it all the way to 0. Another option is to simply turn lens flare off, but since REX sky force textures use FSX's lens flare logic to make the sun look less flat and actually shiny, I would like to keep it on.
  7. So i recently installed Win10 64bit (guess why) on my long serving Win 7 system and intended to keep both OS in a dual boot configuration. There is a tutorial which told me this is completely possible and Win10 recognizes a Win7 system at startup and asks which one to boot. I have 2 SSDs, created an unpartitioned space on one of them and, using partition wizard, and switched its partition grid to GPT, installed Win10 and this works. But: Win10 doesnt find Win7 at bootup as intended. To get into Win7, I had to manually change the boot HDD in BIOS setup. After a bit of switching around, the Win7 OS doesnt boot anymore. Selecting to boot from "Windows boot manager" in BIOS brings me to Win10. But when i try to manually select the Win7 SSD after that, i am only being shown a white blinking cursor and nothing happens after that. So does anyone have an idea how to get my Win7 system back, or to make the windows boot selector recognize that installation?
  8. Uff, well. I am not saying MSFS isnt an amazing piece of work in some aspects. But what always riddles me is what people were doing during beta testing. TNCM is one of the most popular airports among avgeeks. One of the first things half of us will do is load up TNCM to see how it looks now. So someone really thought "this is fine"?
  9. You got that wrong, they just took the terrain data back in September 2017. 😉 No, seriously thanks, I was thinking in getting my copy but as with any previously hyped release nowadays I am really careful about it....
  10. Given the fact that it took me over 10 years to get FSX running balanced on acceptable FPS, many of us will not live up to see the same thing happening to MSMFS. But hey, nostalgia. 🤣
  11. Using ORBX vector and OpenLC. This screenshot is from geneva, but its like that in many places of the world: Does anyone have any lead in what to look into for solving that issue? I thought reverting to a default terrain.cfg and let orbx central re-synchronize would solve this, but it didnt.
  12. Hello community, I want to fix some issues regarding autogen buildings on water bodies. My plan is to delete my old, probably corrupted, terrain.cfg, replace it with a default one and let ORBX central rebuild its entries. Does anyone have a default FSX-Acceleration terrain.cfg for me? thanks :)
  13. Hello everyone, I am currently trying to solve a problem with ChasePlane. The program has an auto-update function that launches itself each time on startup. Because of a programming error (imho) Chaseplane deletes itself (the old version) before successfully downloading the new version. Therefore the program uninstalls itself upon launch. Support points me at antivirus or firewalls blocking the update download, but I dont have anything like that running. I placed the whole machine in the routers DMZ, deactivated windows firewall and DEP and do not have any antivirus installed. However, something still seems to block Chaseplane.exe from accessing its update server. Is there any general way/tool to test the internet access of a specific program on my computer? Like a connection monitoring tool etc?
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