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  1. IMHO the "ultra" clouds look too grey and have too much of an ash effect. "high" is the best you currently can get. Are cirrus on the wishlist btw?
  2. I use it on 1080p with TAA so i dont know, but in theory it should work with any resolution.
  3. You actually can, but its a bit trickier than that. I dont know what resolution you are running but put: PrimaryScaling 0.500000 SecondaryScaling 2.000000 ...in the user.cfg. it will make the screen a lot less blurry immediately while maintaining your resolution with the same performance. Especially light dots are reduced to a reasonable size with this one. Combine it with the sharpening option as you prefer.
  4. I noticed very different expectations in myself ever since I started using MSFS. Before, I used FSX and I was happy for every additional detail scenery gave me without getting into OOM or FPS trouble. With MSFS, i kind of got used to expect photorealism and compare the image to reality. Depending on both POVs, the night lighting in MSFS is either horrible or a huge improvement over FSX. I think street lighting outside cities is a bit overdone, you see roads going cross-country having continouus street lights on them. This was probably done to enable VFR flying at night but nowhere in the world it is that way (especially as of today with all the energy debate) I remember UTX having a few lights on roads and continouus lighting only on major highway intersections or within cities. Second, yes, the yellow blob at a distance is a problem. And it could be easily solvable by not removing the light spot with distance, but the shine it creates on the ground. But overall i think its OK and better than what i was used to. Me being a night owl myself I think it is very hard to simulate night lighting conditions accurately in any video game, mostly because of the color spectrum of monitors being very limited compared to what the human eye can percieve.
  5. Not yet, i had my rolling cache deactivated because it was recommended to me to do so. Yesterday I set it to 16GB again and will do some testing to see if stutters are still there. it seems to be connected to geographical change...like loading a new area somewhere else after you flew in one area.
  6. So, after an hour or something on MSFS, my system tends to get the infamous 1-second-stutter, regardless of load, settings, traffic, scenery, data on/off, or plane. It is clearly visible on the FPS graph in dev mode (enjoy beautiful moonlit annushka btw): Now i managed to balance my settings pretty well, even though i am still running a weak GTX970 GPU, usually i am between 20 and 40 FPS in all scenarios. My CPU is a ryzen 5600X and I have 32GB of RAM installed on Windows 11. So far i looked into: 1. Data settings, i switched them on and off with no change after reading that streaming causes this type of issue. 2. Temperatures of CPU, which are normal, around 50 Degrees under load. Also, my CPU only shows around 25% load, single core usage is 40% max. 3. Various graphics settings with no change. 4. background programs, which was only sky4sim, no change after closing it. The only solution that works is restarting MSFS. Any Tips?
  7. Ok i set up my simbrief sync and for some reason even the manual entering seems to work now. Probably some old profile got stuck somewhere. thx.
  8. So i havent flown this bird for a while, I updated it to the current version (1.2 b152) and gave it a try. The EFB seems to be broken now, its not hiding anymore when clicking the screw to the left behind the briefcase light. The bigger issue, however, is that weight & balance is always resetting the payload every time i am bringing it up on the EFB. I change fuel and PAX on board, exit, enter W&B again and notice my plane making a bump because it loads the figures from before again. Changing in load manager and then synchronizing doesnt habe any effect at all. That way i am stuck with 146 PAX on board (73 forward and aft). Anyone else noticed that? Is the update messed up or was I overlooking something in options, configuration etc.?
  9. There was an extreme example once where someone was selling a modified FSX stuffed with freeware addons claiming its a new sim. I forgot the name of it but maybe others remember. Not everyone will agree to the idea of someone else making money with their freeware work. "Evidence that flightsim.to is profit oriented blablabla plonk": The "about" section of their website states: "Who Runs It? No company. No investor. Flightsim.to is run by a handful of enthusiasts of the flight simulation community - just like you!" However, under "Legal Contact", you can see flightsim.to is definitely declared as a business in germany with a sales tax ID number. The owner of the website stated an adress in hamburg which you can look up in google street view and shows an office building. Again, i am visiting flightsim.to as often as i visit avsim. But i dont get why people get massively angry as soon as i state that flightsim.to could be profit oriented? They are openly reselling payware addons and getting a share with it, which probably is why their website looks so professional. If you are fine with it, be fine with it. As long as they are respecting freeware as freeware, i am also fine with it. But: if avsim is a 100% free time project, asking them to compete with commercially run services isnt exactly fair.
  10. First of all, its not a smear to state that. Its what happend before and its being done all the time. No need to neglect reality. Second, the reason for my assumption is written in my post.
  11. The freeware market is exactly not a market and shouldnt create competition. I also dont mind avsims layout since we are used to it. That being said, i do like flightsim.to for being fast and having nice functions like the scenery map, which, previously only existed on a seperate website for FSX/P3D stuff. But flightsim.to's rapid ascent raises suspicions for me too. Experience with other platforms* tells me that this is usually the result of a professional marketing concept being applied. Flightsim.to prompts you on ever download to please donate to get premium access. We all know avsim also relies on donations and giving the operating costs of servers this is perfectly understandable BUT all the nice functions of flightsim.to can be part of the strategy to get more donations from people than whats actually needed to cover their expenses. This is, of course, purely conspiracy theory, nothing can be proven here. *Off topic example: in central europe there were plenty of websites offering the possibility to rideshare. When going somewhere in a car, you could post an announcement and collect people with the same destination to ease up the gas expenses. This was all 100% non-profit and decentralized once, until one particular platform kicked everyone out of the game by massive publicity and convenient functionality until everyone was exclusively using this one. A few years later they turned their service from 100% free to a paid subcription based model.
  12. I write this because i just opened up a flight with MSFS live weather where the "flight conditions" window is showing the lightning image, after loading however I find my plane standing in nice sunshine with maybe 2/10 fair weather cloud coverage....but dramatic thunder sounds audible all the time, including lightning strikes coming out of clear sky. Now live weather is perfectly capable of giving us towering dark clouds to an exaggerated degree when its just rainy weather in northern hemispheres. But for some reason this doesnt work with the local TS cells that are very common in summer or tropical regions. Also, on airliner cruise level, I have never seen any CBs so far. Is that ever scheduled to be fixed with asobo or will we have to wait for another 3 years until someone programs a payware tool running in the background and relying on a mandatory monthly subscription to some weather service?
  13. By now i accepted my fate and spent two hours setting everything up the way i had, or, at least, the way it works....
  14. my apologies, I got lost with my last post. I lost all settings in my MSFS and thought its due to the beta being installed. It wasnt so my rant turned out to be misplaced. 😂
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