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  1. Hello everyone, the question isn't as obvious as the title may imply. My Phenom 2 X4 975 was an insanely lucky chip. Its been overclocked for 6 years at stock voltage and runs 4,2 Ghz 100% stable. I love it, but time goes on and the power consumption as well as the heat radiation of the chip is a bit on the high side for todays standards. Also, i suffer from the typical performance shortages that AMD systems show with FSX addons like the Aerosoft Airbus. Now i have an opportunity to upgrade to a 6700k at a low price, since I basically would need a new MoBo and new RAM as well. That the 6700k would completely outperform the stock 975 is out of question, but how much would the difference in FSX be with regards to the overclock? Any experiences on that? I am a bit on a budget with my setup. ;)
  2. Soulflight

    Drzewiecki Design Moscow City X

    Anyone else found Putin yet? ;)
  3. If your intent was to show off what a badass life you live, it worked. :P
  4. That schouldnt be happening on a flight with a C172. Also, as far as i know this is a feature of FSUIPC. Is it installed?
  5. Yesterday I flew into that airport at night and while it looks better in general, the runway lights are missing. I can see the PAPI but not the runway itself, which makes visual approaches kind of risky. ;) taxiway lights work fine though....using steves fixer and converted "light effects only". Any ideas?
  6. OK, checked on that, but no luck. I disabled everything for boot except the drive where my OS is on, but still no changes. Funny thing is, that as soon as I connect the problem HDD to my PC while BIOS settings are open (with the USB adapter) the machine freezes.
  7. Yes I swapped cables with the other HDDs in my PC without any difference, it did always work, however, when I removed the power cable from the problem HDD, shutting it down. About BIOS I cant really tell you because when I try to boot with the problem HDD connected, either USB or SATA, I cant even access the boot menu anymore because it freezes even before that.
  8. Yes, thats how the problem arised. ;) So far, i made the following combinations: SATA and PC power supply, connected on startup: fail SATA and Adapter power supply, connected on startup: fail USB and Adapter power supply, connected on startup: fail USB connected when machine is already running: success. Do you mean i should try to plug it into SATA while the PC is on?
  9. I recently got an issue with the HDD my FSX is stored on (saving it is crucial, of course ;) ), a Seagate barracuda 500GB. Whenever it is connected to the PC, the machine gets stuck at the BIOS boot screen. When I disconnect it from the motherboard, the PC boots normally. Also the HDD sounds as usual. I used an adapter device that allows mounting internal HDDs as USB drives and as soon as I do that when my Windows is already booted up, the HDD is recognized and fully accessible, but, of course, at a reduced speed. With the USB connectors of the HDD adapter plugged in while powering up the PC, the problem is exactly the same and the boot process gets stuck. Does anyone have an idea how to fix that, befor I buy a new HDD and simply clone my FSX partition on it?
  10. Soulflight

    PMDGs website giving me black screen

    No, I wasn't. I can still log in to my user account and download all the products I was buying from them in a normal way. If I was PMDG and after pirates the brutal way they usually are, i would block the suspected pirates user account, but not use a diffuse method of MAC Adress tracking to block access to their site. ;) EDIT: just updated my firefox and now everything is back to normal. Thanks. :)
  11. Soulflight

    PMDGs website giving me black screen

    I just found out that I can access the site from my laptop but not from the PC I have my simulator on.
  12. Is the PMDG site up for you guys? I wanted to update my 777 yesterday, uninstalled the old version and now I cant reach PMDGs site anymore. It just shows a white screen without any error message. :(
  13. Hello everyone, I never experienced that before but for some reason the CS 767 models recently show dust excluders after takeoff, without any possibilty of making them disappear again in the animations menu. Is there a way to work around that or maybe disable that animation completely?
  14. Soulflight

    Sleeping while flying

    I actually do that a lot. I bring a 777 up in the air on a 10 hour flight and go to sleep, or to work, or go out, or whatever. I wont jump anywhere since I use fspassengers. Sometimes I might look on my PC to see if everything is alright, look where i am currently located or just enjoy beautiful scenery...and land again much later, being thankful for the "pause on ToD" function sometimes. Why should people not do that? I will be honest: I am bored af as a passenger on my real life long haul flights.