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  1. Very nice aircraft which installed without problems. But during my first flight I observed a couple of things. First I can`t hear the engine sound in cockpit. Second the rudder pedals almost don't move when I move my rudder fully to either side. Both are quite different from flying the real Super Cub😀. Has anybody the same experience, and can it be adjusted? Tor Arild Danielsen
  2. I have bought a used Simparts.de 737 gearlever. It is complete with power and wiring and it has a Podkeys57u card. I know it must be connected to the sim via software from Podkeys and fsuipc, but I cant find any instructions how to do this. Can anyone who has done this before give me some advice? Tor Arild Danielsen
  3. The autoland problem, seems not have to do with the way we fly the descend. On the PMDG 737NGXu forum, I found a solution. Search for the thread NO AUTOLAND NO LAND3. The reason for the problems is a conflict between PaneState files in Prepar3dv4..... PMDG\ PMDG737NGXu\ PanelState folder. Deleting the files in this folder was the solution for me. Tor Arild Danielsen
  4. I have the same problems with my 737 800 NGXu. My last flights have been ok ,until the landing. I experience the same stange behavior as you describe of autopilot and autothrottle, and some times the plane crashes, sometimes I manage to land manually, but one of the problems is that the speed is very difficult to reduse under 160 knots on final. I always use Active Sky for weather when I fly, so I wander if the beavior is connected to the last update of AS, because I had no problems autoland the aircraft some weeks ago. Tor Arild Danielsen
  5. I have posted the same question there, but got no answer. I have only downloaded cont.cab 1 and 2 and client.msi and cont.msi.
  6. I have started to update my P3D v4.5 Professional with hotfix 3. I have installed the Client with no problem, but when I try to install the Content.msi I get the following message: the file`fil08F88902310E1B4E31B7C3C25470F009`cannot be installed because the file could not be found in cabinetfile `cont1.cab`. Then the install process goes back to start and stops. I have downloaded the cabfile twice, but I get the same message, What can I do? Tor Arild Danielsen
  7. Go to Options and choose your contoller. When you have assigned axes and buttons/ keys as you want, press the Export button and save the configuration file as you want. You can use the name of the contoller. The file will be saved as a xml file which you can import again when you get problems with the assignment. But remember always update the configuration file if you change the assignment. Tor Arild
  8. Hi. I have had the same problems as you, but I have solved it. I have ChasePlane connected to a XBox contoller, and somtimes when I start P3d, the buttons and hat switch on the controller is assigned to other functions as trim,throttle, rudder . I think this happen after an update of windows or other programs om my pc. My solution is to make a Control Configuration.xml file of the controller with the wanted assignments, and save it using the Export button in the controllers setting page. When I experience that the assignment has changed, I just import the saved file, and the controller is ok again. I have done the same for all my controllers, because I experience the same with both rudder and throttle. I don’t know why this happens, but my solution is an easy way to solve it when it happens. Tor Arild
  9. For me it was the first time I installed Sode, and I had not activated it. Activating it was what solved the problem. Have you tried to delete and reinstall the scenery? That has sometimes solved scenery problems for me.
  10. If you have Envtex and Envshade installed, try to install the latest updates/ patch. For me it solved the problem. I can’t explain why. Tor Arild
  11. I have this both with stock airport Vagar, and with MK Studios Vagar for P3dv4. I have no other scenery for the area, except ORBX Global base, Vector and LC EU. The disappearing scenery is in an angle of 100 degrees from ca 100-200 degrees. I have first seen this after upgrading to P3dv4.4, but it might have been there before. I am not a frequent flyer to EKVG, but I have been there sometimes without experience that the buildings and runway are disappearing.
  12. Do you know the difference in values, or in what way I shall try to chance the values to be better for Do 228?
  13. There has been a case lately about adding some lines and figures to [TurbineEngineData] in the aircfaft.cfg file, to make the engine start more like a turboprop aircraft. I have heard that the values have changed the Carenado SF340 to a more realistic turboprop. I have tried to add these lines and values to Do 228 aircraft.cfg,but not with a good result. The throttle act weird, and I think the reason is that the values must be changed for each aircraft. Does anyone have changed values for Do 228? Tor Arild Danielsen
  14. In the last month have I had some problems with autogen vegetation. My default startup situation in P3d v4.3 is at my home airport which is surrounded by trees. When I start the sim, most times the nearby trees are missing, but the trees further away are loaded. When I saved the startup situation the trees were loaded. If i go to Options and change the autogen setting either up or down, the trees are loaded. Can anyone give me some advice on how to fix this so the trees load when I start the sim? Tor Arild
  15. I have used two Saitek throttles with Boeing style handles with flap detent as my throttle in P3d the last two years, but I am not satisfied with this combination. I mostly fly PMDG 737 800. I have problems with setting the flaps detends, and syncronising the throttles. I have assigned the throttles in fsuipc. I have now started to look at other throttles, and I need advice on which throttle to chose as my future throttles. I have looked at Throttletek, Flightsimpm as manual throttles, and Open cockpit and Cockpit for you motorized throttles. I an not sure that I can afford a motorized throttle now, but if that is the only solution to avoid the problems I have to day, I wil have to start to save money😀. I hope you can share your experiences with me. Tor Arild
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