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  1. I have now had several realistic flights with VoxATC, but today I had a problematic flight. I made a flightplan from EDDH to EHAM. My fpl endet at waypint EEL. My fpl was opened and saved in Vox ATC. Flightplan extra, and I checked «no vector to approach».I used FO for communication. Take off and cruise until TOD, was as expected. In good time before EEL Atc tells me to fly EELDE 1A arrival, but I am not given an landing Rwy. Soon after I am told to turn left and fly HDG 160, and follow instructions for hdg and altitude. From that point I get different headings every minute, and I can not see any realism in the instructions. After some turns I get the ATIS for rwy 22, and the message«to report establishet on procedure». I am now far away from EEL. At last I decided to end VoxATC and fly the approach manually and end the flight visually. Can anyone explain what happened? Did I do anything wrong or was it Vox ATC that run out of control? Tor Arild Danielsen
  2. I have had to flights from LHBP lately, with LHSimulations scenery and VoxATC in P3d v 5.1.The airport is designed for takeoffs at Rw 13L and 31L, but both times I am told to take off from the R runways. Is this a bug in the scenery or in Vox ATC? What can I do to change it? Tor Arild Danielsen
  3. I have been busy lately, so it has not been any flying, and last week when I had some spare time I discovered that my throttle was damaged. I tried to clean it, but at last I had to buy a new one. I bought a Honeycomb Bravo, but I was not aware that it should take so long time to set it up. This weekend I have had two flights with 737 800, and used VoxATC in the «right way» . I have not had any «say again or dismiss» callouts. On my first flight I was afraid that I would not get a Star before the landing, but it came in good time before I reached the last waypoint of my flightplan. So again, thank you for help and advice. Tor Arild
  4. Before you start to use the CDU you must do some changes in the 737 panel file and option.ini file as described in the CDU manual. When PMDG B737 is up and running (no engine start) I press the left CDU display and it shows up on the main display in th lower right corner. Then right click on the CDU display and choose undoc, the display moves to the top left corner. Rightclick on the top line of the CDU display and choose move. You can now move the display out of the main display and to your CDU by holding the left mousebutton down and pull the screen. Then the CDU screen shall be in place on the CDUdisplay and the only thing you have to do is extend it so it fits into the CDU display. To make it work, you have to start the FS_COM.exe. I hope this will help you. Tor Arild
  5. Ok, I will do that. I know understand that VOXATC is closer to real ATC than I have thought. I am happy you have taught me that.
  6. Thank you for replays. The reason I have not posted a scenario, is that I dont write down the STAR and SID I use in the flightplan, so I am not sure which procedures I have used on my last flights. I will now plan a new flight, and include SID and STAR in the pln flightplan, and write everything down. I will report back after my next flight. Tor Arild
  7. I have thought a lot about this the last days, and I have started to ask myself if I do something wrong when I set up the flights. I start with a flightplan that I create with onlineflightplanner.org or Little Nav Map. I save the flightplans in two format .pln and .rte. When I start preparing a flight I load .pln file into P3d and .rte file into PMDG 737 NGXu. Both flightplans have no SID or STAR, but in the FMC I add these to the .rte flightplan,based on the weather forecast and Rwy suggestion from ASP3D. Then I start VOXATC without doing any changes to the .pln flightplan. Can it be a conflict between the flightplan with SID and STAR and the pln flightplan without, that creates the strange voice behavier?
  8. In VoxAtc flightplan extra, I open the flightplan, and save it with no vectors to approach, because I normally use a STAR that direct me to rwy tuch down point. After getting the command « report established...» my problem starts. The controller starts to say «say again» or «dismiss». It is no help pressing the PTT button again. I can live with this, but I hope it will be fixed in the future. Tor Arild
  9. I use the PTTbutton on my 737 yoke. I only press it once. Tor Arild
  10. Thank you for your replay. Good to know that others also experience this. The cut of voice in the middle of a sentence I have in all flights, but the «say again»and « dismiss» command I experience now and then, but more now than earlier. I dont like to disable VOXATC when it start to repeat commands, because the AI traffic also disappear. I hope they will fix this in next update. Tor Arild
  11. I have used Vox Atc for a time now, and I like it very much. Normally I open the flightplan in flightplan extra, and save the flightplan with no vector to final. In the PMDG737 fmc I set up the flight with SID and STAR. I also let the flight officer do the speaking. When I start a flight, everything is ok, but during the flight my flight officers readback is cut in the midle of the sentence, when we are handed over to a new controller. Is it a way to adjust the time so I can hear the whole readback? On descend and final, I am told to fly the selected STAR, and report establised on procedure, and 4 nm before landing. When the FO report, the controller does not readback but start to say»say again.....». The only way to stop the saying is by disable VOXATC. It mostly happens when reporting established, but not always. Is this a known bug, and is it a way to avoid it? Tor Arild Danielsen
  12. I have had the same problem some weeks ago. I am not sure that I have a solution, but in N vidia control panel, check if you have Multi Frame Sampled AA checked. If so, uncheck it. I had it checked, and when I unchecked it, the aircraft preview came back. I like to think it was the solution, but if it is not for you, then I don’t know. Tor Arild Danielsen
  13. Yes I know that, but I would like to know if I am the only one experience these crashes. I have tested some more and the sim crashes when I taxi over all the red light lines crossing taxiways before entering runways. If I am the only one who see this, then I have to look at my installation, if more pilots see it then it can be a bug. Tor Arild
  14. I bought this scenery from ORBX tonight, and was looking foreward to test it out. I parked at stand 12, pushbacked and started taxing at taxiway (Y?) for takeoff RW 22L. At point ZD entering the light crossing the taxyway my aircraft crashes into an invisible item. This has happend two times tonight. Has anyone else experienced the same? Tor Arild Danielsen
  15. My P3dv5.1 HF1 has started a stange behavior. At startup I have a scenario with a standard aircraft, Mooney Acclaim. When I start taxing the movement forward is ok, but if I turn, then the sim start to stutter every second. I have tested it also with Mooney Bravo and AC 11 Commander and they all behave similar. If I change to A2A C 182 or PMDG737 everything is normal without stuttering. Does anyone have an explanation? Tor Arild
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