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  1. adaniel


    Do you know the difference in values, or in what way I shall try to chance the values to be better for Do 228?
  2. adaniel


    There has been a case lately about adding some lines and figures to [TurbineEngineData] in the aircfaft.cfg file, to make the engine start more like a turboprop aircraft. I have heard that the values have changed the Carenado SF340 to a more realistic turboprop. I have tried to add these lines and values to Do 228 aircraft.cfg,but not with a good result. The throttle act weird, and I think the reason is that the values must be changed for each aircraft. Does anyone have changed values for Do 228? Tor Arild Danielsen
  3. adaniel

    Autogen vegetation

    In the last month have I had some problems with autogen vegetation. My default startup situation in P3d v4.3 is at my home airport which is surrounded by trees. When I start the sim, most times the nearby trees are missing, but the trees further away are loaded. When I saved the startup situation the trees were loaded. If i go to Options and change the autogen setting either up or down, the trees are loaded. Can anyone give me some advice on how to fix this so the trees load when I start the sim? Tor Arild
  4. I have used two Saitek throttles with Boeing style handles with flap detent as my throttle in P3d the last two years, but I am not satisfied with this combination. I mostly fly PMDG 737 800. I have problems with setting the flaps detends, and syncronising the throttles. I have assigned the throttles in fsuipc. I have now started to look at other throttles, and I need advice on which throttle to chose as my future throttles. I have looked at Throttletek, Flightsimpm as manual throttles, and Open cockpit and Cockpit for you motorized throttles. I an not sure that I can afford a motorized throttle now, but if that is the only solution to avoid the problems I have to day, I wil have to start to save money😀. I hope you can share your experiences with me. Tor Arild
  5. From my friend who is a 737 captain, have I learned that the most important button in cockpit is a small button below the No Smoking button, named “Attend”.😀
  6. adaniel

    ATC controllers no voice

    No answer to my last question. Does it mean that all Win 10 voices installed from Canadien, Great Britain, Irish and Australien language packages, normally should show up in VoxATC?
  7. adaniel

    ATC controllers no voice

    I have downloaded new Language packages for Win 10, Canadien, UK and Ireland, and I have now 8 voices installed in Win10. But in VoxATC I only see three Win 10 voices, 2 US and one UK. How do I get the other voices into VoxATC? Is there a tutorial available?
  8. adaniel

    ATC controllers no voice

    I have done a second attempt to solve my Vox pop voice problem, but without success. I have deleted VoxAtc and all Vox pop voices, downloaded and installed again. I still only hear the two first voices of voice FV 1and MV 1, but this time it is a male voice speaking when I press MV1. I also downloaded MV 4, but I don’t hear anything when I press speak buttons. I have read that I will have to wait a while before the voices loads for the first time, but what is a while? I have been waiting 5 minutes without hearing anything. Should I have waited longer?
  9. adaniel

    ATC controllers no voice

    Today I have tried to solve my VoxATC problems, but without success.I have deleted both the VoxPop voices and Vox ATC, and installed again only the two voices FV1 and MV1.When I go to Voice configuration page/setting and try to listen to the voices, I hear Female Voice1 and Female voice 1 Filter. When Pressing Static and Static Filter I don't hear anything. When I press Male Voice 1 I hear the female voice reading the sentence but saying "male. The same with MV 1 Filter. When I press Static and Static filter I don't hear anything. When I first installed Vox ATC everything seemed to work ok, and It has done so the last 6 months, but last week I first experienced problems.I have done no changes to my computer, so now I am really confused. I hope I can get some advice on how to fix this.
  10. adaniel

    ATC controllers no voice

    Thank you for your fast reply. I will try to reinstall the Voxpop voices first. I also have 4 Win 10 voices, and they work fine. I should have liked to have more Win 10 voices, but am I right that I have to do some registry changes to make the voices work? My computer knowledge is not the best, so I have not done any registry changes yet.
  11. adaniel

    ATC controllers no voice

    Thank you for responce. I have 5 voices set as controllers, 4 of them seem to be ok, but one, Voxpop Male voice 1 filter can I not hear. I have now tested all installed voices, and I found out that I only hear 7 «tests» with 11 voices installed. It seem that some of the Vox pop voices are corrupted. When I press one voice in settings, I hear one or two other voices before the one I pressed. Will the best be to delete all, and reinstall all Vox pop voices or shall I get some other voices?
  12. I have been flying a couple of flights in Europe recently using P3d v 4.2,VoxATC ,PMDG B737800 and flightplans made with Little Navmap. I let the «flight officer» operate the radio. Most of the time I hear the the ATC communication between the controller and my first officer, but a couple of times when we are handed over to a new controller, I don’t hear the controller, only my first officers respond to what ATC is saying. Is it a way to avoid this, or is it a bug in VoxATC?
  13. adaniel

    Voices Not Working

    My VoxATC problem is solved, but I can’t explain why. I don’t have English win 10, so the first I checked when I lost the Voxpop voices was that windows still used English U S as language. Tonight I just deleted English US, restarted the pc, reinstalled it and did Speech recognition and Microphone settings again, and no everything seems to be back as it should be. Can these problems be caused by Windows updates?
  14. adaniel

    Voices Not Working

    I have got the same problem as discussed in this thread. Everything worked ok earlier, but after updating P3D to v4.2 I have lost the voices. I am not sure the cause is the update, but I lost the voxpop voices after the update. Does anyone have a solution? I have deleted both voxatc and Voxpop, and reinstalled but with the same result.
  15. adaniel

    Digital Design LOWS problem

    I have solved the problem with good help from Evgeny Baturin at DD design. The problem was that SODE was not properly installed and activated.