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  1. I have never experienced a left roll like the one shown in the video either, but the roll I have in the sim is much more powerful. In the sim it is difficult not to roll over and crash. In real life we always apply right rudder during take off, but only during crosswind conditions the aircraft can yaw away from the centerline.
  2. I have tried to find out why I have problems with very redused AI traffic in VoxATC, and my conclusion is that the new file format in AIGAIM is causing the problems, not wrong Afcads. I believe my AI traffic in Vox ATC is redused to only a few airlines, because the bgl files in AIGAIM is changed to AIGFP files. Without using VoxATC I have normal AI traffic. I have also found the little program ,AIG Traffic Tools, which can compile flightplans to .bgl, but I dont understand where to put the new bgl files so that Vox ATC can read it and create AI traffic. I have tried to place the files in Prepar3d….Scenery\world\ scenery folder, and in AIGAIM \ Traffic Files\ scenery, but I dont see any increased traffic. When i Use Vox ATC I close AIG Traffic Controller. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Tor Arild
  3. I have not solved the problem yet, and my left roll during take off is much stronger than in real life both for A2A C172 and C 182.
  4. I also use Vox ATC when I am flying B 737 NGXu,and it only use bgl files to generate AI traffic. Since I have updated AIG AIM and TC,most of my flightplans are now AIGFP files, and that meen when flying with ATC, I only have some few AI airlines, and all the major airlines are gone. Is it a way to go back and install an older version of AIGAIM and all AI flightplans as bgl files as long as I like to use Vox ATC? Tor Arild Danielsen
  5. I have been flying both C172 and 182 in real life, and I have never experienced this roll to the left. I have not had it in earlier versions of P3d either. That is why I thought it was a bug in my sim, but after deleting both airplanes and throttle drivers, the roll is still there. I think I will contact A2A Simulations support.
  6. New testing to day. I have deleted both C172 and C182, and installed both again. Then I deleted my Honeycomb Bravo files, and reinstalled it. But still rolling to the left. I found that the fuel imbalance on the C182, can not be removed. I adjusted the fuel so it is the same amount in both tanks, but 10 sec later the imbalance is back.
  7. I have now been testing the whole evening, but I have no answer. My rudder and yoke is ok and calibrated. No aircraft failures and no imbalance in weight. It is no problems with default and Carenado airplanes. But my two A2A Cessnas is impossible to fly in a normal way. I have tried takeoffs with and without flaps, but no difference except the rolling distance. I have the trimwheel at the takeoff marking and the powersetting as in real life. For me it looks like the aircraft is stalling at lift off. If I increase the lift off speed to 60 knots for the 172 and 70 knots for the 182, the roll is still there, but it is not as pronounced as with 55 and 60 knots. From my real flying, I have never experienced this roll using recommended speeds and flaps setting. I have not been flying much with A2A Cessnas in v.5.3 but in earlier versions I have not experienced this. I will test more to morrow.
  8. I have not used the two aircrafts after updating to 5.3 HF2. Today I tried å flight with the c172. At lift off, the aircraft turned hard to the left, and almost rolled over. I then tried the c182, with the same result. I have not experienced this in earlier versions of P3d, and I have checked both my flight yoke and rudder pedals, and they seem to be ok. With the Mooney I have no problems. Can anyone help? Tor Arild
  9. Where can I find and download these photoreal sceneries? Tor Arild
  10. Today I planned a flight from HAAB Addis Abeba to HTDA Dar es Salam. When I move to HAAB, I see 4-6 Ethiopian aircrafts at the airport using AIG TC. I turn it off and the aircrafts disappear. Then I start VoxATC, and AI aircrafts show up again. But this time it is only15-20 aircrafts from Kenyan airways, and no Ethiopien. This can not be realistic. Can anyone explain it? Tor Arild
  11. I renamed the static jetway.bgl file to off and dropped the inifile in the GSX folder, but no jetways showed up? Tor Arild
  12. Ihave installed the new version of Haab, and it looked nice. I have one question, where do I put the GSX2 file to make the jetways work with Sode? Tor Arild
  13. On my two last flights with VoxATC creating the AITraffic, I have been taxing after AIAircrafts to Rwy holding position. When waiting at Rwy hold, the aircrafts in front of me is given takeoff clearence, they start taxing for take off, and then they just disappear . The same with landing aircrafts. I see the aircraft on final, but they never land, they just disappear. Can anyone explain why this happens? All aircrafts are Dash 8 from the same airline. Tor Arild Danielsen
  14. I have MK studios EKVG Vagar addon airport. I have had two flights at Vagar lately, one as a destination airport, and one as departing airport. Both times VoxATC have not got contact with ATC at the airport. I know it is an AFIS airport with a tower frequence 124,85. When I was landing my "first officer" called for "Vagar information", but no answer. When I departed, Vox ATC did not enable and said it was no suitable Com at the airport. Is it a way for me to fix this? Tor Arild Danielsen
  15. I think you taught me earlier that I should not assign STAR and Rwy in my filed flightplan, and I have had many sucessful and more realistic flights after I stopped doing that. The reason I did it this time was that I was not given a STAR and landing RWY before the Vox ATC fatal error on the former flight to LWSK. I have had secsessful flights to other airports afterwards, so I think it must be some nav or scenery fault that caused the FE.
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