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  1. I dont know why you get this error message, but have you updated the driver for p3d from cpflight? I think the last one is newer than 2020. My mcp panel works well in both p3d v5 and fs2020 . Tor Arild Danielsen
  2. I have a new computer with an Intel I 7 13900 CPU, and a Nvidia RTX 4080 GPU and 32 GB RAM. I use three 55’’ 4K tv as displays with the resolution set to 3840x2156 on all three tv. Before I tried to use FG I had 20-25 fps in Fs 2020 with AA TAA. With FG and DLSS the fps increased to 33-35 fps, but the cockpit displays are not as clear as before. If I change back to TAA, the fps drops to 15-20 fps. I have few ulta settings, but most high. Can anyone explain why I experience this?
  3. I have not upgraded to v6 yet, and I have a question about viewgroup in the new version. I use three 55’’ 4k tv as monitors in v5. After I upgraded with 3 monitors, my fps droppet from 25-30 to 15-20 when flying PMDG 737 800. ( I7 13900 CPU, RTX 4080 GPU and 32 GB RAM) It was also a big job to set up the three views in the sim. Has anything been changed in v6? Is it easier to make a view group now? Tor Arild Danielsen
  4. The resolution I use is 2560x1440, not full 4K, and I have the same setting both in Windows and in P3dv5.
  5. It is achievable. A friend has an older pc than me, and he has 30+ fps with 3 55’’ 4k displays. In FS2020 with PMDG 737 800 i get 35-45 fps.
  6. I have done that, and I have deleted and reinstalled client and content.msi, but with no sucsess.
  7. Today I have done some more testing. I have started with one monitor, then added the second and the third.No change in fps using the Viewgroup. I have also redused my settings in the sim. In normal one monitor view, the fps increased a little, but in the viewgroup it was the same low 10-12 fps. I also tested with vert.sync on and off, and with tripple buffering on and off. No change in fps in viewgroup. When I increased fps to unlimited, I got a small increase in fps in the viewgroup to 14-16 fps. Now I dont know what more to do. I am quite sure this has to do with software, because in FS2020 I have 30-35 fps all the time at airports and 40-45 at cruise. Had it been a hardware problem, I think it would have showed up in FS2020 also. Tor Arild
  8. After hours of testing, I still dont have a functional Viewgroup. When I removed Chaseplane, I managed to get a coherent picture on all three monitors, but the fps are still 10-12. I have also tried to use my xbox controller to handle the views as in Chaseplane, but with no sucsess. For the moment I have started to think of reluctantly leave P3d, which I have been very fond of for many years.
  9. Thank you for advice. The resulution of the displays are 2560x 1440 both in Windows and in the sim. I will do som testing to night and tomorrow, and let you know what I find.
  10. Here is my ViewGroups.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <SimBase.Document Type="ConfigurationFile" version="5,3"> <Descr>AceXML Document</Descr> <ViewGroups.ViewGroupSet> <ViewGroup> <Name>Auto-Fill Desktop</Name> <GridSetup> <AutoDetect>True</AutoDetect> <EdgeOverlap>-2.500000,-2.500000,-5.000000,-5.000000</EdgeOverlap> </GridSetup> </ViewGroup> <ViewGroup> <Name>Test</Name> <GridSetup> </GridSetup> <View> <Name>test left</Name> <ViewFrustum> <SideAngles>-35.000000,35.000000,18.000000,-18.000000</SideAngles> <OffsetPBH>0.000000,0.000000,-70.000000</OffsetPBH> </ViewFrustum> </View> <View> <Name>test center</Name> <DisplayID>2</DisplayID> <ViewFrustum> <SideAngles>-35.000000,35.000000,18.000000,-18.000000</SideAngles> </ViewFrustum> </View> <View> <Name>test right</Name> <DisplayID>3</DisplayID> <ViewFrustum> <SideAngles>-35.000000,35.000000,18.000000,-18.000000</SideAngles> <OffsetPBH>0.000000,0.000000,70.000000</OffsetPBH> </ViewFrustum> </View> </ViewGroup> </ViewGroups.ViewGroupSet> </SimBase.Document>
  11. My system is I7 13700, MSI GeForce RTX 4080 16 Gb and 32Gb Ram. The simulator is on a M2SSD harddisk.
  12. Thank you for advice. I have now managed to get three views, but the views are static. My x- box controller which I use to change and move views does not work, and my fps are redused from 60 to 11. I have not had time to try to solve this yet, but if someone know what can be wrong, I will be happy to get advice. Tor Arild
  13. I have got three 55’’ 4K tves to use as monitors in my simulator. I have read the instructions for setting up a viewgroup, watched Youtube videos, and tried a lot, but with no success. I dint know what I am doing wrong, but I think it has to do with the values I put in for the views. I have tried to make a viewgroup with three views, left, center and right, and I think I have connected the views to the right display, but when I test, all the views are pressed together. Can anyone give me some advice what to do? Tor Arild Danielsen
  14. I think I have solved the flashing problem. Today I found that one of the buttons on my Honeycomb Bravo throttle caused the flashing, and other problems with the avionics in the sim. The button was assigned Avionics Master, and it was turned on. When I turned it off, the flashing stopped. I have now deleted the assignment, and I hope the problems are gone. To4 Arild
  15. I have not updated the graphic driver since the pc was new, three weeks ago. I have a RTX4080 16 GB, and I have Nvidia driver 528.02. I have now updated to latest Nvidia driver, G1000 still flashing.
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