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  1. There are 2 already! Say intentions is vfr only and us only BATC is IFR and worldwide Both are under development.
  2. @Ray Proudfoot I know you’ve been a great advocate for RC and your opinion means a lot to the community. May I ask if RC works with MSFS?
  3. Yes same here unfortunately also here is the invite https://discord.gg/9H7gF2Gh
  4. Unfortunately it’s broken for all. Checking their discord it’s not working for many. So unfortunate that this happened over the holidays.
  5. Really interesting full flight + other addons video by the developer of BATC Posting here for people who are not on discord.
  6. By any chance do you have a gsx profile for Abu dhabi
  7. Great shots! Which scenery are you using for both airports please?
  8. The dev confirmed that they will do proper pushbacks, this is just the demo
  9. Awww your the best! if I were to ask. How long do you think it would take for this to be out? This year,next year?
  10. Dam what can I do to make you make a video with an airliner…. i got it, something that can carry 10+ passengers 😂
  11. Thank you! Does anyone know if it redownloads the entire SIM when you opt in for the beta?
  12. Does anyone have steps to join the beta? Using Xbox game pass version on PC Thanks
  13. Miss the old fs9 days! But I don’t think any updated sceneries are there. Time to update i guess?
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