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  1. Hey On the ini build page I did see a few SODE files for this developer. Worth a check.
  2. As Bryan mentioned razer headsets have caused issues in the past. I had a kraken v2 pro and had similar issues. Try removing synapse software and try. It gets auto installed when you first plug in a razer usb headphone. This should resolve it.
  3. I don't mean to be greedy, but can this be done for P3D?
  4. Seems strange John. Try this. When you start the SIM, mute it by pressing Q first, then go to cockpit view, not VC. Then start VOXATC, once it's fully completed, unmute the SIM and try. For the record i don't have to do this and it works well most of the times, however it's worth a try. Also any special sound hardware that you're using? Wireless headphones? Another thing to try is under sound in the SIM, check if your headphones is the selected device.
  5. Hey John! In your start menu search for voice configuration. In that menu on the top you'll see volume. In that tab u should be able to adjust the rate and volume of each voice. I just set mine to full. Hope that helps.
  6. Are you serious! Are we that close to seeing UGCX? Man I'm excited!
  7. Hey Bryan So I received the mailer that November is updates month. Was wondering if the 777 would get some love? Do u have any user requests that you think you would include? A personal request of mine is to let fs2crew and gsx work better together if possible? (control doors). I know the ultimate ground crew x may do that better. I'd love to help test any of the new stuff if u need. Regards,
  8. The 300-er I'll try that and report back. Thanks.
  9. Hey thanks for your reply I did figure that out and install the module for the 777 from the forum. However when I start p3d, Linda starts as normal. It's in sync with the Sim as well. Unfortunately when I call for catering. It keeps asking me to open doors. Do I need to do something to activate it?
  10. This seems very interesting! Unfortunately i don't know how to use it. So i've downloaded the file in this post and i searched for the latest Linda version and also put it in the modules folder. After that I put the GSX library file in the Prepar3D v4\Modules\linda\libs folder After that i ran the SIM and requested catering, it still asks me to open the doors. What else do i need to do? Thanks!
  11. Hey Tyler Sorry to post on this topic! I've been having this issue with the 777 fs2crew for a while and haven't been able to fix this. Did you ever manage to fix this? Thanks!
  12. A long shot. But just check if any add ons are waiting to be enabled? Move your mouse over the p3d icon and see if there are any pop-ups waiting to be accepted.
  13. I really wish a ios version for the ipad was developed. But I understand there may be limitations.
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