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  1. Did you by any chance uninstall a Microsoft Spanish engine? Did you do anything with fs2crew rass? If you did then that’s the issue!
  2. Yea it's a shame. He used to be very responsive earlier. Can't we work around it? I mean would converting the utlive plans be that difficult?
  3. I'd really love to see a new version. I mean it's mentioned on their website! I already have utlive.
  4. It should work fine as PTA just updates the shadders. I may be wrong however.
  5. Thanks!
  6. Hey Folks, my first image post on Avsim. While cruising somewhere over Turkey, onward to Dubai, i was greeted by the most beautiful sunrise i had ever seen. The new SF textures are truly beautiful and the sun textures really breathe new life into the SIM. I just had to post a few shots for you to see. It's nice to see REX back in the game and bringing us this great product!
  7. Hey Jan. Glad that worked for you! Cheers.
  8. I think the OP is asking if GSX can close or open the doors automatically. I guess that's what happens IRL.
  9. Out of topic question Has the 777 efb realesed? I only see the q400 one on their website.
  10. Thanks all for the advise, I'm probably going to hold on the purchase for now. The 1060 is still working well for now. Let's hope the new cards are worth it. BTW does Nvidia launch new cards at the same price of the old ones?
  11. Hey! I'm currently running a 6600k at 4.4ghz 16GB ddr4 2300 kit of ram with a 1060 6GB. I have p3d v4 running quite well. I do have a few issues with DL and shimmering however I've managed to live with it. I have a few pennies saved up and Im now in a position to get a 1070. My question is if it's worth the upgrade from the 1060? Should I save up more and get the 1070ti? Should I change the cpu, would that make a noticeable difference? Or should I just skip the upgrade and wait for the next generation of hardware? Thank you!
  12. Sorry to hijack the thread. I had a question. Are there different systems as well with the - 800? For example how the 777 and 787 have very different displays and airport displays on the ND etc? Any cockpit comparison images that anyone can share?
  13. Hey! I believe SPAD is free. I used it when i had the proflight yoke.
  14. Have you recently tried installing RAAS from FS2CREW? Or made any changes to the p3d installation?