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  1. Im sorry. Didnt want to ask for a product key.
  2. Hi, I still own an old machine, which I will change by mid next year to run MSFS2024. Until then, however, I would love to enjoy some flightsimming. So I bought the 737NG quite some time ago and love the level of simulation. Now I want to go bigger and get my hands on a 777. However, I cant download it from the site. Is it possible to get a key from someone that isnt using it anymore? I mean, I would pay for it, but it just isnt there on PMDGs site. It's a bit frustrating to be honest.
  3. Thanks so much for your insights! Much appreciated. So it is quite realistic what i experienced. The over-engineering of the engines was quite obvious given how quickly I went to overspeed. Needs careful handling! Im not an expert and not claim to be one, but it seems to me that this "overdrive" has benefits like a higher safety margin and shorter runways lengths needed, but isnt the downside a high fuel consumption? What was the intentiion behind it? In comparison, the PMDG 737-8 is pretty lame. 🙂
  4. Hi, I am used to fly the PMDG 737-800 and like the immersive and realistic aircraft. I now got the Quality Wings 757. Easy to install (just for once for FSX), and it feels kinda realistic. As in the real world, the 757 is slightly overpowered. But there are two things that I wondered on how realistic that is in respect of its behavior: 1. After startup, the aircraft moves upon parking brake release in IDLE power? It's a plane that was fully loaded with cargo and fuel. 2. When adding thrust during takeoff, the plane would take-off by itself without pilot intervention and that isnt at overspeed, but pretty close to v1/vr. Would be great, if anybody could comment on that. Cheers,
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