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  1. Resolved. Did an uninstall and reinstall of NGXu and Fs2Crew,
  2. For some strange reason the main panel has decided not to appear when called. The green bar is there showing my input but no main panel. This may be related to the P3DV5 NGXu udate but I can't be sure of the timing. Below are the panel config entries for Fs2Crew. Any ideas? //FS2Crew windows [Window15] size_mm=1069, 51 window_size= 0.5567, 0.0425 window_pos=0.00,0.05 visible=0 ident=1000 zorder=100 sizeable=1 gauge00=FS2CrewNGXu!FS2Crew_MainPanel, 0,0,1069,51 gauge01=FS2CrewNGXu!FS2Crew_Audio, 20,20,5,5 gauge02=FS2CrewNGXu!FS2Crew_VoiceMain, 10,10,5,5 [Window16] size_mm=402, 639 window_size= 0.2093, 0.5325 position=3 visible=0 ident=1001 zorder=105 sizeable=1 gauge00=FS2CrewNGXu!FS2Crew_SecondaryPanel, 0,0,402,639 //FS2Crew windows end
  3. Just a small thing but, as many times as I have tried, I have only managed to get the Pm to start the engines once in all my tries no matter how nicely I ask, Are there any specific conditions required to make this work?
  4. Is there any way to increase the size of the onscreen control FS2Crew widget in 4k for the Dash8? Works just fine for all of your other products. Too small for old eyes even with glasses.
  5. Found the answer. Must reinstall the Dash8. With all due respect. Unless there is some absolute technical reason why Fs2Crew must run in the main P3D folder you should probably modify your software to use the Addon.xml method like the rest of the P3D software universe. Makes a P3d upgrade much less of a problem.
  6. The installer tells me that "The Dash 8 host aircraft does not appear to be installed, The correct P5 folder is indicated (P:\Main\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5) and the Dash 8 is installed in (S:\P3DV5 Addons\Majestic Software q400), Could it be that I changed the q400 install directory name from MJCQ400 or whatever it was?
  7. I have the q400 installed in a p5 addon directory. Works just fine. Do I need to move it back to the regular main P3DV5 directory to make Fs2Crew work, or is there a registry hack?
  8. Bryan, Thanks. I'll initially try it without the pre-flight events and see what happens
  9. Obviously I have not had time to read through all of the manual. However I'm sure that some of the beta testers know the answers Just how does FS2Crew integrate with the ATSU flows implicit in the FSLabs software? Are there any conflicts with some of the GSX interactions or door openings/closings? If running the FS2CREW cockpit preparation countdown are there any impact on the ATSU flows or timings
  10. Thanks I think I understand its all in the threads.
  11. Sorry I wasn't very clear. I want to assign a button in FSUIPC to execute a Mycode.lua that I will write. Within Mycode.lua I would like to call functions in actions.lua. I do not want to call the actions.lua functions directly from FSUIPC I understand that I could use the LINDA GUI to do the button assignments but I'd rather do it all through code if it is possible. If not I can use the GUI Thanks for helping a stubborn newbie
  12. Sorry for this stupid newbie question, but it is hard to figure things out without documentation. There is a nice aircraft specific actions.lua file with hundreds of wonderful functions available for my aircraft. I would like to create my own lua module that uses logic that calls some of these existing functions in the actions.lua file. My lua file would then be called by FSUIPC as a button press to do amazing things :-). Is there a way to call functions that exist in the actions.lua file or do I have to copy the actual function code from Actions.lua to my lua code for this to work? I guess, in other words, is there an "include" directive or something similar that I could put in my code to avoid having to copy the actual code from actions.lua?
  13. Once again, Please remove any logic inhibiting the use of flaps. The DC9 era aircraft had no other system other than the PNF politely letting you know or slapping your hand if you were going to do something exceedingly stupid with the flaps. Or, how about the BAW 777 at EGLL where the captain raised the flaps on short final to make the overrun after the double flameout? Why would Fs2Crew implement something not present in the real A/C?
  14. Bryan. Sorry, but I am very passionate about this issue. One question, Does the real aircraft have anything other than the mechanical detents on the flap lever to prevent you from doing anything you want with the flaps? If I want to be asking the computer for permission to do something I have an Airbus and a FA18 for that. The DC9/MD series is not of that genre. Please, please, at least give us the option to turn off the FS2Crew imposed artificial constraints on the pilot that are not found in the real A/C. Thanks
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