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  1. => https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/128464-06jun21-operations-center-v2-manual-update-needed-for-proper-operation
  2. Hi Matt Thank you for having taken attention to this matter that promptly. Download is working again (as also confirmed by pdge). Best regards Andreas
  3. Hi Just wanted to download PTA 2.68. However, the provided download links at SimTweaks seem not be working anymore. When clicking I just receive the following error message <Error> <Code>UserProjectAccountProblem</Code> <Message>User project billing account not in good standing.</Message> <Details> The billing account for the owning project is disabled in state delinquent </Details> </Error> Any ideaon what is going wrong and where/how I can get PTA 2.68? Thank you for any support. Andreas
  4. Hi Matt Downkload link to PTA 2.68 (https://storage.googleapis.com/pta-assets/pta_2.68.zip) seems not be working anymore. Where can I download respective version? Thanks for the support Andreas
  5. Regarding time extend is the appropriate one. But the offer anyhow is looking good. Although extend and expand can be used interchangeably in some contexts, extend applies to things that are being stretched out, while expand applies to things that are spread out. One implies length; the other area. If you extend your arm, for example, you stretch it out, making it longer. If your waist expands, it’s getting larger. As a business expands, or gets larger, it may extend its opening hours. Extend comes from a word meaning “to stretch out, lengthen.” (Latin extendere, “stretch out,” from ex– “out” + tendere, “to stretch.”) Expand comes from a word meaning “spread out, spread flat.” (Latin ex– “out” + pandere “to spread, stretch.” In the following quotation that uses both words, extend conveys a lengthening of time, while expand indicates that more people will be covered by the credit: "On Wednesday, the Senate voted to extend and expand the tax credit to include many buyers who already own homes." Source: https://www.dailywritingtips.com/expanded-and-extended/
  6. Hi I just have started using ChasePlane. What I am currently facing is that when actively using ChasePlane i.e. changing views or so, then focus changes from Prepar3D as active window to the ChasePlane (leaving Prepar3D not being open anymore for speach input, reducing sound, etc.). Is here any option I missed to have such changes in focus deactivated? If so, where do I find this option? Thank you for the support Andreas
  7. Hi Sorry, I am also a noob. Additionally I realised that when having the Chaseplane window as the active one, then other input like FS2Crew voice commands aren't correctly passed through anymore. Is there any setting I have overseen in this regard? Thanks for the support. Regards Andreas
  8. Last one was on March 2, 2020 where Chaseplane was available 42% off for 24h (Parallel 42 was celebrating their PMDG NGXU Immersion Package release with a 42% off sale of Chaseplane. The deal ended March 2, 2020 at 11:59PM GMT) . . .
  9. Hi Christoph Thank you for the additional hints. If you would have me a PMDG 777 preset that certainly would be great for a start . . . Andreas
  10. Hi Christoph Thank you for having posted. Was waiting for such an offer for a long time. I am now also a happy owner of ChasePlane 😁 Andreas
  11. You might also want to check what is showing up as vehicles when turning off "Show Only Favorites". Regards Andreas
  12. I was facing the same error. Try to uninstall/reinstall P3D client (NOT repair). It worked for me. Andreas
  13. confirmed that Flylogic's Switzerland Professional V4 still causing stutters under Prepar3D V4.5 (at least on my system). Andreas
  14. Login to FlightSimSoft's Topcat forum should not be the problem. However the forum is in read only mode (since January 18, 2015!) [see http://www.topcatsim.com/forum/index.php?topic=2606.msg9512#msg9512]
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