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  1. Hi Mark In the iPad I have tried unsuccessfully with both Safari and Firefox.
  2. Hi Mark I just realised that when I doubleclick on the non-functional overhead panel (intended zoom) I end up with the following error message. Above probably might help you in analysing the problem I am facing . . .
  3. Hi Mark I am facing a problem with the remote overhead panel for the 777 i.e. - license is showing ok - overhead client (OverheadClient.exe) is running fine (running on the PC where Prepare3D is installed) However, when opening the given http address for the overhead panel on my iPad, just a blank sreen is disclosed (verified on two different remote devices [both running iOS]). When clicking anywhere on this blank screen then the ovehead tableau is showing. But there are no buttons, switches, etc. SimServer is also dislcosing "Connected Devices: 0". CDUs are running fine on the same device. Restart of SimServer does not help. Any idea what I should check? Thank you for the support. Best regards Andreas
  4. Hi Mark Would it be possible having integrated the remove overhead panel (for the 777) in an upcoming SimServer release into the cycle L-CDU, C-CDU, R-CDU? Best regards Andreas
  5. Hi Mark Thank you for the excellent work you are doing. The overhead panel for the 777 is looking great! Best regards Andreas
  6. Hi Mark Wow, Looking good. I am impressed and very much looking forward to the release. Thank you having invested in that. Best regards Andreas
  7. Hi Billkhaled The FSX@War website no longer exists. If you want to download the latest releases of CCP and FSX@War, you might want to use the links in this thread. Best regards Andreas
  8. Using SimServer (Remote CDU for PMDG 777). Easy to install/use and doing a great job which I really would miss. Additionaly EFB from AivlaSoft is very handy. However, still working with V1.
  9. Hi Manschy Thank you for sharing. I had the very same issue and didn't find the clue (up to the time I read your post) . . . Now, after having disabled Acronis True Image's Active Protection everything is working normal again. Cheers
  10. furger


    Hi Erich I am not aware of any in-sim replay functionality of Tacview. Tacview is replaying the flight in its own map (which can be filled with specific terrain layer data). There is a free Tacview Starter version and a 21 day free trial period for Tacview Standard. So you might want to try whether the software suits your needs. Best reagrds Andreas
  11. Hi Mark Thank you for the reply. Great to hear that you are thinking/working on a respective "solution". I am looking forward to its release
  12. Hi Mark Are there any plans to provide us a remote overhead panel also for the 777? I would love to see such . . . Best regards Andreas
  13. You might need to uninstall and hide from reinstall subsequently, after KB4038788 provided patches from Microsoft (such as KB4041676) too.
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