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  1. tupolev-154

    PMDG 777 Prepar3d v3 - Startup State "overruled"

    Problem solved by uninstalling deleting panel files and reinstalling aircraft Peter LSZH
  2. Hello together After having saved a scenario by pushing button "Populate With Current" it is no longer possible to restart the aircraft in a CLDDRK-Mode even if this is the "Startup State". Of course it is possible to load the panel state CLDDRK afterwards but I would prefer to have it at the very beginning of a new flight already. I appreciate your help, thanks! Peter LSZH
  3. tupolev-154

    Sound issue

    Thank you Dan for the information. So if I have understood correctly the update of the 777 has produced some changes within PREPAR...?
  4. tupolev-154

    Sound issue

    Hello everybody Although I am not sure if my topic suits to this forum but there is maybe someone who made the same experience. I am working with two screens. Before I have downloaded the updated version of the 777-200 I could switch to the second screen and had still the sound of the flying plane. With the updated version there is no sound to be heard anymore. It is not a big issue annoying anyhow. What is different between the native 777-200 and the updated one in this context? And how can I change this? Sorry, my English is no as it should be so I hope that my problem is pictured understandable. Thanks für your answer. Peter LSZH
  5. tupolev-154

    Controlling plane after touchdown PMDG 777-200

    Thank you for all this information. So I have counteract with the yoke which means using the power of the ailerons. At the same time I move the elevator down. If I'm lucky the plane doesn't tip over.... I'm used to FSX and started with Prepar shortly. I didn't experience the behavior of FSX PMDG (MD-11) in that way. But maybe Prepar3d is closer to reality... Thanks a lot once more! Peter
  6. Hello I wonder if someone can give me an explanation for the following situation: If I choose "real weather" everything goes fine except the contolling of the plane after touchdown. Example: Landing on RW 16R, wind 200/12. After touchdown the plane moves to the right to where the wind comes from. This doesn't make any sense to me - I would expect a movement to the left. Anyway it is difficult to keep the plane on the RW. Did I ignore some facts?? Thanks for your information! Peter LSZH
  7. tupolev-154

    ATC Window - PMDG 777 Prepar3d v3

    Thank you for the information. It seems that I have to download the update 3.1 of PREPAR and the it should work...I hope! Have a good day!
  8. tupolev-154

    ATC Window - PMDG 777 Prepar3d v3

    ​Hello everybody I have read quite a lot of all the documentation available and unfortunately I did not find out how to make the ATC Window appear on the screen. Once however I succeeded in opening it by pushing the Scroll/Lock key as shown under Option/Controls - Key assignements. But now this doesn't work anymore... I'm used to the FSX and started with Prepar some weeks ago only so my knowledge maybe is not sufficient yet although I did some successful flights with the 777 already. I would be grateful if somebody gives me a hint. Regards Peter / LSZH
  9. tupolev-154

    Memory problems?

    Thank you very much for the detailed information. I think (I hope) I've understood everything correctly so that I can take some measures to unburden the the computer from those Window Services and programs. On the other hand it's planned to replace the current system by an actual one so that these problems can be solved. Regards Peter LSZH
  10. tupolev-154

    Memory problems?

    Hello I've tried to fly with my MD-11 from KSLC to KSEA. Everthing ran well so far. But after having intercepted ILS 34C (about 10 miles before touchdown at KSEA) the autopilot did not disengage properly (pitch was blocked) - this was my first attempt. At the second one I was on the approach of 34C and everything ran properly, however 5 miles before touchdown I received the FSX message: "no response". I have used MD-11 many times in Europe, even with "real weather" and complexe sceneries and had no similar problems. My question: is it a Memory Problem (I recently installed ORBX PAC NW but I didn't activate "North America", knowing that PMDG itself uses a lot of Memory. But I used ORBX weather scenery which is more or less static). I did not have those problems with iFly B737 NG by the way but iFly has not the same requirements of Memory. I would be grateful if anybody could tell me how to proceed. Thank you. Peter LSZH Sorry i forgot to give details of my system: Windows7 Pro 64 Bit IntelCore i7 CPU 3,2GHz; physical Memory 6,1GHz NVIDIA Geforce GTX570 FSX Prof./AccPack; Switzerland Prof; Austria Prof., REXessential+overdrive; ORBX Pacific Northwest
  11. tupolev-154

    PMDG MD-11 – Autopilot does not disengage

    Thank you for helping me anyway - I will submit a ticket then to PMDG. I wouldn't do this if I considered the MD-11 as a nasty plane :smile: - but obviously I have a nasty problem.... Have a good rest of the day! Regards Peter LSZH
  12. tupolev-154

    PMDG MD-11 – Autopilot does not disengage

    I have forgotten the mention that I didn't have any similar problems with other planes e.g. the B-737NG by iFly
  13. tupolev-154

    PMDG MD-11 – Autopilot does not disengage

    Using a hotkey ends in the same - there is no difference. I hear the aural "A/P disconnect" and after pushing a second time the call out stops
  14. tupolev-154

    PMDG MD-11 – Autopilot does not disengage

    "RCWS Equipped" is selected (and "GPS/GNS equipped" too) In order to disengage the AP I usually push twice the yellow knob on the yoke. PFD shows "AP OFF" and it keeps on following the descending path - no manual Intervention is possible Peter LSZH PS. I have a picture of the situation but there is no possibility to attach it
  15. Hello If I disengage the autopilot it does it partially only. That means that the ailerons can be operated manually but not the vertical level. It seems that it remains in the PROF mode. If APPR/LAND was set before MD-11 follows the correct descent. But there is no way to operate the final manually. Sometimes however the MD-11 follows a wrong descent line (too short or too long) and there is no possibility to intervene. If the flight lasts on hour or 90 minutes only the problem does not occur. I first thought REXessential/overdrive causes the Problem but this is obiviousliy not the case since it is the same the MS weather. Has somebody experienced something similar? Or better is there a solution to resolve the problem? Regards Peter (LSZH) (FSX, PMDG MD-11, REXessential+overdrive Intel Core i7, 6 GB Cache, NVIDIA Geforce GTX570, SSD drive)