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  1. Hi Kevin. yes, you're right, alternate has to be inseted manually. Another weak point of simbrief is sometimes, it is unable to keep account of fuel burned during sid ans star, so i.e. you have to add 400-500 kg of reserve fuel to the worked out block fuel amount to get a realistic value. On the other end its point of strenght is that it can workout a very realistic flightplan format according with different airlines print-out scheme. When I passed a my simbrief flightplan to a friend of mine who was a (now former) Captain for the bigger European airline employing the B737-800, he asked me if I had an ID and password to enter in their company LIDO-based flightplan database system... Best Regards Andrea Buono
  2. Ciao Eugenio, just for curiosity.. if you was planning a Rome(Fiumicino) FCO-MXP (Malpensa) flight (i,.e. NEMBO T313 ELB M729 IDONA, by memory) why you should choose Frankfurt (FRA) and 5950 kg of reserve fuel as alternate? That is a nonsense (you left the alternate choice as "automatic") but the best choices as Malpensa alternate (if weather is forecasted not to bad) are Bergamo-Orio (LIME) es. 1100 kg of reserve fuel or Turin (LIMF) es 1300 kg reserve fuel. Anyway for flying from LIRF (FCO) to LIMC (MXP) you should need no more than 5500kg of fuel (i.e. 200 taxi, 2500 trip , and 2800 reserves (alternate + final reserve i.e. 30 min holding)) Ciao, a presto Andrea Buono - I - Como
  3. "Real pilot would disco(nnect) the autopilot….." Why should they disconnect the a/p? If I was ordered to descent from FL390 to FL370 I would simply use V/S (vertical speed) mode by setting -1000 ft per minute descent rate (by keeping the A/P on)...why make things complicated when the solution is easier? And if I think that I'll will have to mantain FL370 for a while I'll adjust the new "cruise level" into my CRUISE PAGE of my CDU and, of course reset also 37000 ft into my overhead pressurization cruise altitude window… Best Regards Andrea Buono
  4. HI, naturally I meaned: "in fact IF you check it". Sorry, it was a "typo". Ciao. Andrea Buono.
  5. Ciao Federico, The trim setting worked out by your FMC that you can read by your CDU (Takeoff reference page) is already corrected, based on your c.o.g. (center of gravity), faps setting and engine thrust . In fact you you check it matches with FCOM trim setting tables . Bye Andrea Buono
  6. Hi, I'd like to add the maths formula (temperature in Kelvin degree): TAT=SAT*(1+0,2*(Mach)^2) so i.e. if you're flying at 0,78 Mach with a SAT of -56°C (217 Kelvin, your TAT will be: 217*(1+0,2*(0,78*0,78))= 217*(1+0,12168)= (about) 243 kelvin= -30°C.. Ciao Andrea Buono
  7. Hi, Firstly the b737-800 can have different configurations of seats and they have chosen the 174 (single class) one. Said that the plane (also the real one) "feels" the pax as weight and centre of gravity..so if you want a 189 pax load simply add weight…(by increasing the cargo load)..i.e. if you consider 1 hand luggage and 15-20 kg of cargo luggage for pax a "rule of thumbs" could be 100kg per pax *189=18,9 tons to add.. Otherwyse: you could calculate i.e. 84kg per male pax (pax+hand luggage) and 74kg for female+hand luggage (or child), or 35 kg for boy/girl less than 12 years and add the cargo load as you desire.. Ciao Andrea Buono
  8. Hi Father Dane, the bank angle selector controls maximum bank angle when in HDG SEL or VOR modes not when in LNAV..maybe could be that? Anyway see FCOM Vol.2 page 198..Hope this help. Best Regards Andrea Nuono
  9. "Ciao Andrea, Among the thousands pages this is for sure something I have to know as a feeling....I found the page, but (it is the only one I found...but possibly it is written in another page) it refers only to VREF+10 and it is in the section "30.43 Flight With Unreliable Airspeed TurbulentAirPenetration)... Am I reading the correct section?" Ciao Stefano, Yes it's.. My advice is to study and practise by your ngx at the same time 'cause is easier to memorize and remember (learning by doing..as you can see the learning curve is quite steep bacause 737 ngx is very realistic! But it's very interesting if you love that liner and want fly it "like a pro") Ciao Andrea Buono
  10. Ciao Stefano, (sorry for the underline but I can't find how to delete that selection, I've tried by pressing the U button but w/o success). As you know in an airplane (pitch) attitude, power (N1%) and speed are linked togheter so is paramount thatYou've to study and memorize ("by heart") the attitude and power needed for the various phases of flight by looking at the "performance inflight/flight with unreliable airspeed/turbulent air penetration speed" section of the FCOM1 (I can't remember exactly the page but "performance chart should be around page "700") or by looking at the same section in your QRH"Chapter PI-QRH General Section 10) now I've looking at a QRH of an airline an there is at page 279. Looking at those figure you'd learn that i.e. at 60 tons ISA 35000 ft if you aim for a level flight at 0,76 Mach in i.e. manual flight you should set at 2 degrees pitch nose up and 86% (about) N1%. But these figures are mandatory to learn about APPROACH settings: there are published for Vref+10 flaps 30 and 40 but also for Vref+5 flaps 30-40 are similar. By heart: when I'm in the "big" sim (I go often in a fixed base B738 sim near Bergamo) flaps 30 Vref+5 60-62 ton I know I've to fly with pitch 2-2,5 degrees nose up engine 50-55% N1 with flaps 40 pitch 0-0,5 nose up engine 60-65% n1, you should try w/o FD and memorize those settings because this can be very useful the day that you've to disengage your A/P early i.e. for a failure (happened in the big sim) and execute all the approach and landing "by hand". Ciao, a presto Andrea Buono
  11. Ciao Alfio, la lingua italiana non è supportata in questo forum..solo l'inglese..(Hi Alfio Italian language is not supported by this forum just English language): You've mistakely disinstalled your pmdg ngx by your pc and now you've problem in re-downloading it due to your activation codes.. Hai provato a collegarti al sito web della pmdg con il tuo codice utente a password ed a scaricarlo dalla tua pagina "products" o hai semplicemente dimenticato il tuo codice utente? (Have you already tried to link to PMDG website by using your account's ID code and password and then execute the download by entering in the "products" page of your account or have you simply forgotten your acount's ID and password?) Ciao Andrea ( if anyone is able to help this friend with others ideas I could try to trnslate from English to Italian) Best Andrea Buono
  12. Hi, I've been just last Saturday in a fixed base trainer simulator of b738 (I go there each two months for a 2hours training) and I've already spent about 50 hours in those simulators but I've never seen an EGT decreasing when accelerating from 20% to 40% n1%...(the only engine having a decreasing from idle to let's say 40-50 n1, I can't well remember, is the IAE-V2500 I've seen that by looking at real A320 airplane cockpit video by youtube..)... Ciao Andrea Buono
  13. Hi, EGT park up and then decreases DURING START before engine stablizes at ground idle (20%n1, 60%n2% ff 300 kg/h) that is corrected simulated. From idle it increases proportionally to n2% . (Reflecting the difference between the turbine engine temp minus the enthalpic work of the turbine). At the start it peaks up after ignition 'cause while fuel flow is almost fixed airflow has a proportionality with compressor speeds (fuel/air ratio). Best Andrea Buono
  14. Hi Kyle, Thanks you..you're right..I didn't realiz that, until now, the negx expansion pack is not compatible with P3D v.4 What stupid man I'm sometimes! (maybe because I'm overworking those days!) Ciao Andrea Buono
  15. Hi Folks, just purchased (about 1h ago) the NGX B737 600-700 extension pack for P3D v4, (I can assure I've used my "search" button before wrtiting my message) But in spite of I've purchased and downloaded it by PMDG server (not aerosoft) I am unable to install it: when istalling I receive the same message "installation cannot continue. Your registry do not show a valid PreparD3 (tm) installation location" Naturally: I've a valid P3D v4 licence and location (in disk E:) Two days ago I've purchased and Installed The B737NGX base package (B737-800/900) w/o any problem; I've launched the 600-700 installer with "administration rights" I've disabled my Windows defender antivirus during my download Any idea? Or you suggest to open a ticket? Best Regards Andrea Buono - Como - Italy
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