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  1. Thanks Dave, that was my problem. It is easy when you know how hahaha!
  2. Hi folks I classify myself as reasonably intelligent. I was a real world pilot in a past life but that button above the Pwr button has me totally confused. For the life of me I cannot get it to do what I want. I have the map showing above, along with the flight plan WPT, DIST, DTK etc. I then click on the down facing minimise button (I dont know what else to call the stupid thing) and I have a black screen apart from the flight plan WPT, DIST, DTK etc at the top of the screen. I have watched the YouTube video to set the minimise button so when you click on it the only part visible is the bottom comms panel but no matter what I do I cannot get the stupid thing to work. I apologise for my frustration but that button is driving me to become an alcoholic. Can anyone give me an absolute idiots step by step guide on setting it up? I think my problem in setting it up has something to do with the Windows minimise/maximise, if that is of any help. Regards Colin P.S. Pilot2ATC is developing into a great program apart from that button hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!


    I do not understand the significance of the Taxi Route Error message. Whenever I have had this message appear when clicking on Taxiways I have always received very precise taxi instructions from Pilot2ATC. I can see in Taxiway Maintenence the the green taxiway paths do not go to each and every Gate. Is that the reason for the Taxi Route Error message? On the Taxiway Maintenance screen the green taxiways do not exactly overlay the taxiways on the default scenery i.e. the green taxiways and hold short points are way off in the region of 07R at LEBL. Is that a problem? How accurate do the green taxiways have to be in order for Pilot2ATC to work correctly? There are a number of taxiways in real life at LEBL that do not have green taxiways in Pilot2ATC. Am I correct in assuming that as long as Pilot2ATC has one taxi route to a arriving or departing runway it is happy? Sorry for all the questions Regards Colin
  4. I have just completed a flight from LEBL to LEIB but as I was descending in the STAR I twice had messages popped up very very briefly which said something to the effect that the MSA was 6000ft and that I should select a different STAR. At this point ATC chose to ignore me and I had to land without Tower clearance. Here is my route LARP2R LARPA UN859 TOLSO TOLS3V.
  5. Thanks Dave, you have confirmed what I thought.
  6. I have noticed that with the more complex clearances i.e when reading back an ifr clearance the results are really bad but simpler clearances are fine. I cannot believe Pilot2ATC handles the more complex clearances any differently. Has anyone else experienced the same problem? I have resolved myself to using Say it for the more complex clearances which is very frustrating. If you read this Dave, I would appreciate your thoughts

    COM frequency tuning problem

    I have been experiencing the same problems when tuning the comms radios.

    Electric hydraulic pumps Overheat illuminated

    That looks as though it has fixed it Dan. Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

    Suggestions for improvement

    Perfect Dave. You are a STAR
  10. CKAJCA

    Electric hydraulic pumps Overheat illuminated

    No but I will try that tomorrow. Thanks
  11. CKAJCA

    Suggestions for improvement

    Hi Dave #1 That sounds great. Thanks With respect to #2 my understanding was that the Pause time between Chatter files set the maximum time between Chatter files playing i.e it was a random time upto the maximum time in seconds input. If that is the case and I have started a dialog with a controller AND the random time selected by Pilot2ATC was a very short time then ATC Chatter would intervene between the receipt of an instruction by the controller and me responding?
  12. CKAJCA

    Electric hydraulic pumps Overheat illuminated

    I just looked in the .sav and didnt see anything to do with temps, just pressure. Hydraulic fluid is A = 100 B = 99
  13. CKAJCA

    Electric hydraulic pumps Overheat illuminated

    The odd part is that Overheat is not illuminated immediatley after loading Cold & Dark. It illuminates sometimes a few minutes later. If it was a corrupt panel state I would have thought it would illuminate at Cold & Dark load
  14. I am setting up my a/c for a flight. I have the battery switch on and ground power connected. I have both of the electric hydraulic pumps turned OFF yet after a period of time both of the Overheat lights illuminate. I do not have failures ON and I cannot clear the Overheat illumination. Amyone know what I have done wrong?
  15. First I will apologise in advance if this is not the right place to put suggestions but I couldn't see anywhere else. 1) Is it possible OR would it be possible to have the option to have the radios detuned i.e no ATIS when connection is first made to the Sim? I believe that with the battery/avionics off there would be no audio from the radio but I would prefer to be able to tune into the ATIS when I want to. 2) This next issue makes ATC Chatter unusable for me. As an ex real world pilot I cannot get used to the fact that when I initiate contact with a controller ATC Chatter intervenes between my request and receiving a response from the controller. I dont know if there is a way to prevent this from happening in Pilot2ATC. Regards Colin