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  1. Fabrice

    X-plane 11 center boundaries

    Thanks Dave, I will try this. I saw these two labels in the same area and thought this was because I moved it... Will try to rename one of them. Thanks, Fabrice
  2. Hi Dave, I edited some center names and I may have broken something. Is there a way to reset to the default state without breaking the Taxi maintenance for my airports? What is happening is that I renamed all Swiss sectors (Zurich, etc.) with "Switzerland". I know that I dragged and droped some labels by mistake, but I think I put them back at their place. But now, when I'm going south from Geneva via a MEDAM SID, I'm asked (correctly) to contact Marseille control. Then, before reaching MEDAM, I'm asked to contact Switzerland control again, which is wrong... Thanks a lot, Fabrice PS. By the way, thanks a lot for this new features. Being asked to contact the real centers add a lot to immersion.
  3. Dave, I just tried v2.5.0.1 and all went well. Thanks a lot, Fabrice
  4. Dave, Thanks a lot! You will always impress me on how fast you are to reply and fix the issues... :-) Thanks, Fabrice
  5. Hi All, I'm seeing the same behaviour. No descent instructions and ATC keeps asking to maintain cruise altitude. No hand off to next center or approach. @Dave, I sent you a log by email., Thansk, Fabrice
  6. For people having similar issues, here is an update: - the issue with the frequencies I reported on the post just above is related to the FF A320U. Actually, even if I have the "Ignore Power and Avionics" on, the issue is happening if I connect P2A to x-plane before powering up the plane (just connecting the external power before connecting the sim is ok). - The issue with EDDF (original post) was due to some errors in the taxi maintenance after I imported the data from the Aerosoft EDDF scenery. I would like one more time to thank Dave for his exceptional personalized support. Thanks Dave! Fabrice
  7. Hi Dave, I tried the latest version but was not able to go until taxi. Actually, as soon as P2A connects to x-plane, I have the "ding" indicating that it is connected and get the three text lines (Simulator connected, Recognition Engine Installed and Grammars loaded). The com frequencies are displayed and set to the airport ATIS (for the active) and GND (for the STDBY), but I cannot hear the atis message. I also cannot change the selected frequency. If I try, I get the "ding", but the frequencies do not swap (either from the main screen or from the COM popup windows) and the Standby frequency is set to 133.00 (it was the correct ground frequency before), The active frequency stays on the ATIS. If I try to give a voice command, I get the "ding" as if it was recognized, but does not trigger anything (no text displayed in the main window). I guess this is because I'm on the ATIS frequency (or not...). I tried from two different airports (LSGG and EDDF) and it is the same. I actually experienced the same a couple of times with the previous version, but restarting P2A resolved the issue. It is now systematic. I sent you a log file, let me know should you need anything else. Thanks, Fabrice
  8. Hi Dave, I recently bought the Aerosoft Frankfurt EDDF and did my first flights. All went well during LSGG-EDDF, but on the return flight, P2A stopped responding when I asked for taxi clearance. I was ablke to ask for IFR and pushback clearance, but after asking for taxi clearance, nothing happend. I could ask whatever I wanted, P2A just stayed unresponsive. The PTT key was working (it became green), but I did not have the "ding" saying that a command was recognized. I continued my flight anyway, but at no time P2A came alive again. I tried a second time and had exactly the same behaviour. I don't know if this is a bug or a problem with the taxi maintenenance. Let me know should you need anything else. I'm using I have sent you the log of my second flight by email. Thanks, Fabrice
  9. Anders, it is public beta for a selection of previous FF customers only. A second public beta with a limited number of available licences should be launched soon.
  10. As a (most certainly) future buyer of the FF A320 (and having very basic knowledge on this topic), this is scaring me. What does this mean? Will we be unable to have correct altimeter settings between the airplane and P2A? Thanks.
  11. Fabrice

    LSGG RWY 05 departure issue

    Thanks a lot, Dave!
  12. Hi Dave, I'm running v2.3.1.1 and noticed an issue with the SID assigned by P2A for LSGG runway 05 departures. Whatever the first waypoint in the flight plan is, P2A always assign a SIROD SID. For runway 23, all is fine, this is only happening for runway 05. I have to manually assign the SID to fit my flightplan. As far as I tested, I saw this only in Geneva. Let me know should you need a log file. Thanks, Fabrice
  13. Fabrice

    Has anybody tried using P2A with VR?

    Hi Pierre, I'm using this external headset microphone and it is working very well: http://www.gear4music.ch/fr/Sono-DJ-and-eclairage/SubZero-casque-micro-avec-connecteur-Minijack-noir/1OS9 To choose your active microphone in Windows, right click on the icon representing a speaker in the system tray and choose "recording devices". In the opened window, ensure that your headset's microphone is set as default device. This should allow P2A to hear what you're saying. Hope this helps. Fabrice
  14. Fabrice

    A Big Thank You

    P2A is without doubt the best available ATC software and the support provided is BY FAR the best I ever experienced for a payware. Dave, you're the best! Thank you so much for what you're doing for us!