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    I am a retired airline instructor pilot. I wear glasses so my un-corrected vision prevented me from meeting the airlines new pilot hiring standards. However, it did not prevent me from becoming an instructor. During my career as an instructor on the 'big iron' birds, I taught ground school, recurrent training and initial pilot training courses in the actual aircraft and in the level D full flight simulators.

    I have created some free 737NGX training videos. I created the Basics Boot Camp Series of training videos, aimed primarily at new flight simmers.

    My YouTube Channel and watch: https://www.youtube.com/user/rfresh1011

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  1. rfresh737

    TBM 850 Review

    I know this is an old review, but I was wondering if the issues mentioned by Seth Evans in his page 1 post have been addressed by Carenado (since 2013)? Or does is package still the same one as released in 2013?
  2. rfresh737

    Activation number not working on Steam

    Thanks everyone...
  3. My FSX Gold DVD went bad and my PC can no longer read off of it (rats!). So I purchased FSX Steam Edition and installed it on a new gaming PC. I went to install my 737 NGX and found it wouldn't accept the activation code when I entered it in. It says my activation code has had too many activations. Now what can I do to fix this? Am I out of luck and have to purchase another 737NGX product from PMDG? Thanks...
  4. rfresh737

    Looking for a 747SP sim

    Any recommendations on a good payware 747 Classic?
  5. rfresh737

    Looking for a 747SP sim

    Thanks for that info. I have to have the VC cockpit so I guess I'm out of luck. What about a 747-100 or -200 or -300? Any of those support the VC?
  6. I found an old thread (2006!) so I thought I'd ask in a new one: I'm looking for an FSX 747SP and was wondering from which company? Thanks for your suggestions and opinions.
  7. rfresh737

    Joystick buttons vs Keyboard buttons

    It might work...do you have a link to one so I can see it?
  8. rfresh737

    Joystick buttons vs Keyboard buttons

    @n99wb thanks for that G13 review link, but as I now found out, the G13 is a keyboard device and that won't work for me.
  9. rfresh737

    Joystick buttons vs Keyboard buttons

    Hi Marrten, My G13 works fine with my Windows 10. There is no problem with it. It works 'as designed'. The problem I am having is that it is a keyboard device. I don't want to use up more hot keys. On my joystick I have several 'buttons' and I can assign my camera views to any one of those buttons and they do not use hot keys like a keyboard does. So I can assign 8 camera views to my joystick buttons and not use any keyboard hot keys to do that. I was trying to find a gaming control pad (not gaming keypad) with buttons on it that would work like my joystick but I have not found such a device. Perhaps they don't make one with their buttons that act like joystick buttons. There is something different about the two devices: a keypad device such as the G13 and a joystick device. They plug into your PC but are seen as different type of device to FSX. I'm still trying to find out what that difference is.
  10. rfresh737

    Joystick buttons vs Keyboard buttons

    Thanks for that info, however, that's way too much work! I'd rather just buy an existing product (if one exists) or I'll just do without. Many thanks to all who posted help!!
  11. rfresh737

    Joystick buttons vs Keyboard buttons

    I did go to that site and I did download their software, but it's a keyboard macro application basically, for the keys. So the G13 is still seen by my PC (and thus FSX) as a keyboard device and not as a joystick device. So, unless I'm missing something here, the G13 won't meet my needs. My hunt continues for a device with buttons on it that is seen as a joystick by FSX.
  12. On my LogiTech joystick I can press a button and have my FSX app detect it. I recently bought a LogicTech G13 Gaming Pad, but those buttons act like keyboard buttons and they don't respond to my app like the buttons on my joystick. Why do these 'buttons' behave differently on a keyboard device vs a joystick device? Thanks...
  13. Awesome work so far!! I'm impressed! Thanks for sharing your progress.
  14. rfresh737

    Good payware 787 and A380

    > but systems depth is left to be desired. I don't think the systems themselves matter that much in our sim aircraft. We focus mainly on the flying and hope the systems have been modeled enough so that we can fly fairly well. As an FYI the 787 systems are a huge design departure from Boeings traditional aircraft systems design. All in the name of efficiency but as an old school Boeing systems instructor, I do not like what they've done with the 787 systems at all. Wing anti-icing for example is not done using hot bleed air as it has been done on ALL Boeing aircraft going back to their B-707! The 787 uses electrical heating panels to anti-ice the wings. I could go on and on about that but no point. I'm just saying the 787 systems is a huge design departure, but I don't that will affect the QW 787 version very much if at all.