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  1. Thanks a lot Mark, this is exactly what I wanted to know, since there is NOT a single video of TFDI MD-11 (P3D version) on Youtube, I thought it might be some setting, as the EADI, PFD on ALL my other planes: ie. FSLabs, iFLY, Pmdg, QW, Majestic, etc. (with my graphics settings) are FAR better than this TFDI MD-11 PFD, hence the curiosity to know if it was released this way (P3D). Thanks again, Regards, Hamilton
  2. Hello, Could someone please post a picture of your front panel with the PFD showing (P3D of course), I find it strange that even with high resolution my PFD in P3D is not good (see pic). https://imgur.com/TxtjAuv Thanks!
  3. Awesome! Thank you so much Rogen. 👍
  4. Hi Blasb, Did you receive the Basic installer already with the latest version or did you have to upgrade (download) via Pmdg Op Center v2? Thanks!
  5. Hi, Yes for first and second (EFB for P3D only 4 sections and Hoppie login is not being saved), same for the whole P3D family. About it "keeps being stopped with engines running", It´s OK here. But I could add dozens of bugs of this unfinished buggy product.
  6. At least in the PD3 v5.3 version I found it worse than the PMDG MD-11 (FSX or FS10) in ALL aspects. In my opinion, it's not even Alpha, not to mention the terrible experience during the download and installation phase. Apparently they prioritized the msfs version (which is also buggy), and released that for P3D. Now I know why there is no video promoting the P3D version on YouTube. Well, I was stupid to buy an unfinished product, again...
  7. Exactly the same here. 😒 I fly only VR, so... At least it was cheap.
  8. Perfect! Exatly THIS ↑↑↑↑ I feel (and do) the same, by the way, I still fly with the 32-bit version.
  9. Link is not working. "Not Found The requested URL was not found on this server."
  10. Thank you so much neumanix !! You are right, I have a very power machine running FS2004 and when I set fps unlimited (about 990 with Cessna) the sound was terrible, so I limited it to 50fps and the problem went away. Thanks again! 👍
  11. Nice, will there be any discount for those who purchased the other versions of Maddog X Cockpit Sound Immersion? Thanks.
  12. No, you do NOT have to tune both NAV radios and ARM both A/Ps in order to intercept ILS, exception if you are going to perform an autolanding.
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