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  1. Thanks Chris and Orchestra_nl! By the way Chris, very good product! 👍 Rgds, Hamilton
  2. Dear friends, I´ve just received my Fulcrum , and I would like to know if you use (prefer) Axis calibration using P3D (or MSFS) control assignments or via FSUIPC? I thank you in advance, Hamilton
  3. EDIT: After 9 days of: "Held in Warehouse UPS is holding the cargo at a secure facility, pending instructions and agreement." The status finally changed 10 min ago, I hope to get this week 🙏
  4. Hello Alex, Please, by chance the status that appears to you is this: Held in Warehouse UPS is holding the cargo at a secure facility, pending instructions and agreement. For me two days have passed and the message above is still there... 😞 Rgds, Hamilton
  5. Same here, 6 days and the UPS status is "Label Created" 😕
  6. Hi Jon B, Please, do you assign/calibrate the PMDG 744 axis (Elevator/Aileron) via P3D or via FSUIPC? Thanks for the review, Hamilton
  7. I tried all the steps and tips from several websites like: https://www.reddit.com/r/MicrosoftFlightSim/comments/f3mdoj/psa_how_to_fix_insider_hub_login_issues/ https://twitter.com/MSFSofficial/status/1228463159188451328 etc, etc. and none of them solved the problem. My solution was to create another account and choose "NOT sync" in my 1st account.
  8. Hi, I have exactly the same problem, I cannot log-in to the MSFS forum (only). I went to Xbox.com and cannot login in the top right (only mid of the page. Once it says you're logged in, click your profile picture and select sign-out, then, I went back to the flightsimulator.com website and when I click login it reloads the page (the way it was before) and I observe in url place: https://www.flightsimulator.com/?autherror=xbla_invalid If I try the login directly to the forum "forums.flightsimulator.com" I receive the message below: "There was a problem logging in to Xbox Live. Please ensure your account has access to Xbox Live and try again. Please visit xbox.com" All other services are OK, ie. Hotmail, skype, xbox.com, MS Store etc. The Xbox status is OK (all ticked green), only MSFS forum is inaccessible. I thank you in advance for any input. Rgds, Hamilton
  9. Hello, I observe that REX Weather Force (last update) is not working with VR, it injects dynamic weather preset normally (monitor) but after starting VR the weather back to clear again. The default MSFS weather presets are working fine in VR. Has anyone using VR and REX WX Force noticed that? Thanks,
  10. Hello, I had exactly the same problem from all gentlemen above, for me only happens after starting a Cold Start situation. If I start the NGX with engines running then no problems. So weird...
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