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  1. Oh so you embrace "absolute denialism". And how does this discipline work? I'll show you a picture of a nice airplane, and you go around the forums saying that it portrays garbage? Interesting. Very easy.
  2. Oh where did you get this old tractor? 😲 I love vintage airplanes 🤗
  3. I'm impressed by the quality of the high altitude scenery, it's incredibly detailed.
  4. Great pics Andy. 👏 That plane looks a lot like the Fokker 70. I had a Fokker 70 in FS9 but can't use it anymore due to Win10 incompatibility. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Thank you for your opinion, much appreciated. 🙂
  6. This is about photographs, not "opinions". We have shown photographs. Photography is factual, not an opinion. Anyone in the world seeing this photo will say that it depicts flowers, not garbage. Anyone in the world seeing this photo will say that it depicts a plane flying over a landscape of trees and villages. And it doesn't matter if that plane and that scenery are from FS2020 or XP12 or Aerofly FS4. Regardless of where it came from, that photo is beautiful, and it does not depict garbage! Anyone in the world who claims that these photographs depict garbage is no longer expressing an "opinion" formulated on concepts and logical reasoning, but is expressing total nonsense based on absolutely nothing, so as such his "opinion" is zero. I am not the one who decides whether an opinion is right or wrong. The photos themselves prove it! Just look at those photos with unprejudiced eyes and describe what they depict. If from today the concept that anyone can write "garbage" for every photo (of simulators) that circulates on the net, anarchy will reign, everyone will be able to write undisturbed that XP12 is garbage , P3D is garbage, FSx is garbage. If you and your friends like this concept of "opinion".... perfect... agreed... let's all adapt. The important thing is not to complain if someone in the future dares to define the XP12 photos as "garbage"! It's an opinion, right? I personally really like freedom of opinion. But there is a limit between expressing opinions and expressing nonsense.
  7. Wow what a fleet! 😯 Are the avionics on those planes accurate? How do you like the flight dynamics?
  8. You're in the right section then. 🤭
  9. If you want to express an "opinion" you can simply say that you don't like simulator X, and you prefer to fly with simulator Y (possibly also justifying why). And this is an "opinion". But in front of beautiful photographs like these ............ FS2020 P3D XP12 FS9 ....... how can an intelligent person assert that what he is seeing is ? 🤦‍♂️ Does this seem like a sensible judgment? Does this seem like logical reasoning? Does this seem like a realistic comparison? Does this seem like a... opinion? No, asserting that those photos (and therefore the simulators from which those photos derive) are garbage is no longer an "opinion", but rather a demented judgment that has nothing to do with "opinion".
  10. Are you done trolling? I played along with you for a while to have some fun, but since you don't seem to understand even the most basic things, I'll repeat the concept: you can find thousands and thousands of MSFS photos online that unequivocally demonstrate that MSFS is not garbage. It's useless to ask me to show you "more than 4 photos". 😂 There are thousands and thousands of photos online, each more incredible than the last, so what's the point of me showing you 3 or 4? Come on, make an effort and look for the photos yourself if you really want to quench your thirst. 🥱
  11. You convinced me, MSFS scenarios are garbage, it's amazing how similar they are. Wow, I hadn't thought of that. How do you practice autorotation over a piece of scenery (MSFS) that is too full of trees? That's quite a dilemma. 🤔 I hadn't even thought of that. What do we do now? It's ruin, we can't fly with simulators anymore! 😭 Wait, let me think..... mumble mumble..... there must be a solution. Ok, maybe I found the solution! 🙌 It was hard to find. Do you want to know? Ok here's the solution: open MSFS, and instead of positioning yourself on an area with trees, you position yourself on an area without trees! 👨‍🎓 Am I or am I not a genius? Let's inform the Asobo team immediately, let's reveal to them our incredible discovery. 🤓
  12. XP is far closer to what? If you're talking about flight dynamics I agree that I like Xplane better. But you can't tell us that MSFS has garbage scenery at low altitude. Where do you see garbage? This representation of scenery at very low altitude is absolutely convincing, I don't see what there is to complain about. I don't want to defend MSFS (also because I don't fly with this sim!). But I don't like the idea of seeing misinformation spread without any restraint. Asserting that MSFS scenery are garbage is pure misinformation, any pilot who regularly uses that sim could prove you wrong every time. Also... as I said once... instead of wasting time with MSFS (which is a sim that in this section of the forum we are not interested in because here we only talk about XP!)... write a letter to Laminar kindly inviting them to give us back the enlightenment that we had in 12.0.9, because the current one has gone "light years back". 🙃
  13. Oh.. I would love to have that model on FS9, but unfortunately it is not compatible.
  14. The exaggeration continues at full throttle. 🤭 As an "advertising agent" you're a little inadequate, you're making me want to move to MSFS. 🎲 Well 👍... then if you like XP, instead of wasting time with MSFS, why don't you send a nice letter to Laminar telling them to fix this disaster they put in 12.1? For once you do a good deed for the community. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/309997-xp-121-final-rc2-released/&page=7#comment-2737878
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