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  1. I don't understand why a CRT filter or Film Grain filter (these filters introduce artifacts, noise, spurious) can improve the image details. It would be like saying that JPG is better than RAW.
  2. Why do you have to uninstall it? Because of the high-altitude blurry? Nothing changes if you keep it or uninstall it. Either way FS2020 will have high altitude blurry, you can't do anything about it. The purpose of the topic was to verify if FS2020 was blurring the high-altitude scenarios. After much discussion we realized that this is true. I removed the doubt.
  3. Are you joking? Is this not detailed? What is this then? Detailed? How do you say that the two images are the same low detail when it is obvious that they are not? A kind user sent me a screenshot of the San Francisco area, captured at FL300, with ultra graphics setting. This is the maximum detail that you can get. Question: Does this photo have a similar detail to the FL900 advertising photo? Answer: no, it's more blurry and less detailed. I'm sorry to say, but at high altitude FS2020 renders the terrain with a detail almost similar to an FS9 photoreal scenery! Come on guys, stop joking. FS2020 is an exceptional low-medium altitude simulator. At high altitude it is bad, it does not perform better than other simulators (except weather and clouds, beautiful).
  4. I'm sure they all flew with other simulators. FS2020 did not yet exist. But now it exists and it is easy to check if there is blurry or not.
  5. Or why are they afraid that I'm right? I don't want to be right. I just try the truth! If I had had FS2020 I would have found the truth by myself without asking anyone. Some users have been interested in the topic and helped me (and I thank them very much). Others don't. They probably don't want to find out the truth.
  6. I can't verify it personally because I don't have FS2020. Otherwise I would have done it already, you can bet on it! I just look at the photos and videos of the other pilots, and ask them to verify if the high altitude blurry exists or not. But nobody does. In 7 topic pages I have not seen ONE high-altitude photo of FS2020 made by a user. Why? Why don't you check it out? I read in your signature that you have FS2020. Why don't you do that verification? What are you afraid of?
  7. JRBarrett explained on page 5. And it is also confirmed by the videos and photos. But you can also do a direct test: go to FL300 and take a screenshot of the scenario. It will not be the same as the advertising photo, it will be blurry. The thing I don't understand is why people refuse to verify the things we are discussing in this topic. It almost seems like they are afraid of the truth. I asked user Riccardo41 (he says I'm a troll) to show me the scenery at high altitude ... and he showed me this: The sea!!! Why do people behave like this? Why run away from the truth? Why refuse to check if high-altitude blurry exists, or not? It does not seem a serious attitude. It feels more like a child's attitude.
  8. Of sharpness. With FS2004 I flew for 14 years above always blurred scenarios. When I saw that photo I fell off the chair! 😲 Finally after 14 years I would have said goodbye to blurry bug, I would have flown at high altitude with airliners over a clear and realistic scenery. 😍 Unfortunately, that photo was fake. 😖
  9. Thank you for the explanation. 😉 So this FS2020 image was fake. (clic for enlarge to native resolution). The scenery is very detailed at very high altitude... but now we know it's not true... it was just advertising. 🙄
  10. Emerson67... the sharpening filter is ineffective over a blurry image. The blurry erase important pixel information which can't be brought back with a sharpening filter. If the native image is blurry, no filter in the world can reconstruct the original lost detail. The sharpen filter helps to contrast the image a little, but it cannot magically transform a blurry scenery into a detailed scenery. The only way to not have the blurry (at high altitude) on the scenery is .... not to have the blurry ... the simulator must never generate the blurry... otherwise it's over.
  11. 😅 Very witty, where is the terrain at high altitude?
  12. You didn't understand. I'm talking about the "blurry", not the graphic comparison between FS2020 and FS2004. Do you know what the blurries is? Blurries is a bug that (at high altitude) breaks-blurs-crumbles-disfigures the detail of the scenery. FS2004 suffered greatly from the blurries bug. If FS2020 (at high altitude) breaks-blurs-crumbles-disfigures the detail of the scenery... it is affected by blurries bug... as FS2004 was. This I meant.
  13. I don't understand, someone says "yes", someone says "no". Who says "no" tried to fly the FL300? Or did he just fly low all the time? I'm confused. In the youtube videos (with liner aircraft flying at high altitude) I always see the blurry on the scenery.
  14. So is it true? Did FS2020 inherit the blurry of FS2004? 😔
  15. Repeating the same words will not change the evidence.
  16. Nothing, I was just wondering why FS2020 blurs the scenery at high altitude. I thought the blurry effect was a distant memory, a bug belonging to FS9, a bug that we would never see again in a modern simulator. I suppose they will correct it over time, I'm confident.
  17. Compressing youtube reduces overall detail, but doesn't generate blurring. Also in this video we have youtube compression, but the scenery is not blurry.
  18. Why nonsense? Look at this photo at native resolution ( https://imgur.com/hRUllsk ) It comes from a video made by a simmer (nick: squirrel). It was taken with very powerful hardware (in the link hardware used for the test: https://kit.co/sqrltv/gaming-pc ), and with the simulator setting in ultra mode. Blurry on the scenery is everywhere! ( https://imgur.com/1s5nrQv ) Do not you see it? Really, can't you see it? 😶
  19. The atmosphere never generates blurry scenery. The atmosphere can generate blue scattering on the scenery, or it can partially hide it with fog / haze. But it never blurs the scene. The blur effect is a bug of our simulators, it is not a realistic rappresentation of nature. The blurry effect does not exist in nature. If FS2020 blurs the scenery (at high altitude) the beauty of the scenery is compromised, it seems to fly over an "oil painting" by an artist. I hope I'm wrong ... I hope it's not true. But if that bug is true, then it is a problem, the software house must fix it, otherwise FS2020 risks becoming like FS9. 😔
  20. Click on the photos and zoom to full hd native resolution. FS2020 blurred. Xplane not blurred.
  21. Click on the photos and zoom to full hd native resolution. FS2020 blurred. Xplane not blurred.
  22. I don't know ... I have the impression that blurry was introduced on purpose to limit the excess of calculations and safeguard performance. This technique was also used by FS9. Older PCs could not process a large area of scenery, and so the designers of FS9 introduced blurry. It was a trick ... but it worked. Perhaps the same trick was also introduced in FS2020. As I said, I have seen many videos of FS2020, really many, even of people with powerful hardware and high settings. And in all "high-altitude liners" videos, the scenery is always blurry. Little or a lot ... but there is ... always. Coincidence? I do not know.
  23. Hi everyone. 🙂 In these days I have visited many videos of FS2020 in flight with the liners. There is a doubt that disturbs me. Why FS2020 blurred scenery? 🙄 They look like FS2004. I have saved some screenshots from different videos (click on the images for enlarge details). The scenery is conspicuously blurry at high altitude! A premise, it is not my intention to make premature controversies at FS2020. But this story has left me a little perplexed, I didn't expect to see again "FS9 blurry" in a modern simulator. I am currently still flying with FS9 (yes, I'm an old romantic simmer), and also with Xplane11. I made some screenshots with Xplane11, using airliners, at high altitude, above photoreal scenery ZL16. Xplane11 doesn't blurred the scenery, the details are preserved even at high altitude. (click on the images for enlarge details) My doubt is this: "are we sure that FS2020 will be the ideal simulator for high-altitude airliners"? 🙄 The clouds and the sky of FS2020 are certainly exceptional, wonderful, beautiful. But the blurry high-altitude scenery? It's just my doubt. Thanks a lot to anyone who wants to answer me. 😉 🖐️
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