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  1. Drink some chamomile tea friend. I wish you a good day.
  2. I wrote that I had overwritten the original images after resizing. Had I written it? Yes. Besides... what would 1920 pixel images be used for? What do you think you'll see differently compared to 1666 pixels? We don't need 4k resolution to see if XP10 showed chickens on the ground ! 😄 In those photos there is only the winter environment recreated by Xp10 in a clear sky dawn. There is nothing else to see. At whatever resolution you look at it, that image does not change, it will always only show... light...snow...trees...runway...sky. When Sir Lanrivaldosmith (the first user to comment) asked me what the photo was, I immediately told him it was XP10, not XP12. So what are we talking about? Of nothing. If some XP12 fans don't like the winter landscape of the XP10, that's absolutely not my problem and I don't worry about it at all. Personally I like the snowy landscape of XP10 almost as much as the snowy landscape shown by Sir Tonywob, and since I found those old images in the archive I wanted to show them. End of the matter.
  3. Those images were reduced due to regulatory needs of the Xplane_org forum which prohibited (and still prohibits) the insertion of images that are too large and/or that exceed a limit of "xxx" kilobytes. The original images (which I no longer have as I have unfortunately overwritten them) were in Full HD 1920 x 1080 and exceeded the KB limit, so I reduced them in size. No disingenuous therefore, the downsizing was just a technical requirement imposed by a site.
  4. Easy to say now after knowing (from me) that it is XP10. 🤭 Let's play a game, suppose the image was this: What would you have written as a comment on that screenshot? I bet you a hundred dollars you would have written: "Look how XP12 recreates the characteristic "cold light of winter dawn". It's incredible! Amazing! This sim is a thousand years ahead of the others!" 🤭
  5. @lanrivaldosmith No sir, it's XP10 with winter mod and Simheaven. I captured these shots in the year 2014.
  6. @Pe11e go here: https://x-plane.to/file/984/alpha-s-ultimate-preset
  7. These are quite impressive (I didn't make them):
  8. Increase the sharpness effect in a simulator that has bad AA by default ? Great tip. It's the perfect recipe for creating popcorn.
  9. They said the same thing about 3D Cinema and 3D TVs. "3D is the future". 3D was a colossal failure that cost the television and film industry billions of dollars. VR headsets will be the same failure after half planet Earth starts vomiting using these virtual shrinks.
  10. Sorry, I responded hastily, the bug also exists in the previous version, I saw it when changing the livery.
  11. Negative, I have no anomalies. But I read mSpark's response and I understand that the anomaly only exists in new version 12.0.8b1. That's why I don't see it, I haven't updated my XP12 yet.
  12. Why should user copy LIT file? The @turbomax user's liveries are all default, I have the same folders as him in my XP12, the "Fuselage_LIT" files are already included in each folder/livery.
  13. @oskargunn Is it something similar to this? 🤔
  14. @Bulva Try this one, I modified it to give you a little more light on the street lamps. 🙂
  15. Yes friend 🙂, my texture is not the default XP11 one, I had already modified it some time ago to give more realism to XP11, I didn't like those giant reflections on the street and airport lamps, so I edited the texture with Photoshop.
  16. Bulva, look carefully at the comparison between the two textures Xp12 and Xp11. 🙂 In the circled area you can see where the significant difference is. Those three reflections constitute the least pleasant part of XP12, decidedly exaggerated and unrealistic. But apart from that, take a good look at all the rest of the lights! ⬆️ The "1000_lights_close.png" texture that I inserted in the topic has all the lights slightly brighter than the XP12 default texture, so it is not possible that the Xp12 lights become "less bright" after replacing the default Xp12 texture with this ⬇️ 😉
  17. In XP12 you may occasionally find these strange cataract lights. The source of the issue is a 2D texture. XP12 uses some 2D textures from XP11, including the "1000_lights_close.png" texture. I'll show you a comparison of this texture of XP12 and XP11. I'm sure you've seen where the problem is. In the XP12 texture has been changed: the designers have inserted a ugly "cataract reflection" that did not exist in XP11. Fixing the problem is very easy, just replace the texture "1000_lights_close.png". Click on the texture below ⏬ with the right mouse button... choose "save image as"... and copy it into the Lites folder overwriting the default XP12 texture. (you find it in the path: "Xplane12 / Resources / Bitmaps / World / Lites" ).
  18. It wasn't a criticism. You wrote "I think XP is top-notch for simulating flight dynamics" (plural). That comment, written in that way, is misleading and deceptive. If you mention "flight dynamics" without ever specifying which airplane you are referring to, the FDE's of all airplanes (including airliners) will be implied in the comment. So I asked a simple question: Do you believe that hundreds of thousands of dollar professional simulators from Boeing or Airbus use "Xplane flight dynamics" to accurately simulate the aerodynamic behavior of all the airliners produced by these companies? The professional simulators where airline pilots are trained to fly B737, 747, 757, 767, 777, 787... which FDE's are using those hundreds of thousands of dollars simulators? Do they use the flight dynamics of the Zibo737 contained in a small ACF file of a few megabytes made with Plane Maker? Or do they use the FlightFactor 757-767 flight dynamics contained within a small ACF file of a few megabytes made with Plane Maker? It's a simple question, requiring a simple answer: "Yes" or "No."
  19. I underlined that word: flight dynamics. Forgive my curiosity, but do you really think that professional simulators costing hundreds of thousands of dollars exclusively use the flight dynamics of Xplane or MSFS or P3D? A simulator system like this ( https://resources.flightsafety.com/flight-simulation/ ) ... let's assume for the qualified training of Boeing or Airbus pilots... do you think that the B737-A320s flight dynamics simulated by this system come from Xplane with Zibo737-Toliss A320, or MSFS with PMDG737-Fenix A320 ? 😊
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