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  1. "While I appreciate the advancement by Asobo in the areas they have worked on, Filou is right about things such as the cloud types not being developed significantly over the two years, and terrain colours (green tone on roads etc.) - a lot of people are using the Google Maps mod for this very reason." Thanks for the translation...
  2. I have a lot of fun with the FENIX too, one does not prevent the other and if you are a FENIX pilot you normally have to differentiate between "MSFS2020 intolerable" and certain " Intolerable Compartments of MSFS2020"
  3. I am at normal temperature. I adapt quite easily to people's levels. I'm just talking about simulation here and the SU10 beta version. For the moment I do not encounter any bugs and no performance problems. I feel like I'm in the SU9 but under a different name. Yes you are right we have so much time to analyze all these incredible developments.For the moment we have talked about 28 pages VFR MAP , DSSL and Performance I can't wait to talk about the rest of the SU10 list,not you?
  4. I've always liked the performance of MSFS2020 but I really don't like how little effort they've made with the rendering of clouds and live weather, satellite photo resolution, terrain color and photogrammetry city. For some people it's something else for me it's these and I claim them without any complexes. I will repeat myself a third time, I have no difference in performance between DX11 SU9 and DX11 SU10. I didn't have any performance issues with the SU9 so for me the SU10 doesn't bring anything on that side. So what has changed for you this beta SU10?
  5. You try to be spectacular only for your fan club,it's teatime isn't it? . You wrote this comment with your mouth full without a doubt NOEL. I am frustrated with MSFS2020 SU10 and to be sincere once again I see nothing between the SU9 and the SU10 except of course the whole repairs written black on white. Luckily you read it like me otherwise we wouldn't have noticed anything in the simulator .Do you have a problem about my dissatisfaction ? Do i have a problem about your amazing satisfaction about msfs 2020?. NOEL, here's a"nother constructive idea ,If ASOBO could spend as much time and effort in clouds and live weather improvement as your comment,that would be much more helpful. I feel like you've been completely bruised by P3D and XP so full of sweetness you are with MSFS2020. Whether it's FS2004, FSX, P3D, XP... I dried them up like lemons . Take note for the next time . Yes MSFS for me appears virtually intolerable in some compartments. objection? So now that you have DX12 and no more stuttering you don't miss anything for take off.
  6. That's exactly what I was talking about and I don't understand why they are minimizing improvements like rendering clouds and live weather and everything else that is not improved and yet of fundamental importance. VFR Map improvement...DSSL option... a so-called improvement in airports regarding stuttering ....nothing else? 2 years for that? I've always been satisfied with the MSFS2020 performance, It's the rest that I'm not happy at all.I find MSFS 2020 average in many compartments and where the improvement has been insignificant. When you are in an airport you have good feelings but when you take off with an airliner it is at this moment that it deteriorates greatly visually. satellite imagery resolution,Color.Cloud,live weather.This faded white on the horizon ,the blur,and according to the aspect of the clouds I do not feel this effect of altitude it lacks depth. MSFS is cool but it's not the wow! for each flight unfortunately. It is the most modern simulator but it lacks realism because of this imbalance.
  7. You have the RTX3090 but not the 5800x3D. Of course there is a difference and it is at least the minimum that we ask between a GTX 1080Ti and an RTX 3090. But from a general and non-specific point of view I can go everywhere without too much trouble even with LOD400. "in any case if you are happy with DX11 and your performance, everything is good" I have never had a performance issue with MSFS 2020 Except with my I7 4790k and in some inappropriate contexts.
  8. I am talking about the resolution of our planet earth. Higher settings than ULtra, what exactly is there?
  9. I tried DX12 and it's smooth but I had the same thing with SU9 and SU10 DX11.I don't see any difference! The only noticeable difference is that the fps are much higher on DX11 than DX12 in my case.The GTX1080 the fault no doubt.But even with the GTX 1080 I am impressed by the monstrous work the 5800x3D can do!!! Wow!!!!!!!!!! I really don't need a monstrous graphics card. It saves me from being stupid. Since I got the 5800x3D I don't have the slightest stutter! whether it's with the SU9 and now with the SU10 DX11 or DX12 with Simple Traffic,FENIX all the settings in Ultra except the clouds in 1440p.Even LOD400! That's it the SU10!!? A small VFR Map improvement and DSSL option and a feeling of being smoother.That's what makes you so happy? I tried the 5800x3D for a long time with the SU9 and it was smooth as silk too. Whether at airports or elsewhere. The only positive thing I can say about the SU10 is that I haven't encountered any bugs but I've never had a bug with SU9 either. -I expect from ASOBO a huge work on the representation of clouds and live weather -A better representation of the colors of our earth -Higher resolution -Better representation of photogrammetry cities. For me, these are the essential points that should have been worked on for this beta version. It's been a long time since the performance in MSFS2020 has been good, nor have we talked about it for years!
  10. I can't even tell the difference between the SU9 and SU10. I see nothing more nothing less. It remains the same overall rendering. The only noticeable difference is all that Bla Bla Bla about DLSS and its option in the settings home page. It's definitely the same world with the same visual weaknesses.
  11. SU9 Smooth SU10 DX11 Smooth SU10 DX12 Smooth DX11 VS DX12 = DX11 best performance DX12 = Better shadows ( subtle). Nothing else No Airports performance difference DX11 VS DX12 CLOUDS = not better but different. In 8 years it will be perfect CLOUDS in ultra DX11 or DX12 have the same impact in performance. Live Weather = In 8 years it will be perfect Do i need nvidia freestyle for a better overall representation? = YES! Is this beta version amazing? = No Way . It was smooth with SU9...it is smooth with beta SU10 .Not much visually .A lot of repairs that we do not perceive. Apart from that my Ryzen 5800x3D is magic.
  12. For these shots not at all they are by default and date from the year 2020/2021. Today I use nvidia freestyle to try to find this balance but I can't even do it with. I found the clouds and the light engine much more realistic before: A few more examples:
  13. I really regret the clouds and the light engine. Look at this render from the year 2020.And it's not in ultra
  14. I just got the Ryzen 5800X3D. Even keeping my gtx 1080 this CPU is incredible!
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