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  1. But in my case and my experience of X-Plane 12 it's been like this since the first day of the release of X-Plane 12.We just need a better world, everything else is there..The snow cover on X-Plane 12 is simply magical reality when you taste it you can no longer fly elsewhere with the same context. In addition to this X-Plane lighting feat we can even add the realistic quality of road traffic. The realism of the puddles on the track and the soundscape etc...This is what we call balance... Even the most numerous can't do it. I can't wait to find ORBX TrueEart again. After that I will do shots as much as the falling raindrops.
  2. Than you. No, that’s not where I live. The photos were taken in the north of Luxembourg and it is impossible to have this weather forecast with this snow cover with the live weather forecast.
  3. In any case, one day or another, there will have to be something new that comes out in this area with or without orbx even if I hope it will be a continuation of the orbx TrueEarth series. I would even say that it is essential for XP to continue to interest simmers against the giant of MSFS.
  4. Completely agree with this and it would be a very good way to initiate an evolution in this area and increase instantaneous XP12 popularity.
  5. The TrueEarth series is so amazing! I am a big fan! I hope there will be future new places... I like this ! And as written above, with the X-plane lighting engine it is the perfect balance of a successful overall visual atmosphere.The greatest weakness of X Plane is the lack of a plausible world.
  6. Exactly the same problem World Map related CTDs. Before and during the beta
  7. Is this the result after modification? if this is the case I much prefer mine
  8. You can write pages and pages about this... For me MSFS as a whole lighting/color look artificial. If we add to all that the clouds energized by the live weather forecast it's regularly a visual disaster during a complex live weather scenario. I fly 30 hours a week and at this rate since fs2004 and often find myself in similar weather, no new colors, no variations and no surprises and I'm not even talking about visibility, the shape of the clouds and all the other clouds that don't even exist .Boring. The MSFS live weather as a whole is my biggest visual disappointment.When you fly a lot like me you realize that it's extremely limited. I have already explored everything...HDR is particularly effective at wowing you but accentuates the distance from natural realism. You can modify ( sky color etc...) or add the complements you want, it will not change anything. The entire visual meteorological representation needs to be redone and if they improve it considerably I could forget a little about all its other weaknesses. MSFS does not live up to what it claims to be.
  9. I defend myself without honor. My person is enough and I like to travel without unnecessary baggage.
  10. I'm willing to make an effort, but I wouldn't turn into a little teddy bear either. If someone provokes me for free, I would respond at the same level.That they ignore me .This is the best pacifist response I can give them. For the rest you know how to do.
  11. I am happy to be thrown a little fish from time to time to be happy with. Like another famous Frenchman once said, 'the Seagulls follow the Trawler'. Some people need to work hard and throw really high to get their attention.For the seagulls to follow me I really don't need a trawler or a sardine I don't even need the sea... just a an imitation fish bon thrown not very high is enough to attract them.The entire team. you seem to want giant strides to perfection - good luck with that! A giant step towards a more realistic sky? are you serious? I flew in much more realistic color skies a long time ago. As for what is wrong with your arguments, on the realistic look of the sky regarding luminance / lighting etc. - nothing, as I implied above, but in this thread, we are simply talking about the colours getting a bit closer to reality; the overall lighting effect is another matter, and cannot be fixed by the subject of this thread. For me luminance / lightingt and the color of the sky are fundamentally linked, one cannot function without the other.And for me this is the whole weakness of MSFS in this compartment.No balance at all.There are clouds, there are colors of sky, there is light but it doesn't work together.No harmony.Everything is compartmentalized without any grace. I think people understand that, and there is a lot of work still to be done in that area. Still, 2024 is only just around the corner! Prepare yourself now because you are going to be disappointed. They are not at all on the same road as you, not even on a small parallel path.I would prefer to be humiliated without resistance in the village square if it turns out to be the opposite.
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