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  1. The real photos that you shared are transformed anyway so really not a good point of reference for me and not want to argue about it. I'm not at all convinced by the clouds either. I have nothing to say about the IFR video and all the others. The work is exceptional! but the cloud layer did not bring me much emotion.Even the sky is sometimes look like cartoon.There is no "demonstration" in my act but some things I don't like. In addition to the red clouds: What we already have for sky: What we already have for clouds:
  2. I prefer to taste the finished cake with a teaspoon than to taste with my fingers every step of the progression.All I'm interested in is the authenticity and its balance of the taste.So tired of the half empty or half full simulator.
  3. From Monday all schools, high school colleges, universities will be closed throughout France.In my city and other, Disco, bar, etc... are allowed to a maximum of 100 people.
  4. Bucharest Romania. Bucharest in slightly faded colors in FS but remains a city of choice for future flights with all possible improvements.
  5. Except that in the specific case of FS.The simulator will already be optimized.
  6. Road traffic is essential for me and not only on the main roads.It's as important as everything else. All the immersion balance is played here .It is a question of life or death.
  7. The latest news about Sebastian Wloch Asobo Studio Co-founder and CEO are these...
  8. I am in a situation where I can not even start XP anymore. I do not know if I am the only one in this case (no matter) but I do not have any more pleasure.All my head is excited by a modern future .For me it's going to be a new way to fly, to communicate and to share .FS look like an big "open mind" with all the positive effects and even for those who do not know it yet....And if FS is completely failed,I will not be able to go back anyway.I have seen the truth too much.Today I am more in the influence of a new investment for a new big Setup Gaming than endless patches without surprise for my current sim...I have a big tiredness.I am changing to prepare myself for this new world. I already know that I will not be disappointed.I am already a Simer different .
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