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  1. After a few days "you think" and you no longer "assert anything"
  2. "okay If you want a terrible looking sun and airport lights....." Next time don't assert what you don't know. There is a difference between "I prefer" and "It is terrible looking".
  3. Okay not too much "Bla bla bla" Show me your airport lights shot with your Bloom On and i will show you mine with blooom Off. Default airport and plane of your choice.
  4. 60hz monitor V-Sync 30 fps in MSFS settings also gives me very good result.
  5. it is better to choose if you can a less powerful CPU and a more powerful GPU like RTX 3070 if you want to use also 1440p resolution. in my case I could not go back to 1080p.
  6. After reading your commentI feel like MSFS came out yesterday or maybe a second time .I didn't think there could be so much jet lag. It's been almost 9 months that MSFS is tested , tortured , on all the world forums about its visual, performance, setting ,pc component etc.And here thousands of pages to read since August 18, 2020 on all its topics. Don't torture yourself with your MSFS settings, either. If you want to enjoy a comfortable experience you will need a more powerful PC.There is no secret .Just fly simple with MSFS settings proposed and adapted and put aside all unnecessary old fsx mechanisms.
  7. I have shared a little over fifteen of my photos on this page and to be able to take pictures, I must have installed the product... If the photos are not sufficient for you to realize the difference go fly in NZ above the mountains by default. The product is excellent in this category. I don't know what to say besides that.
  8. I really like this concept of the 5 Airports.It will work for sure.
  9. Take the time to watch and read https://orbxdirect.com/product/nz-mesh-msfs
  10. For me it's like a new mountain without a doubt but always with the deer absent on the mountain tops.
  11. The difference is huge for me but maybe you prefer to fly over the NZ default mountains of MSFS. Anyway, there is no obligation. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/207429-nz-mesh-for-microsoft-flight-simulator/
  12. https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/content.php?22507-KerrSpectives-The-Islander
  13. I cant complain for the moment with the result on my old pc.
  14. I think the new modern processor that will replace my I7 4790k will easily give me 10 fps more.
  15. Yes and without speaking with a new CPU on top of that ...If it could be the case 50 fps in the big airports it would be paradise!
  16. 1440P / GTX1080 / 24GB DDR3 if i follow the logic of some i should have 78 fps whith the RTX 3080...
  17. I would add that with the new Intel GPUs that will arrive, there will be no shortage of graphics cards with Intel and with " prices / performance " that will put a smile on your face. Fine-tune your MSFS settings and wait a few months for a more mature MSFS and a more diverse choice of components.That's what I do anyway.
  18. it is not only a component problem but also an airport optimization problem. Even powerful graphics cards are on their knees. Your settings are not optimized either .In your place I would wait the end of the year.Can you show me your settings.Because 8/20 fps is really low, I rarely get below 30 fps with my old PC.
  19. I agree in the " Realistic overall rendering" but it remains "global" and certainly not "extremely realistic" for me. But it lacks unquestionably variety for the clouds and also the number of cloud layers.We are all admiring the postcard effect but for me I expect much more than that. I fly 3 hours a day and it doesn't always look like clouds or a representative weather. I know exactly what I want see in a so-called NG simulator.For now and for me it's only a lot of beautiful GTA colors.I want to see a more natural overall representation. But as you say so well ...We probably have a large number of very different opinions regarding this particular aspect.
  20. Yes that is exactly the feeling i have "so random" "so random" "so random"... and I think this this situation and stuttering thing is not ready to be resolved so soon.I have no performance problem or MSFS crash.But I also encounter long pauses and completely random jerks without there being a precise context for that. About the real weather there is still work to do.And also in the visual quality of clouds in real weather which is really poorly represented in most situations.It is only above the cloud layer that it is pretty but with the same representation each time.Not too many surprises on this side either.After all the videos and photos that I watch and my countless number of flights that I do. I find pretty much the same visual weather pattern. And I would end with the lack of brightness under the cloud layer which is completely unrealistic even by making adjustments with my monitor. It's too dark. When I put myself in the costume of the Sunday player with my friends around me. MSFS is amazing without a doubt.
  21. But there is also the solution of new drivers.
  22. Stuttering is completely random and it is while doing a lot of flight that I notice these little things.But I can come back to the same place a few hours later and have a different experience.
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