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  1. This may help you...with my Logitech 5.1 surround, there are different modes for the speakers, I have to make sure the front center speaker is on, seems that that's where the ATC is coming from. If not, I get the same "muted" ATC issue!! Mike
  2. Do you mean if crash detection is turned off, the road traffic is different?
  3. Nothing to do with that, I mean in general, observe the road traffic...Tractor trailers and cars bounce off things and whip into different directions!!
  4. Hello, While I do love the scenery in this sim, why haven't they addressed the funny road traffic? Fly Tampa does a great job, like their KLAS for example. I guess some day. Thanks, Mike.
  5. This error drove me absolutely nuts for about 4 months!! I Tried every possible fix, googled every possible cause and fix, including editing the registry and so on, and on!! Finally, it was my 2070 video card was failing. It was tested by an expert that is Microsoft certified. In the end, I replaced that, and my processor to the SAME brand, instead of mixing components. That fixed everything, and I haven't had any errors or crashes or any problems at all!! Just my experience. So maybe test you video card first? Thanks. Mike Oh, and I average 78 to 90 FPS!!!
  6. Thank you, marsman!! That's it? what about the other thumbnail folder? Thanks! Mike
  7. Hello. Can someone please explain the installation procedure for this? I'm afraid to mess something up!! Thanks, Mike The float plane, I mean.... Busch League Legends- Xcub-Amphibious-Tundra-Float-Alpine
  8. Hello. Can someone please explain the installation procedure for this? I'm afraid to mess something up!! Thanks, Mike
  9. I can't agree more !! To the original poster here...so many of us have recommended this, please try to come up with 20 bucks!! I first bought it for P3D, then I bought it immediately for MSFS !! You will feel like you're there. All the billboards are live and changing, any effect that you could think of is working!! Mike
  10. Thanks to everyone that responded to my beginning post. My conclusion...what the heck, $42.00, I'm gonna buy it and try it!! Thanks again everyone for all the feedback. Mike.
  11. Hello. This looks very interesting, but I haven't heard any feedback from anyone. Thinking about trying it. Thanks, Mike
  12. Yeah, I hear ya. Maybe someday. That's where P3D has it's own purpose. They are for 2 different reasons, that's why people shouldn't even compare them.
  13. Hello. Is there anyway to port over any any fighter jets capable to do carrier landings? I'm afraid to just drop one in the Community folder. I just can't se myself landing GA on a carrier !! Any ideas, or just wait MSFS to include one? Thanks, Mike
  14. I finished it. paused it a lot while watching football, you have to watch the waypoints that have the altitude listed. don't follow all the other POI's.
  15. When I'm in the mood for military, I love my IRIS A-10 Warthog, Loaded with weapons via VRS TAC PAC. Think I'll load it up now, Grand Canyon to Nellis AFB!! Mike
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