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  1. sotiris

    Flight level change and VNAV mode.

    I did one more test flight and this time it worked going to five box CRZ page. It accepted the new lower FL as MOD CRZ. I have no idea what went wrong at that flight. Thanks for your time.
  2. sotiris

    Flight level change and VNAV mode.

    No, I create it myself with Jepp charts.
  3. sotiris

    Flight level change and VNAV mode.

    Yes Marc. This is the page I 'm talking about.
  4. sotiris

    Flight level change and VNAV mode.

    I had tried this at the time and saw the INVALID ENTRY message.
  5. sotiris

    Flight level change and VNAV mode.

    If I click on CRZ page, I 'll see five "unticked" boxes. Trying to fill them out with the new FL it returns a message "INVALID ENTRY or VALUE".
  6. sotiris

    Flight level change and VNAV mode.

    Andrew, The case is that the CRZ page in FMC goes out and doesn't accept any FL. Anything about Master FD light ?
  7. sotiris

    Flight level change and VNAV mode.

    Thank you Dan. Marc, recycling the FD did not have any effect on FMC CRZ page restoration. Another thing I noticed while FD off and on action, is that captain's FD MA light remained illuminated even if I switched captain's and first officer's FD switch off-on.
  8. sotiris

    Flight level change and VNAV mode.

    OK thanks Marc. I ' give it a try.
  9. sotiris

    Flight level change and VNAV mode.

    For how long can this action remain ? As I recall, the "intervention" did not hold for long. (I used speed intervene once in the past and after a while the speed reverted to the FMC speed).
  10. If, say, it is required to descend 1000ft lower than the declared CRZ FL to FMC, then the page CRZ is not available any more, VNAV mode light goes out and MACH/SPEED mode has to be used to continue cruise on the lower FL. During this event, I noticed that Vertical deviation symbol shows on ND, which means the aircraft understands the start of descent. This level change is required in some airspaces like Spain. So, in that case, the availability of CRZ page is lost in the real thing too, or this is a glitch ? Thanks for your time, Sotiris Stavrakis.
  11. After downloading and installing the above AI aircraft I realised that it doesn't appear in FSX. The aircraft appears sunk and running uncontrolled below airport apron. As I suspect contact points wrong values in aircraft.cfg, I 'd be grateful if somebody sends to me his working aircraft.cfg file to check. Thanks for your time.
  12. As I understand, DisablePreload=1 must not be present in FSX.cfg to avoid seeing that.
  13. Yes, they had been installed from the beginning.
  14. Hi, Is there anyway to make it show properly ? When selected in FSX menu it shows correctly. Sotiris Stavrakis
  15. sotiris

    FSX 2D side cockpit views ?

    OK, if someone has a better panel.cfg that works regarding 2D side views, could it be possible to post it to me ?