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  1. I did 2 tests flights yesterday (ESSA-ENBR / KMCO-MKJS) with IAE engines. Did not encounter VNAV issue, but had one AP disconnection mid flight. Cannot blame the FNX though, might be my joystick and/or xbox pads. Never had any disconnection with B1 though, I'll do further tests tonight.
  2. So much things improved, but I'm enjoying playing a gif as EFB background 😅 Sorry devs, I promise I will enjoy all of the other features 😄
  3. Oh yeah I was going to post about this. The lazy forces are joining 😆
  4. Nice customization touch - you can now change the EFB background (from a remote device only) 🤩
  5. Nice shots 😉 I'll try to post some more we must promote this country 😋
  6. Thanks for taking the time to comment. The haut (high) Atlas ends near Agadir so when you go South you are over the anti Atlas and then the plains that stretch to the Sahara. Lots of interesting landscapes here, and surprisingly good photo coverage : a bit of color variations around Laayoune but quite pleasant overall. The ATR, while far from perfect, allows you to admire the landscape from a reasonable altitude (below FL200).
  7. Hi pilots Did one of my most memorable flights yesterday. My moroccan wife just told me "you should try to fly south of Agadir to Laayoune, you should see some spectacular landscapes". I decided to push on to Dakhla thanks to the remarkable freeware. As I don't have much time to fly, it was also my test flight for the updated ATR, nvidia color filters and DynamicLod. The landscapes between canyons, cliffs and craters made me feel like Matt Damon in The Martian. Unfortunately for my wife I am still not Matt Damon, but I sure was a happy pilot when I landed in Dakhla.
  8. When modifying the PBO curve, you should immediatly do a CPU stress test. For exemple Cinebench or CPU-Z for 10-15mn. This will test the worst case scenario - all cores at 100% - which never happens in game. The same way, when undervolting my GPU I do a Furmark stress test to spot any instability and/or artifacts before adopting my UV curve. Temperature and power draw gains are even more spectacular than UVing the CPU.
  9. From what I understand, negative PBO affects the voltage / frequency curve, so instead of overclocking, you are undervolting. Which results in lower temps for the same frequency. I am using PBO -30 without any stability issue, and the 7800X3D never exceeds 60°C in game. And it is a mini ITX case, with air cooling.
  10. Don't forget to go to the ingame store to add the WU XVI to your library. About 11-12 Gb to download.
  11. Quite the same move here. Decided to opt for the 4070 ti super. 16gb vram should be enough for the 3 years to come.
  12. Indeed, and I forgot to add this was thanks to Rex Weather Force. It is far from perfect but it's better than the broken snow cover of the default live Weather...
  13. After 2 flights on my journey to Chunilna : https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/638627-going-north-above-alaska-1/ https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/638788-going-north-above-alaska-2/ I flew from Childs Glacier Airstrip (6AK4) to Valdez (PAVD), a short 40mn flight. You can click on the map below to see the flight trace, and geolocalized screenshots : A few minutes after takeoff, over the Copper River Some interesting landscape in the Chugach Mountains, in the Wortmanns valley The weather deteriorated considerably as I entered the Lowe River Valley From this point I had to fly under 800 ft to see the ground I landed safely in Valdez, with a ground speed of approximatively 25 kts (with 10 kts wind blowing from the front). I could have joined the famous STOL competition !
  14. After reaching Rusty Barge on my way to Chunilna, it was time to break camp to fly over Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park, head West towards Yakutat, and find a way North of Kayak Island to find the Million Dollar Bridge and the Childs Glacier Airstrip. I tried something new, at least to me, creating a custom map with geolocalized photos so you can follow the trip (just click on the map, it'll redirect you to the MyMaps) Early morning in Rusty Barge, 0°C (32°F), not enough to prevent the 2 Rotax to start. ~10 mn after take-off, Haines is waking up, and in the background is Chilkhoot Inlet, which lies North up to Skagway. I took a little break at Nugget Creek Cabin (4AA3) for the challenging approach, and the stunning view. Back in the air, above the Tsirku River valley Somewhere, approaching the Tsirku glacier, we entered Canada We left the glacier behind, and took the Tkope River valley which flows into Tatshenshini A few miles after entering Alaska again, stunning view over one of the glaciers coming from Mt Hay. After a long straight line between Yakutat and the border, I decided to take a break in the ill-named Disenchantment Bay. This bay holds its name from a Spanish Naval Officer who was looking for the Northwest Passage in the 18th Century. For us, it was the beautiful background for a break. A few minutes after I took off for the last segment, I encountered MV Piano Land ship. Nice but a bit odd : I am not a specialist, but it seems this ship is rather sailing around China since it was sold to a Chinese Cruise line in 2019. Next naval encounter with Marion Dufresne, a French Scientific ship. Approaching Kayak Island, the weather gradually became cloudy I finally reached Childs Glacier with just under 4 Gal left in the tanks. Very nice airstrip surrounded by the Million Dollar Bridge, the Glacier, and Miles Lake.
  15. Thanks to the likers 😊 I forgot to add that now that we are advanced into fall, snow coverage with live weather is a PITA. So I am using REX Weather Force which, while not perfect and still lacking historical weather, completely removes the white blanket the default live weather suffers from.
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