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  1. Oh ok, didn't know his dropbox was down, I even started to blame my firewall for the update error... Thanks for your information and help !
  2. Hi all : would any of you have the latest version of Tomatoshade : if so, could you please share it with me ? I only have version 28, which I cant update through the app "an error occured while checking for the latest version". Thanks in advance
  3. Parking brakes released ? Sorry for the question but if you chose to hide red informations, you may have missed this one. Ok, it happened to me. 🤣 Edit : you mentionned brakes off so I guess this is something else
  4. People's expectations these days... Can't wait 1-2 Months ? I am pretty sure the release is not that far. And I prefer having a trustworthy developper announcing his product a few weeks before release date, instead of some alpha-never-finished-early-access stuff which development span on years. And please keep in mind that the excellency of RealAir products has never been denied, even years after their release date. IMO, it is far more important than releasing daily screenshots, and commenting on release dates speculations.
  5. Thanks for your comments. The sky colors are a mix of : - Navid sky textures - Tomatoshade (install this one and then update it in General > Check for new version) - In Tomatoshade, load the Tomato Bright profile - In Prepar3D : my HDR settings are 1,01 / 0,60 / 1,15. Perfect to me, quite vibrant but not over saturated, and light bloom (I hate overpowered bloom) @Joseph: the sceneries are from Simaddons
  6. Thank you Ryan I was amazed like a child when emerging above the clouds. This old ESP platform still has things to show 😍
  7. Hi all Many of you probably have probably used LittleNavMap for a long time. I mistakenly thought it was more of a VFR software, and being used to another flightplan and flight preparation website, I only installed LNM for flight tracking. But lately, I had many issues between my online generated flightplans and importing them into the CRJ, because of AIRAC mismatch. So I decided to take the jump, and plan my IFR flight from scratch with LNM. And boy, was I amazed by the result. Find a route with one click, choose your SID, STAR, approach with two clicks, generate your P3D flightplan, etc. Here is my flight from Moncton (CYQM) and St Johns (CYYT). The first picture shows the arrival planning in LNM. I also included below the final approach which was quite intense, close to the visibility limits and with a 27-35 kts cross wind.
  8. Hi all You are probably all aware of this, but I am a happy user of GSX since 2012 and it's the first time a came across this 🤣 At the end of my last flight from Ottawa to Toronto, after parking carefully, our marshaller completely let go 🎉 [
  9. Oh and I did not answer this : yes, I am using the Tomato advanced reflection profile found here (nice but a bit too reflective): https://live-cockpits.weebly.com/reflection-profiles.html I have yet to test the reflections profile found on the Aerosoft website (maybe less reflective): http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/4863-aerosoft-crj700900-tomatoshade-reflection-profiles/
  10. You have to keep in mind that the CRJ is not the modern aircraft that can fly by itself from 100 ft above the ground to autolanding. No auto throttle, advisory VNAV, no auto landing, you have to actually pilot and monitor it constantly. If that is what you are looking for, make the jump !
  11. Its the Aerosoft CRJ After 2 years of turboprop GA I wanted to switch back to regional airliners. But I did not want a full automated Airbus or Boeing, so I selected 2 aircrafts : Majestic Dash 8 and Aerosoft CRJ. Being tired of turboprop sound and management I went for the CRJ 😂 I bought it a few weeks ago so did not encounter any of the early issues somes users reported. I did not come across any major bug until now appart from Engine Starter 1 not lighting (happened once) and NAV disconnecting (could be my fault, did not sort this one out). All in all, it is a great aircraft visually and flight dynamics-wise. Still learning to fly it smoothly but I enjoy every minute of each flight.
  12. Very nice atmosphere I hope Orbx pays you a commission on each of their sales, because with your stunning screens, you must have brought them a lot of customers! 😅
  13. One of your addon probably replaced your fx_2.bmp file. Download this one, and copy it in "\Prepar3D v4\Effects\texture\" overwriting the existing one https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iWuGP2oma6suIe032FtIu0LBErsdqUwD/view?usp=sharing
  14. Very nice shots ! And very elegant aircraft (but being french, I am not completely impartial in this case 😀)
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