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  1. It is possible that I have not understood correctly, English is not my language, but I think you mention that the XP12 will be released later this year, and what I read in the link that you put, is that we will have beta 11.40 by the end of the year , which will be a long beta and I do not think we'll see xp12 until the end of 2020 or 2021. Of course I can be wrong, of course. Sorry for my English, I'm using a translator.
  2. I do not think so, normally XP usually has 4-5 years of travel, a lot would have changed the thing so that they already have a new XP. When Laminar confirms it, I'll believe it.
  3. I read in some facebook group, that for many, the performance problem is solved by lowering the Antialising in the settings of XP11.Perhaps it helps in something.
  4. The monitor resolution is 2560x1440. Have you tried deleting the "preferences" folder inside the "output" folder? Maybe you have some conflict when going from one version to another.
  5. I think the 1070Ti is very good Graphics card,meybe your setting in Xplane are too hight.Post a screen shot of the graphic setting in XP.
  6. It is possible that you have a problem of overheating of the CPU and for security the equipment is restarted, the Xplane is very demanding with the cpu. You can check it with the program Core temp.
  7. You can try delete the "preferences" folder before revert back,meybe fix the problem.
  8. I would also be interested and I would appreciate being able to taste that Lua. Thanks in advance.
  9. Ok, my mistake,sorry. Thank you.
  10. With this new version i can´t use P2ATC,when launch the program open a window with this message "Unable to initialize Database,an error occurred.... invalid column name FrecuencyUnit. The program open and connect to XP11 but I can´t see the plane in the map.
  11. It's strange, but if I put it to the minimum I have 45 fps and with the rest of the settings 60 fps.
  12. It may be a problem with the graphics card drivers? The first time I tried XP11 I did not get more than 8-10 fps and after trying different solutions, I could solve it by completely eliminating the drivers of the graphics card and installing others. But my graphics card is Nvidia and may be that your problem is another .You can try that.
  13. Take more RAM,I think XP can't use SLI or Crossfire,you don't need another Gtx 1070. Sorry for my english.
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