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  1. As always, it all depends on the money you want to spend. For my the Virpil models are among the best.In my case I opted for something cheaper in the mid-range for the Stick, specifically the Gladiator NXT EVO. And for the collective I am using a handmade model made by GVL although with all this misfortune from the war in Ukraine I don't know if it is still possible to do some kind of order. I put some links to the Vilpil page and the VKB page and also a video of the Throttle. I hope it helps. https://www.vkbcontrollers.com/collections/all https://virpil.com/en/
  2. Sea of clouds, we call it around here. In the Canary Islands.
  3. Beta 11 is out. X-Plane Update Beta 10 EDIT: BETA 11 is up and fixed the BETA 10 issues. Go grab it Here is the release note! Bug Fixes Beta 10 XPD-13318 – NFREQ Assert: Bad input to set_Nfreq: F-14. XPD-13260 – Wing flex still screwy. XPD-13302 – Add FMOD support to boats (including carrier). XPD-13279 – XP12 does not use TLS (https). XPD-13255 – Limit auto-docking jetway tunnel articulation range. XPD-11181 – Jetway from the wrong side is used. XPD-13316 – Excessive XPLMGetFMSEntryInfo performance cost. XPD-13311 – autopilot LOC/GS cannot lock onto GLS tuned on MMR . XPD-13309 – all navigation drifts off course after 180 nautical miles of tracking perfectly. XPD-13303 – Some jetways rendered with wrong cabin heading. XPD-13292 – 737 is unable to switch to AI control on the ground. XPD-13289 – From Bug Report: Alia 250 Wrong GPS Popout. XPD-13288 – shift-6 view does not rotate with airplane. oops. XPD-13287 – UI: Change behavior of “Show aircraft from old versions” checkbox. XPD-13286 – New airport scenery objects. XPD-13273 – Use borderless full screen instead of full screen exclusive. XPD-13272 – Ford carrier small fix: catapult shuttles. XPD-13261 – Jetway docks too high. XPD-13251 – Electric trim not turned on when loading a new plane. XPD-13250 – RAT-driven generator cannot be manually extended. XPD-13112 – Moving jetways rendered bogous when flying into airport.
  4. Keep sleeping, it has already been said by active and passive that it will not happen.
  5. I had the program installed and running for a long time, but it had been a long time since I used civil simulators and after having updated CPU, GPU, Windows, etc. Now the registration key is not accepted, can you help me?
  6. I don't even know how many xplane add-ons I've bought and then end up in the trunk of memories, they just don't convey anything new, you could have the same with any of the excellent freeware that some creators are kind enough to give us as gifts. But when it really comes out one of the few that really transmit quality and realism like few, perhaps like none yet, at least for me, I think it will be worth every euro I invest in it. And even more so when you can enjoy it in XP12 and all its improvements. Sorry if some expressions can be confusing, I use an automatic translator, as my English is a bit limited.
  7. The truth is, believe it or not, that many if not most Xplane users could not care less what PMDG does, xplane has not gotten this far thanks to PMDG or thanks to other developers so much vaunted in MSFS / FSX / P3D.
  8. https://www.helisimmer.com/news/freeware-oh-58dkiowa-x-plane-released
  9. https://www.spainuhd.es/p/descarga.html?m=1
  10. X-Trident bell 412,TBM 900,Ixeg,Baron default with Rep.
  11. And even so, they have managed to make the best civil flight SIMULATOR to date, yes, it does not have giraffes, a shame.
  12. But it's a shame that always have to close threads on the Xplane forum because of the usual bitter trolls.
  13. I think turnips are a step above, at least they are quiet and do not speak nonsense.
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