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  1. Congrets my friend, you are really a wise man 🤞. Instead of wasting your money, wasting your time for flight sim administration and continously tweaking, and not beeing capable of digging deeper into your flight-simulator content because of too many other sims on your rig, you have used your time for the main purpose, for the main objective: For FLIGHT SIMMING and learning all the other necessary stuff to become a better pilot. Believe me, P3D offers nothing really better or advanced regarding flight dynamics/physics, or better weather dynamics, compared to FSX. And X-Plane offers nothing really better in the same way. Not even regarding helicopter training compared to FSX. Because if you stick with FSX you are able to run the mighty HTR freeware tool (Helicopter Total Realism) from the inspired developer "Fred Naar" - which makes helicopter flying even more challanging in FSX compared to X-Plane. Since years and years the main credo, the main mantra from developers like Lockheed Martin and Laminar seems to be: Better graphics, better graphics, better graphics, and very little resources for improving the main ingredients of a flight sim, or making it smoother to run Okay, at least Austing Meyers is a real and passionate perfectionist. Some kind of genius, and constantly improves XPlane's inherent flight physics/dynamics. But - hey - P3D is a real joke and parody: Still the same flight model like at the times of FSX in 2006. And you are not able to run the HTR tool from Fred Naar on P3D, because it's not compatible (Fred has updated the HTR tool for FSX Steam Edition finally). As a consequence I've returned to FSX a couple of months ago, and ditched both: x-plane11 AND P3D. I've never regretted this step up to now. All the best.
  2. Yea , that's called " learning it the hard way ". Sweet rememberences are coming along about my own dullness during my personal way of learning flight simulation the hard way over almost ten years . But it pays off, because this hobby is JUST BEAUTIFUL !!!!
  3. 100 % agree !!! P3D: Welcome to realtiy.... All the best, and thank you for sharing your inspriational pictures.
  4. Yes, P3D v5 is originally developed for this flight sim and its hardware.... It maybe runs not so well on this one ..... Your setup may vary 👍
  5. No problem at all dude ; I can understand your opinion. My first comment was more releated to the wave and water dynamics of the new engine. ...just watching the waves and the surf - oh gosh, I really love this and it makes me smile. But you are correct in this respect, that the main problem with P3D's water is the fact, that someone can barely change the colours. Even with exchange textures from vendors like REX, Toga Projects, Flight One, etc... it is almost impossible, and it stays dark in most cases. Completely unlike to the good old days of FSX water, where somebody could experience a totally different water colour experience just by changing the relevant files; almost like entering a new sim through changing sky and water colours. FlightOne's Flight Environment Extreme is still one of my favourite texture exchange modules. But even with FEX's very bright water textures P3D's water stays dark mysteriously - but not so mysterious because its a shader issue most likely. And it totally agree with you when you say " horrible overdone effects". To me this seems a sickness or misinterpretation of our times which you can find elsewhere: In XPlane, particularly in DCS, in many games equally and even in movies with horrible overdone CGI effects. All the best.
  6. Awesome 👍 and thank you. The new water from Nvidia WaveWorks looks really spectaculary, even the surf is properly depicted - wonder how the performance will be. Have never seen such a good water in an ESP simulator before; and miles ahead vs X-Plane. Best regards, Konrad
  7. Awesome 👍 and thank you. The new water enginge looks really spectaculary, even the surf is properly depicted - wonder how the performance will be. Have never seen such a good water in an ESP simulator before; and miles ahead vs X-Plane. Best regards, Konrad
  8. Well, P3D's developer still go down the street of graphics, visuals, graphics, visuals and graphics mainly. An old pig with new lipstick ? Well, we'll see after the 15th of April. I couldn't read anything about changing and improving the still old and ancient flight models and physics, which are still the same since the release of FS9 (2004)/FSX in 2006. Whether I fly a helicopter or and old Cup in FSX or P3D, it makes no difference, because their odd flying and landing behaviours are nearly the same. Complete overhaul of their default helicopter fleet and flying physics ? - No chance! What furhter makes the difference are the third party developers. E.g. A2A aircrafts or their excellent AccuFeel addon. Otherwise, Lockheed Martin's training platform for drone warfare doesn't need proper flight models and physics, if the device delivers bombs primarily and controlled remotely. Hopefully and maybe the performance of v5 will be better at least; compared the current performance hog v4. Mission/content wise it will stay the same (sorry) boring sim probably. Anything else than this would be a huge but welcome surprise 🙂 . All the best.
  9. Hi Ron ! Well, FSX still has some future in a certain way: as long as developers are continuing to develop for FSX (and there are still many out there), as long it will have future. A good example is Steve Parson with his DX10 Scenery Fixer: with this addon someone can have nice cloud shadows over land and sea in FSX too - so yea, it's an improvement. But what I really wanted to say essentially: ....and a readily accessible SDK for third party developers of course. And many flight simmers who have lost their interest in flight simming over the last years - lost because of tediousness, dullness and the lack of content in X-Plane and P3D, will come back as happy customers to Microsofts new baby, FS2020 👍 . Happy flying to all of you.
  10. Well, the following is no joke : I've already ditched my P3Dv4 AND X-Plane11 in the favour of my "old" FSX:Steam Edition two weeks ago. FSX:SE (and AeroflyFS2 occasionally) is my main civilian flight sim again. It's now running under Steve Parson's one and only DX10 Scenery Fixer and DX10 Cloud Addon DX10 Scenery Fixer and Cloud Addon (now with Cloud Shadows inclusive) exclusively. Mainly why? Over the last year I've lost my joy about P3D and X-Plane increasingly; because I started to miss old good addons, a lot of content, interesting flight missions in terms of fun & reality more and more, which I had found in FSX/FSX:SE a lot. XPlane and P3D became more and more boresome. And I was done with all these boring graphic excesses over the years. "Modern" flight simming has became nothing else but graphics mainly; and stays in terms of new core features " dull ". All the other interesting stuff which keeps my hobby alive is delivered by addon publishers anyway. Flight school tuition, stuff to learn/read about aviation, good learning missions in someones mother tongue (which makes things to learn a lot easier) - all these things and much more is still accomplished in a very better way in FSX/FSX:SE, compared to P3D or X-Plane. Now I'm a happy flight simmer again 😍 , with good graphics and better performance, thanks to Steve's DX10 Fixer. Thank you Steve, thank you so much !!! XPlane11, P3Dv4x, I'm finished with you! Stay ditched and buried: ....... now I've to leave for a next and interesting "Flour Bomb Mission", for my next "Reno Air Race" (want to improve my time), for a "F-16 HAVCAP" mission (Aerosoft's great F-16 missions package), for exploring some wildlife in Africa - now surrounded by ORBX's great and brand new Africa OpenLC scenery, and....etc, etc, etc.... All the best, Konrad.
  11. It seems that my uploads don't work. So please dear Moderators, please delete my whole thread/topic. Thank's in advance
  12. Well, what many users still don't want to understand and accept is the fact, that P3D is not only a flightsim, or restricted to any type of simulation. You can read it clearly on their main page Prepar3D v4 : It is a VISUAL SIMULATION PLATFORM - much more than only a flight sim. And if animated people are needed for certain training scenarios - why not ?
  13. Ah, now I understand, thank you . BET means: Blade Element Theory - which simulates the actual air flow of a wing.
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