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  1. Well guys, this is really hard and tough flying stuff !!!! Someone who is still saying "...AFS2 is not a real deal, it's just some kind of arcadish flight sim, etc...etc..." , is a hater (hopeless case) a FB who cannot stand another flight sim on market a noob or showoff a Switchologist who is only flying computerized tubeliners "without soul" from A to B. Of course, it lacks of many features, and we already know this. But at least IPACS stay persistently faithful to their main concepts: Flight-Physics and the sensation of flying at home with the means of an affordable PC simulated air/thermals/currents ---> both are represented not only in IPAC's brand name Aero- (for Air) and -fly (for flying), but also implemented in high-class in the sim. And for the sticklers who are still complaining I've a proposal: " Just try to land the "Bรผcker Jungmeister Bu133" save and smooth on the Limmerenfirn LSYI Altiport/Switzerland, after that we take it from there...." Below you can see some screenshots I've done today (I'm running AFS2 on an aged, old machine only 1920x1080; but butter smooth in most situations). All pictures are shot close to Drassauds wonderful altiports freeware I've introduced above: Good luck ! - you'll need a lot of it if you try to land continuably and safely on this mountain airports ๐Ÿ˜
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen! Something really special and challanging has been released for AFS2 (you need Switzerland DLC for this), by the highly talented and relentless freeware developer "drassaud" : Switzerland Altiports Try to land on some of the official mountain landing places in Switzerland Here's the first realizations of some official mountain landing places in Switzerland. For the moment : - LSVD Clariden Hรผfifirn - LSVK Glarnischfirn - LSYD Bec de Nendaz - LSYE Ebnefluh - LSYI Limmerenfirn - LSYQ Croix de Coeur Freeware for your joy ๐Ÿ˜‰
  3. ....ah, thanks for a new vocable! That's what my dict.cc shows about " Plonker " ๐Ÿ˜‰ :
  4. That's a good point to show how different our PC systems can be among us: If I don't set a correct Affinity Mask (my preferred tool is PROCESS LASSO !!!!), if I don't tweak --> I get more microstutters, less smoothness, more time outs and higher core temperatures immediately. After years of experience and tries and errors among various sims, I found something like a "sweet spot" - even on my aged but still performant system. Yea, it can be cumbersome ! The best would be to upgrade to a Monster Computer with loooooooots of performance :
  5. Yes, you are absolutely correct !!!!! ๐Ÿ‘ At least your observations are congruent with my own experiences. But I observed this "phenomena" of " Never leave out Core O in your AM" since the release of Prepar3D v3, and it caused me a lot of headache, research, try and error. Because in these days (v.3) you could often read on forums posts like this "...don't assign your P3D to Core 0, because of...etc...etc...etc..." Leaving out Core 0 makes texture loading slower and has literally no benefit for a better sim performance. ---> that was and still is my final conclusion. Your mileage may vary. Cheers, Konrad.
  6. Great scenery !!! Freeware on payware level. THANK YOU Sylvain Delepierre; for futher on supporting this in many aspects and in its substance great great flight-sim. All the very best, Konrad.
  7. KBUR

    Orbx P3D 4.4 and NO SEASONS!

    Yea, this is ORBX at its best....I really love those guys!!!
  8. KBUR

    Orbx P3D 4.4 and NO SEASONS!

    ....o man, that is sooooooooo true, thank's for putting this out. Wish you a happy new year, Rob, and beatific flightsim sessions ๐Ÿ˜‰
  9. KBUR

    Aerosoft Lukla surrounding terrain

    Yea, sorry for this, but this is a well known issue - particularly with AS Lukla X - since the release of P3Dv4 (--> me and others the same). Lockheed Martin has updated, with their 64bit Version, their landclass and vector data. This datas are written in P3D's (same file name and path like in FSX) lclookup.bgl (Sim Root Folder/Scenery/Global/scenery/...). And Aerosoft hast only ported their Lukla X over P3Dv4, without adapting its given landclass inside - that's why this infamous texture morphing happens around this area. And it happens wether you have ORBX sceneries installed or not (you can try to disable ORBX Global & Vector, and the morphing will still occur). The developer of Aerosoft know this issue and are currently working on a new Lukla Release; you can find the corresponding thread here: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/115871-lukla-mount-everest-new-scenery-announcement/ All the best, Konrad
  10. OMG !!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฒ ๐Ÿ˜– ๐Ÿ˜ฑ .... I think my guest list needs an update. Thank's for the warning, mate. I should have done my research more carefully, google is your best friend ๐Ÿ˜‰. Well, during my teenage days she was a well known "guest" in my private room by this "certain movies" , but her glory days seem to be over finally and definitely. Here another current look-update of J.J.: H.S !!! I think your choice of Denzil Washington is a really good choice ๐Ÿ˜… !!!! Happy new year 2019 to all of you! PS: Sorry for being a "little bit" off the topic.....
  11. ....I would prefer to set a place at my dinner table for Jenna Jameson ๐Ÿ˜‹ , but probably she wouldn't appear too... Happy new year to all of you.
  12. KBUR

    Aerofly FS 2019 for IOS Released

    ....exactely that's one of the main issues I've with AeroflyFS2 / IPACS and their decisions of development: They are even far far away from beeing a good, entertaining game at all !!!!! Dumb flying around the scenery can't make a user happy on the long haul. Their Flying-School (of course my personal observations) in "aerofly FS (from 2012)" was a lot better and more entertaining than it's current version in AF2 (e.g in version 1 someone had direct access to the missions, without this stupid voice-over guide) --> they've done it worse; and decisions like that cannot be explained with terms like "...we have a small team" , "...no budget", etc.... . Not stricted to "no-entertainment-provisions" like Lockheed Martin and their P3D they could have done a challenging and game demanding sim with lots of missions and interesting defiances at least (e.g a carrier landing challenge including their F-18C and this already existing flattop) ....but nothing, nothing of this at all, this is really sad. A lot of unused potential of this sim couches around because of wrong arbitrations - not because of a small team or lack of money !!! Just my two cents.
  13. I can confirm that: Trying all three products (ChasePlane/EZCA/ OpusFSI) OpusFSI Camera is the last of my camera tools which remains my preferred one. Regarding TrackIR integration, effects and stability it is the best and most reliable. And no issues at all with a previous version of OpusFSI when a new P3D version comes out, unlikely to ChasePlane or EZCA. For me by far the best camera tool on the market for someone who still loves TrackIR and realistic effects (e.g. throttle/power and strength of shaking, eye point setting and many more...) in combination with great performance.
  14. KBUR

    Playing around with PBR in 4.4

    ...how fare Developers and IT Engineers have come along in all these decades; really admirable. I mean: all this stuff is just based on "0" and "1" - "Yes" and "No" ; for me this is magical. Thanks for the insight....
  15. KBUR

    Playing around with PBR in 4.4

    Thanks Kevin for this wonderful sample showing up how PBR is supposed to look like in P3D4.4 ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. As a chinese proberv goes: 1000 words in one picture ! All the very best, Konrad from Germany