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  1. Well, my friend, here is the right answer for you 😀 ...... New Airland screenshots, Fred Naar promises big news “soon” Just a few excerpts out from Sergio Costa's great article about Fred Naar and his developing, brand new Helicopter simulator In the last link AIRLAND you'll find all the other Airland related links and articles Sergio has listed. Anway, 1000 thanks to Sergio Costa for this important hint, because without his endeavor we would probably not even know that Fred "The Legend" Naar is anything developing. All the best to Fred and his team, Thank you !
  2. I really adore Sergio Costa (helisimmer.com) and his relentless work, and he did a very interesting review about MediaHypeTrains so called "Helicopter" already, under the title: Is this really the first helicopter in Microsoft Flight Simulator? His verdict in a nutshell (please read his whole article nevertheless): Thank you Sergio for sharing your first glimps on this product !
  3. Thank you Chock for your hint on Helicopter Simulator , I'll have a closer look on this for shure 👍 . But, only as a reminder: We already have a great, wonderful and genius freeware tool for accurate and challenging helicopter flying in Microsoft Flight Simulator.... ...X (oops, I've forgotten the "X" ): It's Fred Naars Helicopter Total Realism Tool (or short " HTR" ). But it's not a plug and play solution for the lazy ones !!! You have to become acquainted with HTR; you have to set up your controls properly. And once you get familiar with it, it rewards you with very satisfying helicopter flying in a simulator within very plausible physics which don't need to hide behind DCS or X-Plane. In some aspects its even more challenging and enjoyable compared to these other sims. E.g it monitors constantly your landing rate velocity. After you've done a lot of heli flying and accompanied by this tool, the helicopter "flying - challenge" will become very easy in other sims, and you'll get used to land your helos smooth as butter. I still use HTR almost daily in my FSX.
  4. "....Aerosoft implying that MSFS is the future. " The future for whom ??? For mainly rotorheads, helicopter pilots like myself ? --> NO WAY !!! Asobo/MS even haven't started to become a mature and complete flight sim for all groups of simmer; unlike to our venerable FSX, which offered a complete and complex base out of the box for all types of simmers. Maybe for GA VFR enthusiasts, console kids and vendors like Aerosoft who want to keep their sales figures high for the mass market. Asobo even hasn't reached a stable base foundation of MSFS2020 in the living presence , how can someone (Aerosoft) make such assumptions about its future ? Such implying statements are pretty bold and only marketing blablabalabala.......
  5. LoL. Well, I think the 1st January 2023 is more realistic . And I agree with a previous writer: the whole scenery CRIES FOR chopper flying. Asobo/MS should have made helicopters as priority from the very first beginning. Cheers.
  6. Well, this message has devastated me, honestly . According to Sergio Costa (who is really a great guy and enthusiast !!!) from HELISIMMER.COM we rotorheads will have to wait for the arrival of the first helicopter in MSFS 2020 till 2022 !!! What a huge disappointment . Well, the only additional opinion I have - and of course it's very subjective: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020... ......rest in peace. All the best, Konrad
  7. ....exactly, that's it. To me this comes as no real surprise. Frustrated consumers should be allowed to talk about their issues they experienced with this software, instead of getting "shredded" by others. If not on avsim, where else ?
  8. That's a very good point of view I think, and it reflects some serious issues I have with this "enhanced" Google-Earth Simulator, or should I say Bing-Earth Simulator? No offense against anyone in this thread: " But referring to some sort of new "Open-World Simulator by Microsoft" the new MSFS 2020 soft is really good, if you don't care about depicting seasons in a correct way 😉 . But it still offers no helicopter flying, no gliding (gliding teaches you THE FUNDAMENTAL BASICS of flying), no missions, no air race. And you can get all this missing features in its predecessor FSX from 2006 "out of the box". To round it out, MSFS has serious issues in depicting plausible flight dynamics/physics. There is still no serious damage model; in many situations you even don't know why you've crashed, very similar to FSX and completely deprecated. Eg. look at this guy called TUCKIE10 on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TUCKIE10 ...and watch some of his earlier videos where he is doing crazy aerbobatics stuff in the simple default Cessna of MSF2020; actually without problems intercepting this GA bird close above ground. Much as I'd like to, but there are so many basic things far away from reality, including missing features and helicopters, that it really doesn't make me wonder that more and more users are getting frustrated about this "simulator". In spite of it all, I wish every simmer all the best, because I know too how frustrating this hobby can be.
  9. Well, thank you for your feedback 👍 . The more time is passing and the more I read about this "flight-simulator" (honestly: to me it is a landscape-simulator) in various forums, the happier I become of not joining stalwartly this "new" Microsoft/Asobo venture. Taking a brake from gruelling flightsim hamster-wheels is such a pleasure .... All the best, ...and take it easy: there are other outstanding flightsims on the market already !
  10. LOL; yes, the IL-2 team wrote in their official letter on steam: Yes, 100 % agree , simulating a flying computer in a computer (like an Airbus) is really perverse . Combat simflying is the real stuff, but everyone has different preferences E.g yesterday I saw a MSFS 2020 multiplayer video on youtube where a virtual moron has tried to launch a Boeing 747 from VNLK Lukla airport ; he had failed surprisingly , after chopping off the roofs of the adjoining houses. All the best.
  11. Any proof of your statement, any quote of an article you've found on the internet ? The same here, only a personal opinion, only hollow blablabla..... . I would be glad to read anything about your assessment.... . Just give me a meaningful link, and I would be happy enough.
  12. Of course it has "old" ESP (FSX) code in it. But on the other hand Lockheed Martin and Dovetail have done so too; both have contracted with MS (Dovetail even twice), and both had (and still have) old ESP code based on FSX in its structure. Dovetail published "Flight Sim World", which was built up on its predecessor MS Flight (and MS Flight was the predecessor of FSX). But Dovetail didn't call it MS Flight, because Flight was a nonstarter. Dovetails main success was the FSX:Steam Edition Lockheed Martin developed P3D, based on Microsoft's FSX. To me it is clear: Microsoft is not developing an own sim (built up from scratch) any more because of too much financial risk. They've decided to make big business with minimal risk through selling different levels of franchise for those who want to take the risk of developing a new flight simulator. And we all know what hat happened to Dovetail and its FSW department. On the other side there is LM and still in business ..... we'll see for what the new ASFS is capable for.
  13. You just try to hold against it with the means of old rethorical tactics by discrediting someone's quotation. If you do so, than you have to bring up a disproof. But nothing from your angle, only deviation and calculating blablabla.... . But take it easy, your fanbase and those who want to be mislead seems to be solid . Sorry lads, in my Previous Post I've linked Wiki's german version inadvertently (German is my mother tongue) You can find the correct English version for your convenience right HERE His claims have no substance at all. He is just guessing and trying to justify his assumptions, without statement of particulars. Below there is an old article from 2009 (source: Microsoft Closes ACES Studio ) You cannot close a studio (and lay off people) if you don't have owned it before. The Aces studios where a small part of the huge Microsoft Corporation. And the new, upcoming sim, will be an ASOBO Flight Sim, or short ASFS. Because the french developers are developing the main parts of this sim, even its inherent game engine, and Microsoft is just supporting them, mainly with data. If someone is able to cite other sources, or disproofs, I will be all there. Because I'm not an Asobo or Microsoft executive, I can only rely on what I'm finding on internet. But only guessing and a dogmatic approach leads to nothing. All the best.
  14. Obvioulsy you are nitpicker, wearing blinkers, who doesn't want to call a spade a spade. The whole Microsoft Flight Simulator Series up to FSX where developed under the roof of ONE PATRON - Microsoft (and the ACSES studios where a part of it) - on the SAME PLACE - in Redmond (Headquaters of MS). You are wrong: Selling the brand is part of a franchise ! About Franchising on Wikipedia (excerpt from its text): Even Asobo confirms on their main site in bold letters (source: ASOBO ) Here you can read distinctly, that they are developing for one of the most beloved simulation franchises: " Conclusion: there must be a contract between Microsoft and Asobo based on Franchise." On Wikipedia someone can read about the upcoming FS2020 : This !!!! clue is very remarkable. Because it infers, that something crucial like the GAME ENGINE itself, is not developed by Microsoft but by ASOBO himself. Hence: the new flightsim will be an Asobo Flight Sim, leveraged by MS's Azure Cloud and Bing Data. But I'm afraid that even these informations above are completely useless for a guy like you, and many others who are dazzled by Asobo's graphics - because you only want to belive what you want to believe . Over and out.
  15. Of course they've contracted, no doubt, and there must be a contract among MS and Asobo. But have you ever seen the details of this very contract ??? No, of course not for shure. I can ony rely on what is obvious, and what someone can find on the internet easily at the current moment. To me it is certain as of yet: MS supports AS with its data (Azure, Bing, etc...), and they'll distribute the new Asobo Sim on their platform XBox Games. Whereas ASOBO is doing all the work of development (based on the previous ESP title FSX) and carrying the main risk if the whole project fails.
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