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  1. Are you using VR? 11.20 is for VR and is not stable yet. Neither the ixeg nor the ffA320 fully support VR either.
  2. The FF developer advised against direct comparisons as the two products simulated different series of MCDU and other items, so the FSL Airbus documentation should be good to go but be mindful of the differences in operation. I recall seeing a video of the two products side by side as the FSL model has been the benchmark for many simmers....to be honest they both look great...I noticed setting take off trim is the one major difference in functionality...it has caught me out many times in the FF.
  3. for those wondering about systems fidelity....this is a video of Beta version with a real Airbus Pilot as a guest.
  4. For those of you who are new to this bird.....this is a series of videos made by Jon Fly...with a special guest....one of the main developers of the A320...lots of insights and tips for using the product.
  5. It has all operation laws simulated. Systems are deeply simulated as well.. Last update I did, it still did not have custom failure controls....BUT....one flight i did, out of EDDT i hit a flock of birds on climb and lost engine two. I started to lose hydraulics and associated systems, engine shut down and it went to alternate law..I provided the data to the developer and the got an explanation for every system...it is not a single layer of system, things are built to coordinate with each other just like a real aircraft. Yes I did get ECAM alerts, but at the time the developer stated he was working on adding ALL ECAM alerts that exist in the real A320, he just wasnt finished yet. I am not sure if it is completed now, I will have a look later today
  6. During the beta we had access to this site for documentation. Docs: http://www.avsimrus.com/f/aviation-documents-15/?search=A320&sopt_mode=or&folder=15&s This is also a good base. FMS: http://www.737ng.co.uk/airbusfms.pdf Dont forget this aircraft is fully modelled and licensed....the actual Airbus manuals work really well. I invested in Capt Mike Ray's guide to the A320 and it is 100% spot on. All bugs reported were based on the Airbus manuals, and corrections or clarifications were also given quoting official Airbus manuals and performance data. It is an impressive bit of kit. As for tutorial, they did state at the beginning there would not be one. This product is aimed at systems simulation. To quote them "if you need a tutorial to use a systems simulator then this is not the product for you"..
  7. the Australian FIR has a few good ones....my favorite was by a good friend, RG.....go to Skyvector.com and look up "PUDYA"...and read the waypoints along the FIR border to the South-SouthEast.... Also the approach points for rwy 19....over Moreton bay...."Leaky" Boats" "Sinnk"
  8. You guys seem to have missed the update from magnitude3... http://leatherneck-sim.com/magnitude3-new-years-update/
  9. woops. my bad...looks like it will have some form of integration with the A320, but it is a payware module that will work with any other aircraft.
  10. yet another wonderful piece of software available to your fleet....and it is 100% free.
  11. Sorry, I don't use WT3
  12. bought it...very impressive....all adjacent roads and highways are very well modelled, with rolling traffic....airport has very crisp textures, very happy with my purchase!
  13. I can't say about other forums, but what happened with the FF A350 is unfortunate. The A350 is/was a partnership between QPAC and FlightFactor. It appears Flight Factor fulfilled their part of the partnership but QPAC did not (this, by QPAC's own admission). The component that QPAC was meant to provide was the Flight Management Guidance Computer and all internal systems...they made several promises and never delivered. Last month, a leading developer for QPAC stated that the QPAC team had disbanded, and he would continue the long-overdue work on the A350 with new partners so as to fulfill their commitment to the A350 and take over the work never completed by QPAC. Here's hoping.....
  14. To turn them off, edit the file "Xplane.prf"...look for "renopt_deer_birds 1" and change the value to "0"
  15. This looks terrific, can you provide more information please? Will it work with every weather engine or does it require a specific one? Do airports need to be specifically modified to use it? Will the seasons adjust to correct location/hemisphere? Many thanks