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  1. Just a short heradsup: This is what 30€ and some freeware look like: https://imgur.com/a/Yx9KNVc
  2. swiesma

    FSX'ers. Understand this please.

    This! Was in XP11 now for some weeks and did a flight in the PMDG 777 in P3D again because I miss the PMDG planes... Smoothness? Lol... Nope. Autogen loading all over the place.... Microstutters.... Long frames.... Like you said Jeroen, P3D has its strength not in this department 🙂
  3. swiesma

    FSX'ers. Understand this please.

    Yeah... I do also no tweaking. And what do i get? Microstutters all over the place. Yeay..........
  4. I don't want to argue now. Install P3D and install XP and you will immediately see what I mean. If you then say P3D has the more modern engine - well, then ok. But this is OT here. Edit: let's do it like this: We can close this here now, I made my start in XP and I guess the days of P3D are overfor me 😉 But everyone to his own liking. I don't mind people still fiddling around with P3D, AF masks, config tweaks, constant updates that break everything etc. etc. I am tired of this, I don't have the time for this. I work ~60 hours a week and want to enjoy flying in my spare time, not editing config files and try to figure out why something doesn't work or if the latest update works with the zillion addons.
  5. Well, the P3D engine is from the stoneage of computing I think. So yeah, I think XP is well ahead regarding the engine. I got it from keyforsteam.de. I buy all my games there, but the 30€ offer does no longer exist.
  6. It depends. From a technical standpoit XP is lightyears ahead of P3D. I own both now and as much as I like P3D and especially the PMDG/QW planes - I did not touch it in weeks but only fly the Zibo 737. Although: I hope Active Sky will be there soon for XP and I hope PMDG will consider XP soon. Also I hope for better airport sceneries. The freeware stuff is a lot of pain in the *** because of the libraries and stuff you need for most of them. Long story short: XP is very good but has a lot of room for improvements. Nevertheless will I not spend a single dollar on P3D anymore. At the moment XP cost me 30$ all in and it's almost on the same level as my P3D where i spent maybe ~1000€ at...
  7. I just started to use XP11. And I really like it. But there are upsides and downsides on both, P3d and XP11. This topic has been dicussed often here and I think most of you know the pros and cons. I think, as soon as the major players like PMDG, Aerosoft, ORBX, ActiveSky etc. start to push for P3D there is NO WAY I stay with P3D. The engine itself is lightyears ahead of P3D. All I miss is some addons.
  8. It is what it is, sorry 😉
  9. As a short conclusion: I have now a simulator for 30€ (keyforsteam) with some freeware that matches and surpasses P3D in terms of visuals. Now I only need a better weather engine, cloud depiction. The Zibo 737 is nice, but not on a PMDG level. So I hope for some better airliners soon. But the Zibo is more than ok for a freeware plane. Next things would be a moving map and VATSIM integration.
  10. Conpleted my first flight today in the Zibo from EDDM to EDDH including an ILS approach. All went well. The learning curve is there but can be handled. Thank you all again for the input.
  11. Any freeware option for the weather? Thanks for all the input
  12. Thanks a lot. Is the standard camera system ok? I tried the demo and have no idea about the cameras to be honest 🙂
  13. Hi guys, I am now fed up with the fiddling in P3D and want to additionally get XP. So, what do you say are the must have addons for a noob? What I want to do: Fly modern airliners. A350, 787, maybe 777, or even the 737 with Zibo. What I need: Weather, Camera Addon (?), Ortho4XP for scenery. What would you recommend otherwise? I don't want to spend a fortune to start with, but I am willing to pay for a good wether addon and a good aircraft. Thanks in advance!
  14. swiesma

    Weather at arrival

    The funny thing is: I never experienced this before. I Wasn it flying for some weeks and did. It change anything. But suddenly I have this problem. I will check the AS16 settings. Thanks for the hint with the radio and stuff. Will check this tonight.
  15. swiesma

    Weather at arrival

    Hi guys, I have the following problem: I started at EDDM down to LPMA. I had clouds at Munich... arriving at LPMA I see no clouds, so I check the ASN App -> Thunderstorms and it says "Connected to P3D". I also have winds... but totally clear skies. No thunderstorm at all. So I closed P3D and reloaded at LPMA -> big fast thunderstorm. This is the second time I am missing weather at the destination airport :-( Someone got an idea? Greetings