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  1. So - OP is asking if his overall performance of his new machine is ok - and then the first answer is "limit to 30 FPS". And after several threads about this stuff, it is dumped into this thread again. But if that's what the mods want to see - I am fine with it. @steve310002 If you need more help with tuning your machine, just PM me. I am out.
  2. Here are results for your spec, 10700KF and 3080: https://www.3dmark.com/search?_ga=2.153298168.1183063516.1632845758-1042172928.1627132754#advanced?test=spy P&cpuId=2613&gpuId=1338&gpuCount=0&deviceType=ALL&memoryChannels=0&country=&scoreType=overallScore&hofMode=false&showInvalidResults=false&freeParams=&minGpuCoreClock=&maxGpuCoreClock=&minGpuMemClock=&maxGpuMemClock=&minCpuClock=&maxCpuClock= But be aware: The highscores are heavily modified setups, often with LN2 cooling and stuff 😉 If you score an average score it's ok! Your CPU score seems a bit low. GPU score seems ok, but could be optimizied with Afterburner.
  3. If you click "compare online" you will get a comparison for your specs with other people with your setup. Here is my Timespy run: https://www.3dmark.com/spy/22524674
  4. So, OP is asking if his new machine is ok, if the FPS he is seeing are ok - and all answers say "limit to 30 FPS". "change your resolution". I quote: "I suppose this post is to alay my concerns something is wrong with my setup. Any feedback would be much appreciated. " Answer: Temps are fine, config is fine, FPS seem to be in line with others - run a benchmark to check overall system performance. And then go ahead, cap your frames or do whatever the experts say 😉
  5. You dont need to buy it, just install the demo, it's enough 🙂 Just download it in Steam.
  6. Ah... here we go again. Hint: Limit to 10 FPS, it's even more stable and the human eye can't detect a difference especially in flightsims. It's like buying a Ferrari, going around Nurburging, in first gear, and saying: "Looking, a steady, rock stable 40 km/h!" Edit: Btw: Your strange "voting" - there is a saying in Germany: "Traue niemals einer Statisitik die du nicht selbst gefälscht hast" - never trust a statistic you din't manipulate yourself. Oh and Edit2: Op is asking if his performance numbers are ok, and you feed him your fairytale of 30 FPS.
  7. That's absolutely true. @steve310002 My CPU is also EDC limited in Cinebench, but as you said: all core full load does not represent reality. Can you run a 3D Mark Timespy? It will also give you an idea how you performe compared to same systems that were benched. I really wonder how your 3000 series GPU stays so cool. Is it water or air cooled?
  8. Well. I don’t read in detail as I am at work. But your FPS sound about right compared to mine (4K, Ultra, 3080ti, 5900x). Did you check your BIOS if XMP is activated? Ryzen likes fast RAM and OEMs Rend to forget to make the BIOS settings. Also you could run 3D Mark Timespy and post your result and we could check it. Also check the temps of the GPU. The 3000 series runs pretty hot. edit: if you have a standard scenario with less fps - please name it and I will try to replicate it and show you my fps. edit2: 60 fps in 4K Ultra is in no way achievable in all situations.
  9. But it’s a work of 5 mins to set up camera positions?! 🙂
  10. I just copied the folder to another drive and switched the path in the cfg file. Still works….
  11. Yeah. Avsim at it’s best. Third post in 4 days for the same topic. Keeps the forum really clean 😉
  12. Thread number 3….. Is this Noels burn account?
  13. Is Rex worth it? The reviews I saw were not so good.
  14. Installing windows is a matter of 10 minutes. Installing MSFS a matter of 2 hours. I can live with that on the rare case of a dead ssd. Important stuff is in the cloud, like docs, pictures, scripts, ini files 🙂
  15. Doesn’t matter where you install it as long as it’s any kind of SSD. I have never had a SSD die on me. So I run MSFS on my PCIe 4.0 drive which is by far the fastest drive I have https://photos.app.goo.gl/xVWx1pVzPuMNa4kZ6
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