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  1. I'm not using the chatter feature but I get the exact same freeze as you do.
  2. Hi Dave, I'm using the latest build and keep getting a freeze in the application. I cannot complete a flight (random freeze). Any logs I could send to help find the problem? Also, importing PFPX flight plans does not work. I have to use the FlightAware import (even though the flight plan is generated by PFPX).
  3. Request an enroute descent and they'll comply.
  4. Not from support but the lead programmer himself, Assert.
  5. Night arrival into EDDL, showcasing the lights in X-Plane 11.
  6. What's really interesting is the Pilot2ATC integration (interface) as of version 3.1.
  7. Updating a product that has been already released (for X-Plane 11) isn't development of new projects. Please point me to a recent thread, where they have stated a commitment to port their jets into X-Plane. They have not worked on anything for X-Plane in several months, or you're privy to info that we aren't aware of. Please fill us in.
  8. Maybe PMDG will port their NGX some day, since they seem to have opted out of X-Plane.
  9. Just released...
  10. Yes, I would hope LR would look at Unigine for sure.
  11. So, is this what you guys want in X-Plane?
  12. You can use Navigraph or NavData pro to update the navdata.
  13. I can vouch for the IXEG 737, works like a charm. I haven't used it with any other yet.
  14. He's also the author of the RAAS v2 plugin, which will be implemented into the new FlightFactor A320.