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  1. It's quite convincing, I like this aspect a lot. When water masks become more prevalent, the combination will be very lifelike.
  2. More than likely Simmarket, as Asobo needs to approve the scenery before it makes it to the marketplace.
  3. It is there! At the moment, it's their top selling platform.
  4. Airworhty Designs presents Saint Martin and Grand Case scenery 🙂 It looks really, really good.
  5. Lights are truly poor in MSFS. Heck, my car has better and more powerful lights. 😁 I'm sure someone will come along and correct this flaw.
  6. I didn't either, it stopped working for me also, so I checked around. It was supposed to be in beta till the end of October, so I guess when November rolled around, it expired.
  7. It's probably just expired as it's still in beta. Just download it again and install. It will delete the old one before installing.
  8. Although I've not tried this, I believe you can have your co-pilot fly the plane and land it.
  9. Talk about being prolific...these guys aren't kidding!
  10. At the bottom of the page you're on. I believe it's marked load. Use Simbrief to make your flight plans and it will export to MSFS format.
  11. That is presently my case. However, I understand those that are having difficulties that want the sim fixed. I bet I may have just jinxed my sim 😁.
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