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    Ryzen 7 5800x; nVidia 3080Ti; 32G 3600Ram; HP Reverb G2

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    Ryzen 7 5800x; nVidia 3080Ti; 32G 3600Ram; HP Reverb G2

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  1. I had an issue post the update with trying to amend the way points in the FMS. I bypassed the issue by just doing a 'Direct To' but there was something just a bit squiffy. Just about to do another flight - I'll see how that goes and let you know.
  2. I'm probably wrong, but my understanding is that TO is a bit like a TOGA setting on a jet - it gives you everything...but shouldn't be maintained for long. Then MCT eases back a touch but still gives maximum sustainable power in a climb and then CLB eases back more to a more economic power setting, while still capable of maintaining the climb rate set. Or something like that
  3. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be turning the power management to TO for the takeoff, and only change to MCT once gear is up and flaps retracted on climb out.
  4. Yes there is. It is here below. You can see here the simple 'up button/down button' and also the fully variable 'Flaps Axis'. Make sure you have set your controls filter to 'All' and not 'Assigned'. The latter will just show you what you are using rather than what's available and maybe why you can't see the Flaps Axis in the list.
  5. EGBR Breighton? IRL a true gem. Mind you, best to add the three Yorkshire Power Stations from Flightsim.to - they are essential landmarks!
  6. Fabulous! I have the HP Reverb G2 here and just about everything I've seen, heard and done so far on the VR Comanche has been tip-top. IRL it was the first light-plane I ever flew in and just the sound of the engine and prop waiting for take-off took me straight back the fifty years (really?? Hmm, shocker...really!) to that experience. Later this evening, I will do a taxi and take-off from the aerodrome used for that particular flight (Halfpenny Green in the UK). Can't wait!
  7. Did you sort this? I ask because I had a problem a few weeks ago when I built a gaming computer for my brother-in-law from my components left behind after various upgrades, including my old Reverb G1 that had been in the cupboard for over a year and included loaded a new full copy of Windows 10. And I had the same problem. I plugged the headset in and everything loaded up 'normally', but the headset wouldn't boot up into VR. After checking all of the Mixed Reality Settings in Windows and trying different USB ports, etc, I began to assume that it must have been the cable - had it been squashed in the box? Was it just about to go by coincidence when I put it away a year earlier? I tried all sorts, including loading up OpenXR Tools, etc and concluded it was indeed the cable or, worse, the headset. But then came across something I've NEVER seen before - and never seen on any forum or help advice - which fixed it. It's weeks ago, so I'm going a bit from memory mixed in with all the stuff I tried that didn't work but I'm pretty sure it was in the triple dot area at the bottom left hand side of the WMR screen: What I saw, in addition to the normal three options you see when you open this triple-dot extended menu (that is, 'Get Help'; 'Set Up Controllers' ; 'Settings') I'm sure it was there that there was an extra item saying something like 'Initiate OpenXR'. I clicked that and all of a sudden, VR booted up and hasn't been a problem since. Now - as I say, it might not have been exactly there, but it was definitely an item on or from this screen. And once I had clicked it, not only does VR now work normally, but that flag is no longer anywhere there on my screen. Certainly worth a root around. Post Script: By the way, this was nothing to do with the 'Fix It' flag that appears on the WMR after, say, running SteamVR. Steam hadn't been installed and the 'Fix It' flag wasn't showing, which usually indicates that the correct OpenXR is working. Except, in my case above, it wasn't.
  8. As stated above, presently, DLSS 3 isn't supported for VR...this is important to note in your deliberations Yes - I'm exclusively VR too. And I've recently upgraded from a 3080Ti to a 4080 after previously upping my CPU from a Ryzen 7 5800X to Ryzen 7 7700x (which needed an upgrade also of motherboard). I ran the 7700x for a reasonable amount of time with the 3080Ti before going through the same thought-process/logic/gamble of shelling out for a 4080. Also, I have just built my brother-in-law a games computer with my cast-off 5800x CPU and 3080Ti, including the similarly retired Reverb Gen 1. He's loaded MSFS and so yes, I can probably give you a view as I am able to make pretty direct comparisons. And, of course, it is all pennies on the scale. That is, the iterative/affordable improvements are almost always relatively small - and I share what I think is a common experience that there are no golden bullets that change your simming life! So - for what it's worth, my personal view: As said above, this stuff is all iterative - the CPU capability affects the GPU capability affects the CPU capbility The 3080Ti is a simply splendid GPU and can give very decent results with, say, the HP Reverb G2 The 4080 has given me the ability to tweak further stuff - to get tangibly better resolution (with upscaling the render level) at equal smoothness and modest impact on fps. When I compare my b-i-law's set up with mine - yes, there's a difference. Do I prefer the 4080? Yes. But would I be content to use my b-i-law's rig if mine blew a fuse? Actually yes. It's still beyond what I thought possible only a few years ago. If I already owned a 3080Ti - would I upgrade to a 4070? No. Not worth it. If I had neither card or equivalent, would I go for a 4070 over a 3080Ti? Yes - it is worth the difference in cost for the future-proofing and cooler running Should I have gone the extra mile for a 4090 over the 4080? No - the 4090's are still massively expensive in comparison. Hope this helps
  9. Also my home airport - and I agree with @Nyxx - this is superb.
  10. Every set up is different, but in general @Mike44 , while there are various tips and tricks to compensate, I think that presently the use of DLSS in the Anti-aliasing option in the VR settings will still tend to give less sharp instrument panels. It is a well known and well discussed issue. I have a pretty high-end set-up but still use TAA as my anti-aliasing option. My personal experience is that DLSS in the VR settings gives me great scenery and frame rates, but a deterioration in instrument panel clarity. If I do all the recommended tweaks (and there are a lot of them) I can get the panels readable, but the extra sharpening usually affects the overall view. I find that TAA gives me perfectly acceptable externals and great panel clarity with a more natural look than the high-sharpening needed to compensate for the DLSS. Did you start with TAA and still have blurry panels or have you used DLSS VR Antialiasing from the start?
  11. The 'play/pause' of the WMR screen view is yellow circled here: When you have the live view showing, just bring your mouse cursor anywhere over the WMR screen and you will see the II pause symbol appear in that same place. Just click that and it will change to the above static screen. Just click the triangle and it will take you back to the live view.
  12. The Wifi in our house is very iffy - in many rooms, the signal from neighbours over the road and either side is stronger than from our own router! Wifi repeaters are very unreliable in the house and lose a significant proportion of the data speeds. So, as it is impractical in normal times for me to run an ethernet cable direct to the router, for normal use I use instead a powerline adapter (ethernet connect from router to powerline plugged in next to it, ethernet connect from powerline plugged in near computer to PC). In data speed, even though the powerline suppliers claim there are no losses, there are - and big ones. But in reliability of signal it's much better than using the wifi for me and it's still fast enough to run MSFS in VR at decent quality levels. When there's a big download I trail a cable down the stairs to the router and find that the download speeds are almost twice as fast.
  13. Well it's my personal opinion on my system so please don't roast me...but I quite like it. Certainly on my tablet, the menu system and results presentation works better.
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