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  1. Muhamad Aliff

    Eliminate Jaggy Shadows?

    sorry my mistake, it is lua script, not plugin, i confuse with fpm plugin. the lua script is shadow.lua in x plane forum
  2. Muhamad Aliff

    Eliminate Jaggy Shadows?

    Hi Ryan, you can try do some search shadow fix plugin in org forum, i forgot what is real name, recently i download the file and it fix my jaggy shadow issue, it a plugin not lua script if i am not mistaken.
  3. Muhamad Aliff

    Germania Test Flight

    Nice shot!
  4. Muhamad Aliff

    My i7-2700k to i7-8700k upgrade experience!

    i can't afford to upgrade to coffee lake, but i waiting my Kaby Lake package arrive, hoppefully worth upgrade from I7 2600K, my i7-2600k can't do much as i use 2nd MOBO to replace my faulty mobo that have lot feature for OC, gonna start fly again soon.
  5. Muhamad Aliff

    P3Dv$ D/L, Unzip and Install

    Maybe you download file broken, or you can try alternative like WinRar and 7-Zip to extract the files.
  6. Muhamad Aliff

    Steam CTD on Startup

    Hi, Did you try to run verify integrity check for Steam FSX
  7. Muhamad Aliff

    Taking days to download

    better google media creation tool windows 10 -> download -> run -> it will check for update -> it show two option 1) Upgrade 2) download iso and burn to CD -> choose upgrade -> it will download file/iso, after finish download -> keep file and apps -> go watch movie as upgrade process so slowpoke. my suggest is select option 2, and burn to DVD, after burn dvd, just run setup in DVD, upgrade. the DVD can be use for clean install next time
  8. is this Alabeo? i like pic no 6 and last pic, viewtiful
  9. Muhamad Aliff

    REX 50% off Sale

    already pick soft cloud,
  10. What is your Graphic, if nVidia, di you enable surround? as it will give option for you to select proper resolution for multi monitor
  11. Muhamad Aliff

    How to acquire a P3D 777 installer?

    Yes u need to purchase new PMDG 777 P3D version, because it different platform, current price same as FSX version but after 7 march the price will be 134.99
  12. Muhamad Aliff

    My sun glare is waaaay better

    awesome glare, the sky look very nice.
  13. Muhamad Aliff

    Best freeware

    i still use ISDT ATR72 since fs9 now fsx, a good turbo prop plane
  14. Muhamad Aliff

    win7family pack

    better wait for Windows 10, read any relate review first, if OK than upgrade to Windows 10, free upgrade also
  15. Hi Rob, this GTX 970 pair with your new Processor? from youtube video i can see the smoothness