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  1. Agree, I think you can press shift or C or something else (who knows) while in drone to control the airplane, but you can't control drone and plane at the same time. FSX and P3D had a better implimintation which is absurd.
  2. Whats the point of the ashtray if your not smoking...sheesh.
  3. I like how the FSR buffets the plane on the tarmac depending on wind conditions.
  4. Honeslty I don't blame her. I find most people fake or not real these days.
  5. Another TrackIR users. For me it just works so why change it. Would be nice if the software was updated to a modern look, and maybe they could sell a hat with the reflectors built in. Stupid clip is always falling off or springing off somwhere. Seems like Natural Point has no interest in expanding its product line or marketing or improving. Weird. Atleast it works. Maybe I'll try this DIY, looks ridiculous, but whatever. DIY
  6. Did they fixing the disappearing landing gear on AI traffic? Anyone?
  7. I gave up on on default ATC, the best part of MSFS is that the volume knob on your radio is actually functional, unlike in P3D or FSX. I suggest you turn the volume all the way down.
  8. A big struggle I've always had in all flightsims is determining actual ground distance on the flare while simultaneously manipulating this practically worthless Saitek yoke that I have. Especially with realistic aircraft models like A2A. Despite all the yoke mods that I've done to this thing, precision leaves much to be desired. Might need to invest in something better.
  9. So 75mph or slightly lower has certainly helped to smooth out my landings. One thing though, it seems the piper gets super twitchy with the elevator on the flare. I always thought at lower speeds, especially close to stall you lose elevator effectiveness, requiring more pull on the yoke. It's seems like it's the opposite for me. On flare I have to be very mindful to not over correct. It doesn't seem right.
  10. Yeah I've been doing 90mph approach speeds. I will have to try 80mph. I also have a tendency of coming in too high on approach which is not helping.
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