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  1. You could fool any non simmer that these are real shots.
  2. Nice shots, but living in Las Vegas, I've never seen sunsets look like a raging inferno. Come on MSFS.
  3. Was sad to see Fry's close here in Las Vegas.
  4. No OC for me. Don't see the point with the 3090 at this point.
  5. Is this a known issue? Getting pretty tired of seeing amphibians parked at KLAS. lol
  6. Never had an nvidia driver completely crash out P3D yet here we are. Glad I'm not alone.
  7. Where is Kotaku getting these reults? And this article is from Jan.
  8. I find the turbulence buffeting and yaw effects in turbulence far more realistic than in P3D. Pretty sure this has to do with the flight modeling.
  9. Hmmm. Updated driver, MOBO Asus Bios, and 3090 vbios, and Resizable Bar stills says "NO" under Nvidia Settings Sys Info. Anyone else? I can also confirm P3D crashes after the splash screen. Awesome. Edit: It is now showing "Yes". For those with Asus 30XX cards, Asus just released a new vbios V3 with resize support as of 3/30.
  10. Is anyone having issues viewing the OFB in the EFB? I just get a black screen? Also anyone having issues calibrating a throttle quadrant? The calibration screen in the EFB configuration pain experiences extremely long lags everytime I click on it and is very slow to register the axis values. Also it doesn't seem to want to calibrate my Saitek throttle quadrant full range between idle and climb detents. Argh...so frustrating. Word of advise. If you use the Right Alt EFB popout and hover your mouse over the popout window, you will get no response from your throttle quadrant. That was my issue.
  11. Does simmarket even vet any of this stuff? Sheesh!
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