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  1. I have already implemented all suggestions posted, but FlyTampa KLAS at 2048 is impossible even with Medium and Normal Autogen settings, even with all AI disabled. I wish Flytampa would address this, but they won't. No issue at 2048 anywhere else.
  2. I really hope HF2 fixes the cloud artifacting. Very annoying.
  3. As tempting as these TE sceneries may seem, how long of a load time are we able to tolerate?
  4. If LM could fix the cloud artifacting around simobjects and terrain with true sky enabled, I think we are all set for awhile.
  5. So you are running 4096 textures with MAX LOD and relatively high slider settings on an 8GB 1080? I don't see how that's possible without instant vroom, unless you are flying out in the Pacific Ocean.
  6. Meaningless info unless you specify how many logical cores you have. With a 4-core proc its generally accepted that HT on is preferred.
  7. I get constant ctd just flying around Orbx full fat regions, especially Pacific Northwest, and my VRAM is well within range. Also the latest ASP3D beta loses clouds and does not follow the metar, and doesn't refresh without a restart. Already reported on beta forum.
  8. That's my suspicion too. I think installing all 8 million AIG flightpans wasn't such a bright idea. Will have to experiment with it disabled. Plus the P3D load time is just ridiculous at this point.
  9. Oh yeah...what a sim. Can barely get a flight in without ctd. Then reloading the sim takes aprox 8-9 minutes with my normal addons. Oh simming has never been better...lol.
  10. I'm really anxious to get my hands on 2004. Not interested in the insider build, however. Hopefully MS releases before the end of the month.
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