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  1. I just picked up the TCL 43S425 for $279 on Amazon. It supports Chroma 4:4:4. Really happy with this purchase and I didn't break the bank.
  2. Automatic purchase pending a performance review.
  3. Would be helpful maybe to post which graphics card you are using...but anyhow. All seems nominal with my GTX 970. Might even be a tad smoother like someone else posted earlier.
  4. Yes this for heavens sake.
  5. Unfortunately, it seems to be true.
  6. I hear MS will start charging for updates in Win7 soon. That's pretty terrible.
  7. Not sure what the complication is. Using Group Policy Editor, you can disable driver updates with Windows Updates under: Admin Templates--->Window Components--->Windows Update. Then disable "Do not include drivers with Windows Update. If Group Policy Editor is nuked because you are running anything less than Win10 Pro, you will need to search google for a work around with regedit, or upgrade to Win10 Pro.
  8. I have a 970 I noticed massive performance losses attributed to my GPU pegging at 100% after updating to the latest drivers. I rolled back to 397.64 and all is good again. Would not hurt to clean install and roll back. Not sure I trust Nvidia drivers as of late.
  9. SolRayz

    Nvidia driver 397.93 DXGI error

    I just want to let others know, I've had several of these DXGI device driver errors since updating nvidia drivers over the last few months. The last couple drivers including the most recent drivers have been slamming my 970 at 99-100% GPU in P3D for no apparent reason. I downgraded back to 397.64 and everything is back to normal with GPU utilization averaging between 40-60%. So far no DXGI errors. Might be the end of the line for us 970 users.
  10. SolRayz

    Blurries out of nowhere

    Did not work for me. I tried everything Umberto suggested but nothing works. I wasted several days troubleshooting. FSDT needs to fix this, or I think I've had it with them.
  11. SolRayz

    Blurries out of nowhere

    FSDT forced an update on a perfectly working GSXL1. Now its been a blurry nightmare and 100% CPU utilization on all cores shortly after departure and until the sim is no longer flyable. P3D will fail to close properly as well. Uninstalling GSX completely has been the only solution that has returned everything back to normal, except my FSDT KLAS is unusable without GSX. I mean come on! What is this? I give up with FSDT, couatl nonesense and forcing us to use GSX, even though I paid for it, I value KLAS far more. Flytampa needs to release KLAS now.
  12. SolRayz

    737 MAX on final

    Maybe by next Friday.
  13. I'm not doubting the efficiency of this particular configuration, just pointing out the obvious.
  14. I always found it odd that, that from a birds eye view, the runways are aligned like a swastika.