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  1. SolRayz

    City Scene Orlando (ORBX) Released !

    These city sceneries are nice and all, but P3D is being stretched to the limits with these ridiculous load times. It doesn't matter what rig you have, and god help you if you're still running platter drives. I called it quits with these city sceneries after Barcelona.
  2. SolRayz

    Bahamas Scenery Pack 1 available for download

    Yeah this is great! Looking forward to the rest of the series. Thank you for your hard work!
  3. Agreed, I'm also late to the party and glad I finally joined.
  4. SolRayz

    The Vertx Diamond DA62

    Just buy it...
  5. According to the install guide:
  6. Nevermind, I have my answer on the Maddog forums. Probably should have checked there first...oops.
  7. I just picked up the Maddog yesterday, so I'm a relative noob when it comes to Leonardo products. Do we need to re-download the full installer from Simmarket and is best practice to uninstall then reinstall, or can we update over top. Thanks all.
  8. SolRayz

    FSDG Pilots of the Caribbean - - - PIREP ?

    Also I'm on the lookout for any addons that use the Scenery Configuration merger. It's a real pain if you're an Orbx user. I end up disabling it and butchering sceneries that require it. Now i just get rid of them. Would rather that than butchering Orbx.
  9. SolRayz

    Diamond DA-62 Wing Flex

    Next time try flying through a storm with 50+ knot head wind. I swear the DA62 wings were flexing so much the wings should have snapped off.
  10. SolRayz

    Having trouble with the DA62 accelerating on T/O

    I had the same issue with my crappy Saitek quadrant. Vertx was not accelerating past 60 knots at random times. I even had it happen to me mid flight, and I perished into the ocean. Reloading the aircraft helps temporarily. My solution, I flushed fsuipc.ini, let it rebuild, set profile specific with only throttle 1 and 2 set leaving my third lever unused. So far so good.
  11. SolRayz

    ORBX/SODE install - made a mess ! Help

    Seriously? FTX Central, find KSAN, hit uninstall, then reinstall. There is no other legitimate way.
  12. SolRayz

    FSDG Pilots of the Caribbean - - - PIREP ?

    I really wish Tropsim TIST was better. But unfortunately if you're running Orbx Vector and mesh, the hill behind the terminal is raised and I cannot fix it. I've disable all files that could conflict in vector. Also the scenery is an unnecessary stutter fest despite decent frames.
  13. SolRayz

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Would be nice if the G1000 incorporated SVS, maybe future update? 😉
  14. SolRayz

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    I guess there is, I simply haven't heard it yet. I'll attempt some stalls and see. Sean from Vertx wrote me