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  1. An absolute must on the next version. v2020 was clearly constructed to ensure every ground vehicle immediately converge on you to block your escape route. If you dont have damage clicked to Off, you would never ever get onto the runway.
  2. If you can do basic carpentry work and pop-riveting then here's an option. I found an old "C frame table" by which I mean the steel frame is C shaped when viewed side-on. Like the tables that slide into the side of a bed. But find an old one that has a decent metal frame and not one out of China.. A bit of plywood on the bottom to screw rudder pedals onto and the yoke and other hardware is screwed down onto the solid wooden top with home made brackets from aluminium strips.. The saitek switches module hangs down (couple of small brackets need to be made) underneath the yoke (roughly where it should be) and throttle quads fit easily on the r/h side using their clamps. I built an aluminium frame screwed onto the top of the yoke for a touchscreen, with the aluminium frame extending to the right to help support other modules, of which the lowest one should be raised above the table top enough so as throttle clamps can slide in under it. Actual design will depend on brand and type of modules obtained. The table I got is 700mm wide and about 400mm deep so takes up very little space Use some plywood to make a side wall on it (which helps brace the whole thing) with shelving to take all the USB power units etc and put some order into all the cables. (I have 15 separate modules all of which have at least one cable each) and then it can be pushed to any corner of a room after use. Also, as the base is two metal bars on the carpet, I have found that some cordage (light rope) needs to be tied between the base and chair so as when brakes are applied the rig does not slowly slide away from the chair. Also, as I project onto a screen, I dont need somewhere to place the primary monitor. A small portable foldable table serves as a place for the keyboard and mouse.
  3. Has anyone got the Tecnam P2006T (FlightSim Studio). I cant work out how to put on the tie down straps at the end of a flight. Is this even a capability? Seems a bit odd if they cant be as they have to be undone before the flight can be started, and the chocks can be replaced so why not the tie-downs..
  4. Here;s hoping 2024 sorts it all out.. In the interim I might check out FSHud as I probably wont be getting FS2024 on its initial release (unless my PCs specs. are able to deal with it).
  5. Thanks.. Yes, I think I will have to invest in an ATC 3rd party ... I have also heard default ATC give take-off permissions into wind just after I had been given clearance for landing on the same runway down wind. .. Go figure.. does the "C" stand for catastrophe.
  6. I am finding that default ATC dont seem to care what direction I set wind at. ( I am not set to online weather.) The active runway never changes. 'They' dont seem to care about making me land in a strong tail wind. Is this normal practice for 'them'? I'm mindful of all the comments about the default ATC and is this one reason for it.
  7. I have noticed cheap multi USB hubs available on ebay, with each port having its own switch. I got one and use it for 2 FIPs and the AP /multi panel, so as I can turn them on after the sailtek/logitech drivers have activated. It also took the strain off other powered hubs that I use. I recommend getting at least one. As per above, I have found the only way to get these units working correctly is to power them up after the drivers have activated. I got a vague idea it may actually say that in the instructions ( but who reads them).
  8. I took a few years absence from flight simming and so am a relative newcomer to MSFS. I can say that MSFS is definitely a NG step forward c.f. FSX in terms of visual effects outside the cockpit both on the ground and in the atmosphere (without any add-ons utilized). Inside the cockpit though its either status quo or a step backwards due to the limitations that go with only having one available window display. However the 3rd party add-ons available help alleviate that e.g. Air Manager. Overall, I say its a quantum leap forward taking the 3rd party sottware into account.. As for being a "pain", I can re-call all the pain I felt trying to get FSX running smoothly all those years ago. Each new product will be designed to push the boundaries of its abilities to the limit so as to impress the audience... and thus there will be the inevitable bugs and unforeseen things that can go wrong. Thus pain is but a forerunner to pleasure.. Such is life. I look forwards to 2024... and presumably a bit more pain. I shall relish in the fact that I'm still alive.!!
  9. I've just had a quick look at the MSFS20 SDK documentation. I am wanting to overcome the MSFS limitations created by the sims inability to have more than one window display.. vs. having multiple windows where each can have its own display independent of the primary window (as was the case in FSX) I have a 3 screen cockpit that was built for FSX. One view forward (a projector display), one small 10" touch monitor mounted atop the yoke for PFD, and a small third monitor for MFD / LNM etc., along with all the other usual saitek panels. This all worked fine in FSX (other than having to always click back onto the primary screen after using the 2nd or 3rd monitor.) The MSFS20 SDK indicates that templated panels can be created for use as mouse interactive gauges, which is what I need. I would like to have a small rectangular panel that contains the basic knobs and buttons for the MFD ( HDG, ALT and Range in/out knob and 5 AP buttons as a minimum) , all interactive to MFD events and where the panel can be dragged (like the ATC window etc) onto the 10" monitor and positioned above or below the MFD pop-up panel. My question is simply... Can this type of gauge be created using the templated system and if so, can the end result then be dragged to a 2nd monitor or not, or is it restricted to being within the primary window.?
  10. Dont know answer to the question.. All I know is when I try to buy some scenery off the Marketplace it says there is a problem and to try again. They just dont want my money. They say to go to Support if issue continues which Ive done and have given up on that too.
  11. I get a dropbox msg saying ad4 files cannot be previewed
  12. If the car's top speed is 35mph in flight then it's a bit embarrassing if you cant keep up with your own drone.
  13. Hi all... Does anyone know if its possible to create script that will display the zoom level for the active window in MSFS20. I notice there is a token variable for zoom_level which I think is outside the capabilities of a logitech FIP gauge but can it be utilised for a msfs20 pop-up panel.... and if so, can the script be provided.
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