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  1. Of course there are a myriad of us who still have a broadband internet package of a fixed amount of gb/mth.. We pay for data to be downloaded every month already regardless whether a fixed amount or endless.. Maybe MS will have commercial arrangements with internet providers ( or own those companies) because we will be downloading huge amounts of extra data each month !!!
  2. I would like to know if the night lighting effects are going to encompass lighting up the user aircraft .... dont want to see the grey cardboard cut-out effect of FSX.
  3. I got a second saitek throttle quad (prior to logitech takeover).. comes with USB connection and an extra plastic black 4 knob "knuckle", 2 blacks , 1 red and 1 blue. Smart Technology will show it up as a separate device to be programmed as desired or put it through fsuipc and program axis etc.(preferred methodology)
  4. Best if you state the area that you are flying in and provide a link to an image of what you see as being the issue
  5. I have the red button assigned to Virtual cockpit (default straight ahead view) which I find handy as regardless what view I am in, I can jump immediately back to straight ahead view in VC. I go into FSX Options / settings / Controls / Buttons and Keys and in Keyboard select the keystrokes to be assigned to the required view and then go into Smart Technology profiler and assign those keystrokes to the red button. I dont have any issue of default views when pushing the red button.
  6. Sorry.. did not make myself clear. When starting up normally, there wont be a second window. I meant when it looks like its frozen, before assuming it has, just hover over the icon.. and if there is a second window, then that is probably the reason, and not that its frozen. If no second window, then you can assume you have a freeze.
  7. This might be too simplistic but sometimes simple things get overlooked. I was getting freezes (or so I thought) on the splashscreen until I realised that I had error messages set to on, and many times an error message shows up BELOW the main screen so you dont see it and it just looks like a standard freeze. Hover the cursor over FSX icon in task bar to see if 2 windows are open. If there is and you only see one, then it will just mean the second window is waiting for an answer.
  8. Sorry... just looked at the little pic and see some trees, so my suggestion is probably irrelevant.
  9. I have seen this on my PC and after scratching my head, realise that I was flying in an area that I had unclicked from the Scenery Library. When you do that all you see is water. So if you have been deselecting Scenery Library regions,that may be all it is.
  10. I like the concept of ending up in forums when we click on Forums.. In the Avsim Confusing? thread, I was one who said it was confusing... but I think in hindsight I am one of those who got used to a website and didnt want to have to think about how to navigate a redesigned site.. Re the menu, the link to view Unread content should be more prominent and in the subsequent Menu filters section, the option to see Unread Content should be at the left hand side as a primary option and also be the default setting. Enabling the Follow button in each forum, allows only those comments I want to see being displayed by utilising the filter for Followed areas. (I think I am right in saying that our preferences are remembered in these filters and dont require re-setting each time we enter the site.) Can the Expanded / Condensed buttons be highlighted as the link required to get the search underway. Having them the same colour as the " Earlier" heading at left side makes them look like a non-clickable item. Most important point.. the filters dont actually work as yet when either Expanded or Condensed is clicked.
  11. Ditto.. I would like to know how many members objected to the old layout and requested a change .. but I suspect some web programmer just decided to make change for changes sake regardless of need. I wont be visiting this site much from here on in, if this current page layout remains.
  12. All I can add is that I have been using a belkin usb2 powered 7 port hub for years together with a 4 port non powered hub and had no real issues running my hardware, except a couple of small issues when I went over to W10. It might come down to what hardware is being used and the total power draw.
  13. A point of clarification as the originator appears to be new to all this.. For multi-flyers there are very good reasons to have uniformity in file names and scenery prioities within the Scenery Library , but whatever filenames are decided upon, the files should go into the FSX / Addon Scenery / scenery / YOUR SCENERY / scenery folder. By having addon scenery all within the Addon folder you can see whats what, especially when you get a lot of scenery. Its not necessary to do that as when you go into the Scenery Library to select the scenery and place it in the scenery list, you can select a folder from anywhere within your PC directory.. But if you do that, and you want to get an overview of all the scenery you are running, you will have to have FSX running and be viewing the Scenery Library
  14. ?????... possibly... you ran over some chooks on the runway ?? more info... which aircraft, on ground / in air etc
  15. This confuses me a bit.. you seem to have accidentially blanked out your keys, so why not go back into settings and start by re-entering all the basic key presses for flight control as you would prefer them to be, then start a flight from one of the water runways as suggested above.
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