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  1. I've seen this many times before. Try repairing both and if that doesn't work, reset them. This has worked for me countless times and never deletes any apps. GOTO: Start/settings/Apps/installed Apps. Then search for both apps then try to repair or reset both. https://ibb.co/TWM5ScN
  2. Go into the command prompt and type: sfc /scannow. Sometimes this helps.
  3. True, but I wanted to point out that MSFS updates often never updates if there are third party products in the community folder. What you are currently experiencing is what I use to experience until I tried the other option.
  4. The update completed without issues on my end and works beautifully. Seems I gained a few frames as well. Before updating, I created a community.old folder and put all my contents from the community folder inside the community.old folder. I then went to MS store, clicked Library and selected update all, which included a MSFS202 update. Once completed, I loaded MSFS and ran the update when prompted. Once completed, I updated all available contents from Content Manager then closed MSFS 2020. I then removed all my items from community.old folder back to the community folder and everything just worked fine from there. Hope this helps. Regards,
  5. Yes! Getting an error: 'Unable to load FS2Crew product list, Please ensure you have active internet connection and that your firewall is not blocking access to FS2Crew. You may need to whitelist FS2Crew.com in your firewall settings.' I have firewall disabled and no other third party security running.
  6. The latest version is crashing on launch
  7. It depends on what you pay for through your internet provider and how you are connected. I pay for 1TB and get anywhere between 800-1000mb/sec wired and anywhere between 500-700mb/sec wireless. Was there anything else being used that uses your internet data like streaming movies or music from TV or just other downloads?
  8. Good to know. I have the ROG Maximus X Code with an i7 8700K, AND I just got my hands on an i9 12900k and waiting for the right MOBO to go with. I'm hoping I could pop my current OS (Win 11) into the new system without to much trouble. That would be an absolute dream for me. Troy
  9. I've resolved this problem more than a month ago by completely removing anything to do with P3D. I primarily use MSFS now. AND honestly, I spent so much time configuring and an trying to keep P3dv5 stable since it was released, not EVER completing a single flight, that I just had to get rid of it. P3dv4.5 was great! P3dv5+ has potential but just isn't quite there yet. I will save one of my drives just in case things get better,,,,perhaps in a year or so. But for now, its MSFS!
  10. Is this update for XBOX series users and not for PC users if purchased from Microsoft store?
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