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  1. Nope! You do not. In fact, I increased one setting in particular. I went from 4x MSAA to 4x SSAA. I haven't played with the other settings yet.
  2. I have the GTX 1070 and received my 32" Samsung Odyssey G5 which is a WQHD Monitor (2550x1440) @144hz. I haven't noticed in frame increase but I have noticed that P3d5 performs way better and looks better to. For instance, I have no more micro stutters or pauses that I had before on my 27" Dell 1080P @75hz. I'm currently waiting for the 3080ti release so I can push the sliders a little more to the right.
  3. https://www.ifn.news/posts/united-airlines-flight-ua328-suffers-serious-engine-failure/ https://flightaware.com/live/flight/UAL328/history/20210220/1925Z/KDEN/KDEN
  4. Its definitely a must for me. Haven't been able to sim without it in any of the previous sims and since acquiring a Logitech G940 which has always had calibration issues.
  5. I just had the same problem. Purchased and installed an hour ago and requested a refund 10mins ago. I went here for resolution but no. Missing Deluxe or Premium content
  6. Still don't see it. A direct link perhaps? Nevermind...Just found it
  7. Can't figure out how or where to download the A320 folder. Need help please?
  8. I assume most of you are talking about P35 because I do not have this issue in P3d4.5?
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