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  1. I believe ASP3D is only compatible with V4.5 HF3+ and V5
  2. Hi, I just installed the latest version of Little Navmap and is currently trying t set it up. I am having difficulties finding the graphical interface for night mode. Can you please direct me to it? Previous version showed it to be somewhere in the User interface but I am no longer seeing it there or anywhere else, unless I am blind. Little Navmap
  3. First I am not a computer systems expert, but seeing that you are using DDR3 memory when P3dv5 recommendation calls for DDR4 might have something to do with it(P3dv5 system-requirements). I could be wrong about this but it is worth looking into. I feel that 32Gb of DDR3 should be fine, but then again, I am not an expert..I am only suggesting this because ntoskrnl.exe seems to have something to do with memory management. Did you have this issue with P3dv4.5 If you are overclocked, try reducing to default settings and test. Try re-seating memory in slots, try different slots and with just 16GB.
  4. I think you will have to postpone the date once again after or just before that time expires. There are additional settings however at the following link: Disabling windows 10 auto update
  5. Looks promising. I think I will go ahead and buy it...with caution. Whats you settings and is that default scenery you are using? 🙂
  6. I noticed that FsGlobal has released a new 2020 version for P3dv5. I wonder how that may play into the picture? Sorry if I hijacked your conversation.
  7. WOW! Totally under the radar. Thank you.
  8. No no. I am extremely patient. I can wait a long time until all this mess is cleaned up.
  9. So did I. Its a lesson to be learned and I certainly hope they are listening to the cries of their targeted audience.
  10. Same here. My wife just gave me the OK for purchase but I think I will wait until a much later date. Especially since my mediocre GTX 1070 8GB card will not do the trick...
  11. Thanks for sharing. Looks very promising.
  12. Haha: "That site can't be reached." Appreciate it though.
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