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  1. No nothing regarding ground apart from airports and the Google Maps mod, but as I said, the problem already existed without the mod.
  2. Noted. Will do so asap. But before that, I´ll have to go flying irl again. Strange that MSFS is so much fun that you´d sometimes like to stay away from the real thing 😄
  3. Once I get the time for it, I´ll try that out. Meanwhile, thanks for your post.
  4. I´d be happy if that was an option for fixing my problem... but I installed MSFS on a completely fresh Windows install.... so unfortunately that desn´t seem to keep me from facing that issue... Thanks for your post though. Appreciate it.
  5. So I wasn´t using FSUPIC until I found that the auto save feature of it might be a problem. So I installed it but couldn´t find the option to switch it off where I was able to find it on screenshots of others. Strange but that´s what it is. FSUIPC doesn´t seem to be the issue however as I said, I´ve had the stutters before even using it... Currently in a sim session again, stutters are still there, just to update everybody. I hoped they might be gone, but they aren´t...
  6. I´ve had it on, set to 30 FPS, but the stutters were there. In another video I saw somebody switch it off, so that´s what I just did and I´ll find out in a sec if it has helped or not. EDIT: Was flying around a bit now, actually no stutters, but I will keep watching out for them, maybe I was just lucky this time.
  7. Hey guys, unfortunately I´m facing a MSFS problem regarding stuttering. I don´t have any clue where this might come from and why it happens. Every few minutes I get short stutters, video- and tonewise, they last for like one to two seconds and then they´re gone. Might happen more often, might happen less often, it´s not that there is a specific pattern. https://www.veed.io/view/4bc8f54d-702f-49b4-bee8-9016471a9d55?sharingWidget=true There´s a short video I made for showcasing the problem. The glider I´m using is a mod, however the problem is also there with default aircraft. I´m using the Google Maps mod, however the problem is not related to this one as I also tried fully without it. My BIOS is fully up to date. My PC specs should be good enough to have the sim run smootly at all times. RTX3090 GPU, 64GB of RAM, AMD Ryzen 9 5900X as CPU Any idea? Would be more than happy if you could help me to find the solution for this problem. Motion blur is switched off btw. Regards, Daniel
  8. Any further ideas? My CPU is running at about 4.50GHz, while the base clock is 3.70GHz. I´ve just tried again to add AffinityMask, using Hyperthreading. You can clearly hear the noise of the coolers go down shortly after the scenario has loaded. Also tried without sound but everything is still the same without it.
  9. Where in the MSI BIOS can I set the CPU preference and to what should I set it? Game mode is disabled in Windows because I heared people say you should keep it off anyways, whatever game you´re in. And yes, I´m using WIN10.
  10. Yes, I loaded optimized defaults and activated XMP afterwards. I can´t remember anything else in terms of settings. Should be all fine, just like it was before.
  11. Hello Avsim friends, I have a very weird problem I just can´t find any fix for but maybe some in here know, what you can do to change the behavior of my PC and P3D V5. So some time ago I performed a successful BIOS update (MSI MEG X570 Unify), everything works find apart from my P3D V5. Before the BIOS update, I had an average CPU usage of about 50% (Ryzen 9 5900X) throughout my session. Now, I only get such CPU load during the time where the screen shows the scenario loading bar. Once I actually get into the scenario, my CPU usage drops down to about 10%, often less, resulting in much lower FPS, barely flyable. I´ve tried projectlasso and TaskManager Affinity itself, but I don´t seem to be able to find the solution for the problem. Do you know how I can go back up to roughly 50% CPU load during the time in the scenario itself? Nothing has changed, P3D has the exact same settings, I also tried uninstalling the sim, deleting shader cache etc. getting back all my settings but none of that worked. Thank you in advance. Best regards, Daniel
  12. Anybody in for a flyNIKI Embraer 190 livery? Would love to have one available.
  13. Hey community, I´d love to see a high quality 737-700 and 737-800 operated by TUIfly for NIKI. No matter, which reg, but I´d be looking for Boeings in the complete airberlin livery. Little overview over the former NIKI 737 Fleet: Boeing 737-700: D-AGEC D-AHXE D-AHXF D-AHXG D-AHXJ Boeing 737-800: D-ABAF (Albino/NIKI stickers) D-ABAG (Albino/airberlin stickers) D-ABBD (Albino/airberlin stickers) D-ABKA D-ABKJ D-ABKM D-ABKN D-ABMQ D-ABMV Thank´s to who ever will try to paint ´em😃 Best regards, Daniel
  14. Exact same here. Also, (FSL A320 Family) the auto brakes are sometimes being disarmed so if you’re done with your landing checklist and don’t notice, the auto brakes have been disarmed due to the freezing, you’ll end up in noticing when you’ve landed and don’t really slow down...
  15. I have asked there, when my cousin was here about a week ago. There was not even a answer which didn´t help. Don´t know. We have also searched the forum together and haven´t found anything regarding this topic.
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