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  1. Airbus A340 Pilot

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    In my opinion, we should get the NG3 especially, and that´s the most important for me, scimitar winglets, then, the ability to paint both winglets, even the connection part between winglet and wing itself seperately and hopefully also the MAX. An update for the normal 737 in general would be nice as well. Having a newer looking cockpit would be great. Starts to look odd with all the scratches.
  2. Airbus A340 Pilot

    PMDG'S 737NG3?

    Well then... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guys. If you can convince me that there isn´t that much less to do to add scimitar winglets (no, not only add them) than to create the Boeing 737 MAX (with the existing NGX as a base product (well, as long as you need it as a base product))...CONGRATULATIONS. @Chock I thought it was clear to everybody that scimitar Winglets weight more than normal Winglets on the 737. I also thought it was clear, that you´d need less engine power with scimitars. But hey: Now I know, there is people out there, I have to tell which things affect what. I´ll try to remember for the future. But: Don´t expect me to post something like that: Scimitar winglets->more lift/less drag->less power needed->lower fuel consumption->lower weight in general->lower fuel consumtion again->again lower weight->and so on. That just takes me too long if you can understand;)
  3. Airbus A340 Pilot

    PMDG'S 737NG3?

    If it sound like that, I´m sorry. I know it´s not that only. Did they make changes to the systems which do not have anything to do with the differen winglet type (there are such things, yes)? I don´t think so. What I was talking about: The Airbus generally got a refresh of the whole computer. Things look the same, but they aren´t.
  4. Airbus A340 Pilot

    PMDG'S 737NG3?

    In my opinion, at the moment, the scimitar winglets are more important then the 737MAX. There are simply many more planes with scimitars (TUIfly as an example have almost the complete fleet retrofitted). And many will be retrofittet in the future and many will be delivered with split winglets. And it would also not take as much time as acompletely new aircraft. I know that scimitar planes do not have other systems. Airbusses with wingtips have older systems than sharklet planes. Sharklets are being retrofitted as well, but as far as I know, there is no specific new kind of system for planes which are being delivered with scimitars. TUIfly retrofitted planes with an age of over 12. So the only thing you´d have to do is to add them, decrease fuel consumption and slightly change behaviour in the air. Other than FSLabs for example. They do model the new systems being delivered with sharklet planes. Apart from that, I do think it´s time for a new NGX version from PMDG;)
  5. Airbus A340 Pilot

    Winglet textures

    Sad to hear. Would have loved to finish works on D-ABMU
  6. Airbus A340 Pilot

    Winglet textures

    I really don´t know what the point was to make it available only once in the paintkit. There are and were enough 737s out there which had winglets in different colours or a logo on it where you need the part twice. No idea why they didn´t include it a second time. As long as you only have to paint it in the same colour, painters would for sure not have problems with painting it twice...
  7. Airbus A340 Pilot

    Winglet textures

    So only PMDG themselves?
  8. Airbus A340 Pilot

    Winglet textures

    But how does the sim/model know, it has to take this specific part for the laft and right side?
  9. Airbus A340 Pilot

    Winglet textures

    Patrick. did you find a solution in the past two years? I was about to paint it as well but got stuck at exact the same point. And AVSIM community: I have to say, it´s not nice to not give a single answer. It would be ok if somebody posted: "Sorry, but that´s not possible". Also an answer from PMDG themselves would be nice. They know it best and might find a solution. MU still flew in 2016 and now in 2018 airberlin is history but I´m still interested and maybe Patrick is still interested in this livery as well. Come on guys. PLEASE
  10. I have to stay up till 0:00 local... Uhhh. And I got up at 3 this morning for the IVAO Munich RFE
  11. Hi community, when I bought Mallorca X Evolution from Aerosoft, there were still the airberlin logos on the jetways. As you might have noticed, that changed, as airberlin closed their hub at Mallorca Airport. As I´m most probably the biggest airberlin fan ever, I´d of course like, to still use these textures on the jetways. But when I switched to P3D V4, I redownloaded the Installer, to install LEPA into P3D V4, but then, I noticed, that I didn´t save the jetway textures, so now my jetways are completely white, just like the real ones. Therefore my question, if somebody here still has the jetways with airberlin textures available and could send me the files "LEPAjetway" and "LEPAjetway_LM" which can be found in the airport texture folder. I already contacted AS, but Mathijs tole me, it would not be possible to sort these files out for one sinlge customer. Thanks in advance. Cheers
  12. They didn´t actually say that in the end they weren´t able to sell it. They just said it would have gotten complicated. But let´s wait, and for me, let´s hope.
  13. My thoughts: They bought the QW 737 CL. We´ll get Scimitars for the NGX and a 777-200ER
  14. Not really. But what I noticed is that I have Dynamic Lights working when using Just Sim Hamburg now and when using FSDG HER. I´ll test how things look with Munich now. But FPS on these airports, I have it working are about 28 EDIT: Still no Dyn Lts at Munich Airport. But I now have Dyn lts at DUS
  15. Airbus A340 Pilot

    Question about the winglets

    Hi all, I gave a question. I´m about to paint D-ABMU airberlin operated by tuifly for the 738WL. the problem is, when she still flew for airberlin, the left Winglet was a tuifly Winglet the right one in airberlin colours. I can paint one Tui and one BER winglet, but there is the lower side of the winglet. I can have it either red, oder yellow, but always the same colour on both sides, as it´s only once in the paintkit. Is it possible, to get one for left and one for right? thanks for your answers