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  1. Hello Avsim friends, I have a very weird problem I just can´t find any fix for but maybe some in here know, what you can do to change the behavior of my PC and P3D V5. So some time ago I performed a successful BIOS update (MSI MEG X570 Unify), everything works find apart from my P3D V5. Before the BIOS update, I had an average CPU usage of about 50% (Ryzen 9 5900X) throughout my session. Now, I only get such CPU load during the time where the screen shows the scenario loading bar. Once I actually get into the scenario, my CPU usage drops down to about 10%, often less, resulting in much lower FPS, barely flyable. I´ve tried projectlasso and TaskManager Affinity itself, but I don´t seem to be able to find the solution for the problem. Do you know how I can go back up to roughly 50% CPU load during the time in the scenario itself? Nothing has changed, P3D has the exact same settings, I also tried uninstalling the sim, deleting shader cache etc. getting back all my settings but none of that worked. Thank you in advance. Best regards, Daniel
  2. Anybody in for a flyNIKI Embraer 190 livery? Would love to have one available.
  3. Hey community, I´d love to see a high quality 737-700 and 737-800 operated by TUIfly for NIKI. No matter, which reg, but I´d be looking for Boeings in the complete airberlin livery. Little overview over the former NIKI 737 Fleet: Boeing 737-700: D-AGEC D-AHXE D-AHXF D-AHXG D-AHXJ Boeing 737-800: D-ABAF (Albino/NIKI stickers) D-ABAG (Albino/airberlin stickers) D-ABBD (Albino/airberlin stickers) D-ABKA D-ABKJ D-ABKM D-ABKN D-ABMQ D-ABMV Thank´s to who ever will try to paint ´em😃 Best regards, Daniel
  4. Exact same here. Also, (FSL A320 Family) the auto brakes are sometimes being disarmed so if you’re done with your landing checklist and don’t notice, the auto brakes have been disarmed due to the freezing, you’ll end up in noticing when you’ve landed and don’t really slow down...
  5. I have asked there, when my cousin was here about a week ago. There was not even a answer which didn´t help. Don´t know. We have also searched the forum together and haven´t found anything regarding this topic.
  6. Hey guys, I have a strange problem with my FSLabs A320. I have the latest version and the latest tomato files. Tomato Shade version 31 installed. I will attach a picture so you can see what the problem is. Thank you for your help Best regards, Daniel
  7. Well as far as I know, cartayna files are only for GSX Level 2 which he does not own according to him. On FSDeveloper, Erfurt was said to come with the option to use SODE animated jetways. There have to be files by Aerosoft or Frank Seifert (who developed the scenery) somewhere... But thanks though.
  8. Hey guys, a week ago yesterday I was sitting at home with my cousin and as he owns the Erfurt scenery for P3D V4 (Aerosoft) he asked me if I knew how and where to get the corresponding SODE files from. However, I don’t own the airport myself and so I don’t know anything about EDDE SODE files. Maybe you can help us? best regards, Jo and Dani
  9. I´d also like to ask for a livery. This Eurowings one: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9253929
  10. The problem with T2G is, that they do not answer on problems and they do not update their products, especially Munich. There are positions with three jetways for the A380 now in Terminal 2 on the satellite building, there is a tunnel missing under the visitors hill, fences are missing, the new C3 taxiway is missing even if it´s there since quite a bit of time, SODE files are wrong so that some jetways on positions 101-105 won´t connect to the aircraft, Stand 107 is being dismantled...
  11. In my opinion, we should get the NG3 especially, and that´s the most important for me, scimitar winglets, then, the ability to paint both winglets, even the connection part between winglet and wing itself seperately and hopefully also the MAX. An update for the normal 737 in general would be nice as well. Having a newer looking cockpit would be great. Starts to look odd with all the scratches.
  12. Well then... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guys. If you can convince me that there isn´t that much less to do to add scimitar winglets (no, not only add them) than to create the Boeing 737 MAX (with the existing NGX as a base product (well, as long as you need it as a base product))...CONGRATULATIONS. @Chock I thought it was clear to everybody that scimitar Winglets weight more than normal Winglets on the 737. I also thought it was clear, that you´d need less engine power with scimitars. But hey: Now I know, there is people out there, I have to tell which things affect what. I´ll try to remember for the future. But: Don´t expect me to post something like that: Scimitar winglets->more lift/less drag->less power needed->lower fuel consumption->lower weight in general->lower fuel consumtion again->again lower weight->and so on. That just takes me too long if you can understand;)
  13. If it sound like that, I´m sorry. I know it´s not that only. Did they make changes to the systems which do not have anything to do with the differen winglet type (there are such things, yes)? I don´t think so. What I was talking about: The Airbus generally got a refresh of the whole computer. Things look the same, but they aren´t.
  14. In my opinion, at the moment, the scimitar winglets are more important then the 737MAX. There are simply many more planes with scimitars (TUIfly as an example have almost the complete fleet retrofitted). And many will be retrofittet in the future and many will be delivered with split winglets. And it would also not take as much time as acompletely new aircraft. I know that scimitar planes do not have other systems. Airbusses with wingtips have older systems than sharklet planes. Sharklets are being retrofitted as well, but as far as I know, there is no specific new kind of system for planes which are being delivered with scimitars. TUIfly retrofitted planes with an age of over 12. So the only thing you´d have to do is to add them, decrease fuel consumption and slightly change behaviour in the air. Other than FSLabs for example. They do model the new systems being delivered with sharklet planes. Apart from that, I do think it´s time for a new NGX version from PMDG;)
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