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  1. Hi Just installed the new version of Prepar3D (V3.4) and have MCE V2.6.7.84 loading on windows 10. If I enable fsinsider.dll in dll.xml and try to load P3D the scenario screen fails to load and it goes straight into the sim and default flight. When I disable fsinsider.dll then the scenario screen loads as normal. I have also tried removing all the entries from dll.xml and exe.xml except for fsinsider.dll entry and launched P3D from the desktop icon directly with a new prepar3D.cfg file and still I have no scenario screen until I disable fsinsider.dll entry. I have emailed Ben regarding this issue. Anyone else having this problem ? regards Tony
  2. Jay: Yes, I think it will change the size for all simConnect launched windows. There is an entry also for the ATC window and others as well but I have not tried those. WebMaximus : Sorry to hear it did not work for you. I changed only the Y dimension to 350 (375,350) so to enabled all the GSX entries to fit on the same screen. Perhaps you have to stick within a certain limit or ratio for it to work ? Tony
  3. Try this, Located in the P3D gauges directory is a file call missionpanels.cfg, edit window12 entry size_mm to your requirements and save. This I have found will change the window size for the GSX window permanently (you will most likely need to restart P3D for it to take) Works for me. :smile: Tony
  4. Hi Jim, I have just purchased the level-D 767 and would love a copy of your doors gauge to use with GSX. thanks Tony
  5. FS2Crew version for the PMDG 737NGX has now been updated today (SP1) and now works in Prepar3D.Great news, Bryan thanks for supporting Prepar3D.regardsTony
  6. Hi Bryan,I do not have the default 737 version but I have tried the FSX PMDG 747 button and voice versions of FS2Crew in Prepar3D, however I can only get the button version to work OK.The voice version causes a crash of Prepar3D in panels.dll on loading. It seems it's a problem with FS2Crew_VoiceMain, FS2Crew_Audio and FS2Crew_Input gauges. If I comment out these 3 gauges in the aircraft panel file then main dialog loads.Hope you decide to support Prepar3D in the future it would be great to get the voice version working.regardsTony
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