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  1. As soon as you have fun with it then you're already ahead of that question, whether you do fly irl-ish or not. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Just kinda hard for me to see where AA flew their maddogs and md-11s for example; back then there wasn't FR24 or that. So if possible, I'll get a proper schedule, if not, screw it!
  2. So does It mean, that if I disable the pushback option and press T it will work straightforward, or do I still have to edit something?
  3. Hi, I've been using the product for a few days now, but since I don't have a mic (yet) I'm stuck with using button control (fair enough). Now, the thing is, that in the manual there's some part telling us about which keys do what. And, to be fair, I only want the menu to appear, just like gsx's menu. So I changed "pushback" key to t, and fired up my flight. Was expecting to see the beautiful menu to push back, but instead my plane started moving backwards by itself (default pushback). Again until I get my mic (at which point I will start going online and using voice control) i only need this menu to show up by pressing some keys. What have I done wrong?🧐
  4. Well, as an owner of almost all dlc's for the 757, this is what i can say: modelling: very nice, night textures on the low res size but alright. lighting: feels fsx-ish flight model: actually since some updates not so bad. you can feel the lack of flaperons (thats why you kinda fight with crosswinds)but the rudder doesn't do much. engines are quite beefy depending on the version but quite limited for ctp. A/T isn't jerky or bugged, except for a weird thrust hold bug (you can't disable controller override on takeoff) Spoilers do their job. The 753 has better dynamics imo (less prone to floating). extras: nice candy eye i'd say, specially if you feel bored. you can still go to the toilet virtually 😅 or have a virtual coffee. I find it such a shame you can't change the cockpit charts so easely, very dissapointing. the cargo versions are well packed, but it will take you some time to get it working properly (or shoudl i say visually alright) with GSX. systems: not much to say here, just "works". ILS is automatic (fine) and the MCP reacts quite quickly. Just wish FLCH worked a bit better, just like vnav (no matter the cost index it's quite extreme!) AUTOLAND will work, on the hard side though. Speaking about hard the braking is on the hard side too, even with low autobrakes. Reversers work, but you don't really need them that much. The weather radar will do its job, and the displays are readable. The FMCs are sometims a bit jerky ("sticky keys" feel) but if you plan your flight right and check for discontinuities you'll finish your flight correctly. IF you do fly it don't forget the trim on takeoff too. Happened to me way too often.
  5. Okay guys, this is going wild. May we get back on topic? @Ricardo41 you can't compare these planes simply because they aren't the same. 747 is a 747. 757 and 767 are another story. Perhaps similar design (heck if you get to read some press info about the real thing you'll know they insisted on their cockpits). We could discuss all day long about who's wrong or right. But what's good is that personal taste exists, allowing people to share different opinions in peace and harmony. You can be a PMDG word not allowed, I don't mind nor care, just like people can love or hate this topic related add-on. I just want to keep a chilled atmosphere over a hot topic not worth fighting for. I'm no admin, i'm a human being. I just react not by spilling fuel on fire, but rather calm down. On a side note, concerning cabin layouts, this is the confirmed launch door options: - 6+2 (3 normal/service doors per side + 2 overwing exits) -4+4 (3 normal doors + 1 emergency exit after the wing per side) looks like some 757-200s
  6. If so then I'll pass until it's on a sale... I mean if it had all the engine variants I wouldn't mind, but this it's pure provocation at this point... Can't understand how people will pay an everly increasing price all the time....
  7. yeah kinda reminds me AES too where you had to purchase every airport.... Back to the topic it is confirmed the base pack will only feature PW4062 variant. Duh. That's not even two engine variants... I hope the texturing will compensate though.... Quite lame IMO. Even the 757III base pack comes with two engine options...
  8. Sometimes we should laugh more than grin about something, so here is a joke: PMDG salesmodel: Sell entire model range for 150 bucks no matter the product QW salesmodel: Sell a plane for the quarter of its competitor's price, finish development after it goes on sale. Aerosoft model: release plane, maybe fix the issues later. CS salesmodel: sell a base pack with the least flown version 80 bucks; then offer every engine model extra. Maybe adding sounds for free. Bugs are free as well c'mon guys it's just for a laugh, no reason to get angry. I'd love to get that 767 in my hands, specially if it's fully PBR'd. I kinda fear the pricetag though (at least with the 757 we got PW2037 and PW2040, not just one PW4060 variant...)
  9. In my case FPS are better. Depends on a lot of factors. Really like her, very easy to grease, THE ONLY aircraft to have a HUD on both captains and FO's side.get immersion for it, really increases the immersion .
  10. it blends ok, forgot to do a pic when testing it but fits alright.
  11. TBH i had the elevation issue for months. Even by disabling AEC in vector it didn't work. Actually whay did it was taking the files in the main P3D folder, and putting them in the scenery library independantly so that you can "play" with those. modifying priorities in scenery library helped me resolve my issue. Acually a lot more simple than i thought. Basically my add-on.xml wasn't configured in the right order.
  12. I've done what the manual states but this is what i get
  13. I live near LFPG (not too far) and i have to say it's accurate enough if you don't know it, just like orbx OLC when flying vfr. It's okay. SODE jetways are a must have, and this scenery has them. Pricing is alright (average) seen the variety of routes out of there. Performance is great, even with some other dev that i forgot the name Orly. What i'd recommend: -a proper GSX config (if you let it do the job it's gonna be word not allowed). -a good amount of patience to fix all the issues with the elevation (if you have ORBX, took me 2 months to troubleshoot) I also saw EDDM from really close, and while the ground textures are a bit off they are fine; afterall stands get refreshed every once in a while so it's understandable. T2G's rendition has *some* snow texturing that is manual. The airport has dynamic lighting i think (not the best tho). If you're interested either get a GSXl2 file or the ones some dude on FSL forums did because the scenery still comes with the old buggy inacurate bgl jetways that will *dock* into your wing. I can give you some files if you want just MP me. I really worked on these so i know stuff. T2G offer great performance, and an overall nice rendition even as inaccurate as it is. You'll have some fun, and it's worth it if you have the guts and patience to dig into them, disable stuff, edit gsx files and add some effects.
  14. SO weird. I turned AEC off, and didn't find any problematic files through my folders.
  15. Has anyone got mesh issues with this? Checked all ORBX-related stuff in vector but so far I still go through the ramp.
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