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  1. LH340fan

    P3D V4 and the Boeing 767

    Of course. I started to make higher rez textures because basic ones just are a joke (256*256) and it looks awful (can't even read panels) Actually I came across it when looking for the priject airbus A380 with the new VC. It has a VC but the fms have a black picture, so replacing it shouldn't be a problem. Furthermore the one of the MD-11 is very very similar in terms of design. I'm talking about the A310, because it also has CRTs that don't look like FSX's default 737 gauge. It even comes with freighter variants. DL works. navigation is a true pain. It's that same basic flightplan that you have to load. ILS works ok.
  2. LH340fan

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    I usually am quite frustrated about PMDG because of the pricing, but actually, if they got some of these birds out i'd be ready to pay twice as much as their equivalent in FSX: ¤MD-11(missed it sooo much) ¤767(before it's gone/+has tons of variants and is still produced) ¤737CL(flew a combi once/ great and never done/+ would fit to the NG3 like a glove) I already paid a lot sometimes but if you do these y'all make me happy PMDG!
  3. LH340fan

    P3D V4 and the Boeing 767

    Actually I thnk that having both sims might open mre oportunities. Tried mobile, but I lack some space on my HDD and BF is on next week so I have to save a bit. Also the 737CL looks very appealing. Sad QW dumped the development of their CL. I remember the CS 767 and even though their 757III is good, it's not the level of the 787 for example. It just doesn't feel snappy like a pmdg or even the 787. And if CS continue with their pricings trend then it might be a bit overpriced. IF at least it could have the feel of a new-old plane (like in the pmdg 744) with some wear but still looking top notch, would be awesome. Speaking about ISG gauges, I heard that with those you could add FMS to basic aircraft. I may be a bit off topic but thomas ruth's work works on V4. I'm doing better textures and on the MD-11 topic I heard about those gauges. Does it mean it can fit to anything? (Since none of the thomas ruth come with an FMS I found the idea interesting because his a310 looks nice and just needs texture and systems overhaul for a freeware)
  4. LH340fan

    QualityWings 146 Released for V4

    Actually default works well. Tested it thursday and had 0 issues with GSX. IF you mean the integrated stairs that's a common thing. on the PMDG 737 as well stairs are a problem. I thought of a pop-up that could ask you whether you wanted to use the stairs or the integrated ones. Apparently only the maddoggo has received a fix for the stairs.
  5. LH340fan

    QualityWings 146 Released for V4

    will stream it soon (hopefully tomorrow)
  6. LH340fan

    Long Frames - Basic Cause?

    Actually I don't have these pauses with KSFO. A defining factor of those long frames is actually the GPU, and more specifically the textures. another thing would be the drive speed, which I find rather strange for your setup. Most of the time I just have about 1 second delay and then it loads, but I just pause the sim for a bit to let my toaster . For example, when landing at the intensive EDDL i just have to wait a bit for the autogen to load properly. But I think that your issue is mostly done to the way the sim loads an airport.
  7. LH340fan

    QualityWings 146 Released for V4

    Well there already are functionning wipers. I think I read on a TFDI forum that you only need to establish the moment at which the wiper wipes and the radius of the wiping zone. I'd say 70% texturing, 30% coding. same thing for realligt. I have their 787 and oh BOI is it nice. Model is newer, but still it looks amazing. Wish I had a decent GPU to run it properly though. It's okay on the CPU but quite hungry on the GPU YES. I love unlimited weather radars! Do you know if this trick could work on the 787 as well? (don't have AS yet)
  8. LH340fan

    QualityWings 146 Released for V4

    For sure. We still lack a decent 767 for V4. Sad we had an awesome md-11 but the devs dumped it. Guess we'll have to wait for a tfdi md11 I guess. Until then I'll enjoy this piece of history to and from LCY. I love the engine gauges. They are the same ones as the MD80 and 737 Classic but they had to put in 2 just because there were 4 engines.
  9. LH340fan

    QualityWings 146 Released for V4

    For the people who complain about this bird: Honestly I tend to be rude about quality(wings haha old joke) but how do you even dare complaining? it's 19.99 US! NO OTHER plane this level has ever had this kind of pricing in p3dV4. Aesthetics aren't 4K, but honestly, do you prefer being able to run it on litterally ANY system or having trouble to run it on even the best PCs out there? I personnally think this is a brilliant plan, and with this sort of pricing even the AS busses lost the appeal of many many buyers... And who knows, maybe we can get updates after then (trueglass & reallight would be the cherry on the cake TBH) Since we now have tons of airports to suit this plane (EBBR,EGLC,LSZH and others) the destinations are plenty. Sincerely, KUDOS,kudos to the QW team.
  10. I'd suggest 1070. Big bang for the bucks and it's nvidia so you won't get the hassle of a AMD card.
  11. LH340fan

    Taxi2Gate Paris LFPG CTD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TBH I've had an issue yesterday by a sim not wanting to start / suddently CTDing. The issue: bad scenery.cfg or p3d.cfg file. If you haven't tweaked this one nothing is wrong in it. I suggest the SCE (says is for fs2004 but works in v4) ;https://sourceforge.net/projects/fs-sceditor/ Then you can see what's duplicated. This fixed my problem. But because this scenery is installed via addons.xml i suggest you go to the folder you installed the scenery in, delete the addon.xml and try to start the sim again. If you happen to have ORBX and elevation issues do this: -install only SCENERY and TERRAIN -apply elevation fix -put those two entries that are in the scenery.cfg at the top (or atl least in the first ones) If it's just a random CTD then it may just be settings pushed too far to the right, like GPU oom or CPU too with too much demand. (I don't think so as you can see my OWN specs that i presume to be much worse than yours and I still can run the 777 with at least 17fps ok) IMO LFPG is one of the best performers behind VOBL, AS's ENGM and before flytampa's EHAM that feel better with the more FPS you have.
  12. LH340fan

    P3DV4 QualityWings 787 Bugs

    Since last update CTD seem to have been fixed, at least on the Ac side.when I get it to crash it's usually that my gpu (2g i know its old tech but yeah)runs out of memory, and thus causes a wonderful CTD in middle of a transatlantic. though performance has decreased a bit with reallight. The so far excellent no cpu useage machine now is quite thirsty on gpu, as it brought mine to its knees. I know I don't meet the average rig but it's hard to swallow. The other day I did JFK-GRU on a latam 789 and oh boi fps were low (<15) So far no autopilot bugs TBH
  13. LH340fan

    GSX fix for flytampa Amsterdam

    You're welcome I like to help others when they have the same errors I do. It makes me feel useful. I will publish my new addition: Madeira (AS's) V1.0 link: https://mega.nz/#!UTZ2CYYa!Rpp9eW28vbAUI1vFSjD0Z8QzR338fAXvYAdS0NQY0Ck tell me more about the airports you want to see. I don't have L2 but I tend to leave BGL jetways intact.
  14. LH340fan

    GSX fix for flytampa Amsterdam

    Make sure your winrar is up to date. Had some issues like that before. I rreposted it anyways: LINK: https://mega.nz/#!VCgAlIqD!5hOYI_J1iUA_mJ5NgG2igz-T0h52_i7O5jxmudMnWq8
  15. LH340fan

    Single Engine Taxi FSL A320

    Some days ago I did a flight from DUS to bilbao in the AS A320. I had to wait 10 mins for a gate on a taxiway. Instead of letting the engines on, APU on, and master 2 off. I DID experience some yaw at some point but under short taxi low speeds (<15 GS) it's alright. I didn't have a long distance to do but for the parking it may be a bit challenging if you arrive a bit too fast. (single side pedal braking might help- it's a default feature in the AS one) Actually I wouldn't recommend SET for a long distance, but rather when waiting for takeoff and you're let's say number 10, or there's no stand available. Cuz I presume that the amount you save won't be a big deal if you're moving. Actually IRL I have NEVER seen a SET, so it's not a common thing.