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  1. Hi, I'd like to have a separate tab for livestreaming that looks like oldschool IFE maps. I'd just like to have the P3D default map with a plane on top to show position, undock the gauge and boom. I found this https://www.simshack.net/products/map-in-flight-map-fsx-fs2004-558 but it looks outdated af and don't know if it even works. Let me know. Best regards, Charly
  2. Depends what you want; short, middle or long range flights. My top tier budget list: 1) QW787 2) MaddogX 3)MJC Q400 4)Tfdi 717 5)Aerosoft airbus 6)Captainsim 757 when on sale
  3. https://twitter.com/ab_simulations Take this with caution but this may be legit
  4. They said they will do the A318 at some point. Then, I think they have the knowledge to go widebody, either an A330 or an A340. In any case, a good idea, however I think we really lack a good A340 (BBX is cheap but far from finished atm)
  5. I have to say, compared to the airbusses the CRJ actually feels like a decent product. Some failures, actual buttons that work, and a very nice handling, as soon as you understand the plane has no autothrottle and the engines are hairdryers. FMCs do the job, and I would prefer the efb of the CRJ 100% over the one of the A330. Plus now they added trueglass and a really nice VC (they fixed the crts) In all honesty I'm not a huge fan of the AS airbusses, but I really like the CRJ; It's a good plane for starters imo for the price: Easy to use, you'll learn a lot out of its... interesting handling, and many carriers fly them both in europe and north america.
  6. the pa system is independant of GSX. But, it is linked to the whole boarding process, linked itself to gsx. You don't have to touch anything on the radio panel, except if you have a mic and want to do an announcement. For that, you push the PA button, speak, and release it after finishing. You can then enjoy your own voice over the pa in the cabin view, with a satisfying realistic feel. You can't make anything to the issue you talk about, except maybe talking about it on the fsl forums. I will say, that it is common practice, specially with the A321s, that crews have to repeat the same PA speech , specially when pax arrive in "bulk" by busses. If you don't want to listen to the announcements, either close the cabin door (yes it matters), turn the volume down in the options menu or disable/lower volume of the PA using the switch on the audio control panel.
  7. You need to go into the scenery folder, and search for a staticjetways.lib or jetways.bgl and then rename it as .off or simply delete it.
  8. Having both, i will giv emy humble opinion: A330: a nice aircraft, lots of candy-eye, a bit GPU intensive, but if you have good specs you will enjoy the wingflex. Really like the "vague" feel of the FBW, really demands concentration, and focusing on the visuals. It flies well, but unless you're using it from coast to coast/ short range asian flights it's kinda... slow. 787: Best value for money, we know that. It flies well, has tons of content (liveries) available, very enjoyable to fly, neat performance (good fps even on a potato). Has a few bugs here and there, no big deal. What I really like is the sharpness of the controls. You really enjoy turning off the autopilot (which could autoland perfectly fine BTW) and also the aerodynamics are so good you have to use a lot of spoilers and drop the gear very early. It comes with "3" variants (-8,-9,-10) all with both RR trent 1000 and GEnx and what I think was the first EFB (in the latest update they added features but I didn't get that one yet). It can display charts, calculate speeds, and is an overall more "utilitarian" aircraft, still with good looks, and modern amenities (trueglass, reallight). Get immersion for it though, as you'll definitely appreciate it on rainy approaches. IMO the A330 is a good addon, but aircraft-performance wise it's a bit restricted to crossing the pond, and shorter routes (seoul to Tokyo or similar range). You can feel the progress in the 787, and it is a lot more capable IMO, (on veery long routes it really flies well, like on the EGLL-YPPH). You'll enjoy the nimble handling a lot more; and the system depth is perhaps a bit better than the A330 (RAT, fire extinguishers are functional) The EFB of the A330 wishes Then it comes to personal preference. Maybe get both at some point? The A330 isn't very pricey, yet it has a lot less bugs than Aerosoft's A320s and feels better quality. The 787 will make you happy, and your wallet won't cry as much as with an FSL or PMDG offering, despite offering very competitive pricings and very good content as well. It comes to prove that cheap sometimes doesn't mean bad, and some high-end developers should keep an eye on these very competitive, growing quality making developpers.
  9. I actually have this issue after slewing(let's say because I'm too far forward on the ramp). It's no deal breaker, just a simple issue. You should always check thrust is idle before starting engines anyway.😉 I am in V4 but have no issues with A/t whatsoever.
  10. As soon as you have fun with it then you're already ahead of that question, whether you do fly irl-ish or not. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Just kinda hard for me to see where AA flew their maddogs and md-11s for example; back then there wasn't FR24 or that. So if possible, I'll get a proper schedule, if not, screw it!
  11. So does It mean, that if I disable the pushback option and press T it will work straightforward, or do I still have to edit something?
  12. Hi, I've been using the product for a few days now, but since I don't have a mic (yet) I'm stuck with using button control (fair enough). Now, the thing is, that in the manual there's some part telling us about which keys do what. And, to be fair, I only want the menu to appear, just like gsx's menu. So I changed "pushback" key to t, and fired up my flight. Was expecting to see the beautiful menu to push back, but instead my plane started moving backwards by itself (default pushback). Again until I get my mic (at which point I will start going online and using voice control) i only need this menu to show up by pressing some keys. What have I done wrong?🧐
  13. Well, as an owner of almost all dlc's for the 757, this is what i can say: modelling: very nice, night textures on the low res size but alright. lighting: feels fsx-ish flight model: actually since some updates not so bad. you can feel the lack of flaperons (thats why you kinda fight with crosswinds)but the rudder doesn't do much. engines are quite beefy depending on the version but quite limited for ctp. A/T isn't jerky or bugged, except for a weird thrust hold bug (you can't disable controller override on takeoff) Spoilers do their job. The 753 has better dynamics imo (less prone to floating). extras: nice candy eye i'd say, specially if you feel bored. you can still go to the toilet virtually 😅 or have a virtual coffee. I find it such a shame you can't change the cockpit charts so easely, very dissapointing. the cargo versions are well packed, but it will take you some time to get it working properly (or shoudl i say visually alright) with GSX. systems: not much to say here, just "works". ILS is automatic (fine) and the MCP reacts quite quickly. Just wish FLCH worked a bit better, just like vnav (no matter the cost index it's quite extreme!) AUTOLAND will work, on the hard side though. Speaking about hard the braking is on the hard side too, even with low autobrakes. Reversers work, but you don't really need them that much. The weather radar will do its job, and the displays are readable. The FMCs are sometims a bit jerky ("sticky keys" feel) but if you plan your flight right and check for discontinuities you'll finish your flight correctly. IF you do fly it don't forget the trim on takeoff too. Happened to me way too often.
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