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  1. Hey Ben, any news regards the new aurasim? Cheers, Andre
  2. hey guys, are there any news on the Lear 60 by Milviz? Thought it would be released before the AVANTI. Can't wait for a study level modern Buisness Jet. Cheers, Andre
  3. Hey Dan, thanks for the quick reply! That's really sad! Would have really enjoyed to fly this beauty. Cheers, Andre
  4. Hey guys, i fell in love with the Beechcraft B60 Duke sometime ago. Now i rememberd that RealAir published one for FSX/P3D. So i wanted to purchased it, but i can't find it anywhere. Can somebody help me or did they took it off? Cheers Andre
  5. If there is a developer, who is thinking about doing it just contact me. There is a 80% chance i am gonna start Type Rating on PC24 in febuary. Cheers, Andre
  6. Hi Rich, you could some documents for the lear35? Performance tables etc. to calculate accurate V speeds e.g. Cheers Andre
  7. Thank you very much Rich! that was a great explanation! I got the FSW Lear35A with the F1 GTN. It’s great to hear that it is that accurate! So I will now definitely spend more time in it, until I can finally be back in the real airplane. Cheers, Andre
  8. Hey guys, wasn’t a lot into flight simulation lately, due to much work. Can smbdy tell me if there are any news on business jets for the simulators? Not talking about carenado, I mean business jets with system depth etc. . I got the Milviz King Air, FSW Falcon 50/Lear35 Are there any news on eaglesoft or Milviz Lear60? Man I would love a real Phenom 300. Cheers, Andre
  9. Thank you very much! Does smbdy have the link for the Avros in the Just Flight forum? Cheers Andre
  10. Thank you very much for you're replies! Does anyone know, if JF wants to create the Avros as a addon or smth? Cheers, Andre
  11. Are there any news I missed? Or still nothing?
  12. Hey guys, i am thinking about getting me one of the Bae’s. I didn’t really know a lot about Just flights BAE and Qualitywings one. Can Someone give me some pro and cons? And does Just flight gonna bring an Avro update with the glass cockpit? Best regards, Andre
  13. Yeah true, but i think from now on with the release of KLAS, its the next project right? Does anyone know which development team is developing haneda? Back when they announct KATL, they first announced haneda and pulled back because some other team is developing that airport. But since then i never heard smth about haneda
  14. Hey guys, are there finally some new on FT Atlanta? I love ATL and the airport and cant wait for it. I just want to know if the protect is dead or still alive? Cause i haven't seen any news on it since the announcement. Cheers, Andre
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