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  1. sorry my englisch is not really good, yeah thats what i am asking for
  2. yeah but the window should be controllable via a 2. sidestick so the other person can use it like i am using the main window
  3. thanks for the answer! TeamPlayer is working, but the problem is with the 2. window that i don´t know how the seconds person can change the view with the 2. sidestick etc
  4. hey everyone, first of all my englisch is not the best, so please be aware of that. Me and a friend of mine wanted to fly together on one computer. So we got 2 Displays and now we try to set it up that we got 2 Views working independently of each other, but we don´t get it done. We also wanted to have 2 Mouse coursers. Is this even possible or are there any 3 party addons which we could use to get that done? appreciate any help! André
  5. Hey thanks for the quick reply! yes excatly, everything appeared as expected and at the second session i had that problem. It is P3D v4 and not it didn´t initalize.
  6. Hello everyone, i purchased the 747 v3 yesterday and made one flight last night. today i wanted to start another one and it showed me this: The Cockpit is black but every switch is working and the aircraft outside is not loading. What is wrong? Would preciate your help thanks!