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  1. i really don´t like the Carenado aircrafts. So i wouldn´t put my money into it. But thank you were much!
  2. that sound great and great pictures! I think i will purchase it. Thank u were much!
  3. thank you very much guys! Stay safe! :)
  4. Hey guys, i bought the Milviz 350i and I am really loving her. I just wanted to know how good Flight 1 King Air 200 is compared to the 350i von Milviz. I am a real world Pilot, so it should have a Good Garmin etc. . cheers, Andre
  5. I started with IVAO and than after a year changed to Pilotedge. PE was the best decision I ever made. Can recommend it to anybody!
  6. Yeah me too! P3D is really missing a good Single Engine Turbo Prob. I would prefer the TBM, but I would also be happy with a Good PC-12 or Piper Meridian
  7. Are they planning to release the TBM900 for P3Dv4 some time in the future?
  8. Wow thank you very much! That sounds promising!
  9. Are there any news on FT KATL?
  10. Yeah that teaser irritated me. That’s why I opened the topic 😊
  11. What is about the systems depth? Never had a product from feelthere or AH. Are they comparable to something like tfdi?
  12. I found this video, of a green dot in an E-Jet https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EphvGccIwgA&t=13s
  13. Yeah I know, but they only posting a green dot. Looks a little bit more like something secret, because Pax was previewed
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