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  1. Hi, is anyone using Envtex and ASCA? Does this improve the visuals compared to just using EA? I read somewhere that with EA on, Envtex will be overwritten, ASCA I am not sure. Any input is much appreciated, may be also the settings you use. Peter
  2. I bought a relatively cheep USB heaset and everything is working fine now. Copilot's voice is now routed through the speakers as all the other sounds also, IVAO ATC is routed to the headset and no lower volume when ATC is kicking in. Peter
  3. Thanks for the advice, Gerald. Actually I made some progress, MCE is now routing Copi's voice to my headset and the volume level stays up during ATC chatter. Funny thing is that GSX voices turn down instead, which come out of the speakers like the rest of the sound. So doesn't seem to be a MCE specific problem. I would like to have MCE also on the speakers, but will see. I assume problem is with Win10 or the audio controller of my mainboard msi MPG Z390 Gaming Pro. Yes I am on the latest MCE. Peter
  4. Yes, but then again it works for a while and after a couple of minutes it stops again. I think MCE is not recognizing my voice, no red bar on the left top of the screen. Checking the sound controls the mic is OK. Would an USB headset be better? Peter By the way would it be better to enable WHQL in Bios to allow other drivers to be installed. I am far from being a computer geek, so that might be nonsense.
  5. I think that I have a more complex issue with MCE. It is not only that the Copi's voice level gets low, after a while I completely loose my Copi. Looking at my sound settings my mic is working. Peter
  6. Thanks guys, I already have done the "do nothing option" to no success. @Dimitrios in Narrator I have unticked "Lower the volume..." to no success. But I think Narrator is off anyways. It would be great if you could have a look into your "focus assist" settings and tell me what they are. Peter
  7. Hi, I am facing a problem with the voice volume of my Copilot. Starting up I can hear my Copilot very well. When ATC chatter (default P3d) kicks in the volume of my CoPi goes very low, bearly hearable. Is anyone else having this problem? If not can you kindly describe your sound setup. Thanks Peter
  8. Thanks Gerald, the sound card is here and I can put it into the PC. Being it a Win10 issue, I wonder how many users are facing this problem. Would be great if users could comment. I will open another thread. Peter
  9. I followed the recomendations in the article but CoPi voice still turns down when ATC is active. I do have an old soundcard laying around. Do you think that might help? Peter
  10. I am on Windows drivers. Just deleted the Realtek ones and made a system restart. The headset is connected to back of the PC.
  11. Happy too early. CoPi voice still turns down when ATC is active even so I have communication configured as recommended. In addition I "loose" my first officer quite often (no communication, no actions). Sometimes she/he comes back later during the flight. Peter
  12. It may help to highlight that somewhere during the installation. Peter
  13. Thank, thank you very much, Gerald. I am now a happy MCE user again. Peter
  14. It's almost working now. One problem left is, when I tune in ATC the CoPi voice gets so quite, that I cannot hear her/him anaymore. Peter
  15. Yeah, this got me further. Now strange thing is that the voice answers partially in German.
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