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  1. Works fine here. I used to talk to the ground crew, now I let AOC interact with GSX. Peter
  2. Hi Haseen, and if all that doesn't help, you might try first loading the DA62 at your desired airport and then start Active Sky. I know that some FSLabs customers face issues when loading ActiveSky first and then the FSL Airbus. Might be unique to the FSL Airbus but you never know. Peter
  3. Thanks Simbol, but this was on the ground and tailwind, no problems in the air. Peter
  4. Yesterday I was flying LSZR-EDDM with strong winds reported especially around MUC. The aircraft was nicely controllable in the air but taxiing in MUC with a 32 kts tailwind was nearly impossible. I was pushed off the taxiway right and left. Is this a bit oversensitive or would you have to leave the DA52 in the hanger in the rw? Peter
  5. Thank you very much Oliver. Now I can see my GPU switch in the Vertex DA62 🙂. Peter
  6. She is for sure a fantastic aircraft. Just flew a pretty complex approach into LOWI (RNAV GNSS Y 08) and she did it like the big ones. I do have fsAerodata now and it is worth it. Peter
  7. I use FS Global 2018 FTX. As FlightSim Store closes we get offered a transfer to Simmarket. Did someone here already transfered the product to Simmarket successfully? I am following the given procedure exactly, got already 4 certificates, but it never works. Peter
  8. Hi Rudi, I tried the "direct to" again, this time AKANU. direct-to symbol is shown to AKANU, AFCS shows GPS, AP, YD, FLC 93KT in green. After 1-2 minutes direct-to is replaced by a random flightplan segment (VA020 -> VA021) and the aircraft looses the track. Doing the direct-to a second time all is good. If nobody else makes this experience I might just do a reinstall. I don't think I can add pictures here. Thanks for the help Peter
  9. I adjusted my axis already, but then I assume that turn radius is correct. As far as the direct-to problem is concerned I do have that with every waypoint.
  10. Two things I noticed. When taxiing and applying full rudder left or right the radius is very large. I am using Crosswind pedals. If I do a direct-to initially the plane turns correctly but after a couple of minutes it looses the direct-to and flies some weird curves; doing the direct-to a second time everything is fine.
  11. Thanks again Rudi, nice explanation, now it's clear.
  12. Yes, but I do not want to select an approach in the G1000 as it is old nav database. For now I go with my method described above. FSAerodata might be a choice in the future.
  13. Thanks Rudi, understand. What I meant is getting the ILS frequency automatically dialed in and active as well as the automated switch of the CDI when you activate the approach. Thus meaning you have to load and finally activate an approach within the G1000. That was my understanding of the manual. For me now the quick and easy way is just dialing the ILS frequency, make it active and set the CDI to VOR1. Peter
  14. This is for sure a fantastic aircraft. Coming from 90% airliner flying it's the opposite now since buying the DA62. I followed the discussions about the navigation data, no SIDs, no STARs. But I can say she flies all up-to-date procedures just fine. I create a flightplan in EFB2 (latest airac) including SID, STAR, Approach, this plan gets written into P3D4 and shows up in the G1000 exactly as per the charts. The G1000 probably doesn't know that the plane is flying a SID or STAR but I don't care. The only think I haven't figured or it might not be possible is to load/activate an approach. When trying to load an approach the G1000 looks into the P3D4 old navigation database and then my STAR gets messed up. Is this correct? To have VOR1 (ILS) and CDI autotune I would have to activate the approach in the G1000? For now I set frequency and CDI manually. Anyways it's a lot of fun and a lot to learn flying the DA62. Peter
  15. Jean-Claude, nothing here. Where I am supposed to see that on my UTLive UI. Thanks Peter
  16. This is a known problem with GSX and the FSL Bus and will be corrected with the next update of the A319/A320. It has nothing to do with MCE. Peter
  17. I am interested in the Phenom 300. How good is the simulation? I am coming from the FSL Airbus and certainly do not expect the same deep simulation, but what is simulated should really work. And is it running in P3D4.4? Thanks for any comments Peter
  18. Thanks Ray, sounds good. In fact I do have an UHD, looking forward to the first flight in 4.4. Peter
  19. DId anyone try the Lear in P3D4.4 already? Peter
  20. It is not a zipped file, I do not get an option to unzip.
  21. Thanks Gerald, the downloaded patch is "mce-Patch-For-XPrototypes-Only.file". How do I apply this patch? Peter
  22. Here we go. [fltsim.0] title=Learjet 25 - U.S. Private - Red Belly sim=XP_Gates_Learjet_25_v2r1 model= panel= sound= texture=1 kb_checklists=XP_GLJ25v2_check kb_reference=XP_GLJ25v2_ref atc_id=N864XP ui_manufacturer=Gates Learjet ui_type=Model 25D ui_variation=U.S. Private - Red Belly ui_typerole=Twin Engine Jet ui_createdby=Xtreme Prototypes, Inc. description=Nicknamed "fighters in civilian clothing" because of their sleek design and amazing performance, the classic Learjet 20 Series aircraft were the first true executive jets and redefined business aviation during the 1970’s. As Learjet's customer's needs evolved and grew, so did the aircraft they came to love. With the longer-range Gates Learjet Model 25D came a longer cabin, increased seating capacity, more flexible loading options, greater fuel capacity and a rather sleek-looking stretched fuselage. Thanks Peter
  23. Hi Charlie, thanks, looks great. I tried a flight with the generic MCE and a lot is covered already. Peter
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