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  1. thefpr

    Can't open FS2Crew

    Hi Bryan, Thank you for answering. I managed to open the FS2Crew panel as you said, via "Views - Instrument Panels - FS2Crew Main Panel". So the key assignment is not the right one, but I have nothing which can correspond to Autofeather in my language. That's not a problem for me anymore, I'll open it via Views, but it can be a problem for the others new users... Thank you again for your product and your help, Nicolas.
  2. thefpr

    Can't open FS2Crew

    Hi ! As a common user of the Airbus X Extended, I have bought this beautiful product two days ago. After a few scares caused by switching language of my OS, I've finally managed to change Speech Recognition to EN-US, and then switch my OS to my own language. And today, I've launch FSX for testing this software. So, as it said in the manual, I've enabled FS2Crew in the AXE's configurator (hotfix 17b) and then load Cold & Dark state for my Airbus. And here is the problem : - I've assigned "F" for "Hélice (Mise en drapeau)" which seems to correspond to "Autofeather (Arm/Off)", but when I press it in game - AFTER the panel state loaded - nothing happens. I've tried to re-assign to another key, on my keyboard and on my joystick, but nothing happens. By the way, I've opened "panel.cfg" of the AXE's to see if FS2Crew's windows and gauges are present, and they are. And I've already uninstall / install the AXE's another time, then FS2Crew another time. :( It seems I have done something wrong, but I can't see what. I think the problem is from key assignement, but I don't know. So if anybody got the same problem, or something similar, ou peut-être quelques utilisateurs français trainant par ici qui pourrait me dire quelle touche ils ont assignés à quoi pour ouvrir le panel FS2Crew, it would be nice. Nicolas. :(