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  1. JasonPC

    P3Dv4.4 night time flying

    There gets to be a point at night where simobjects just turn completely black. I'll have to take some screenshots. Its like the lighting at certain times looks great in p3d v4.4 and then all of a sudden boom totally black between a certain time period. I'm guessing it depends on the moon phase. I'm thinking that the problem with this is possible over dependence on dynamic lighting at night. There's just not enough airports with them.
  2. JasonPC

    Aerosoft CRJ

    It's pretty good now but it took a long time to get to where it is. One of the navigraph updates broke the fms but the last update fixed that.
  3. JasonPC

    QW787 current status?

    I think the problem is from using the TOGA function mapped to a joystick button. I thought this was supposed to be fixed but who knows. I am using the click spot for now which seems to work.
  4. JasonPC

    CS757 III v1.1 released

    I am only comparing the cost to other addons available at this time. What the addon is worth to each person is up to them. If you absolutely have to have a 757, then I would say it is worth it. Like I said I paid more for this than the Leonardo Maddog which I would consider a vastly superior product. I'm just saying it lacks the polish of similarly priced addons. Most CS products are $50-$60 at release. They chose to charge $75 for what was at the time an unfinished, early release. And at this time months later there are still outstanding issues.
  5. JasonPC

    CS757 III v1.1 released

    I tend to agree that it is overpriced. I think it has the potential to be a great plane add-on. If it were priced like most of CS's products I would say its about worth it. But I paid more for this than Leonardo's Maddog X which has a heck of a lot more polish than this add-on. But I do think this plane has been CS's best to date. They need to focus on performance improvements and post launch support. Bug fixes do come but it takes a lot of time and some major issues (trim values for takeoff) seem to never get fixed even though it's a known issue. They are trying though. They fixed one bug and even emailed me a link to a test update to make sure it was fixed.
  6. JasonPC

    QW 787 ToD Issue

    The devs have acknowledged there is a TOD calculation bug related to STARS. One way to fix it is by deleting altitude restrictions from the STAR.
  7. JasonPC

    PMDG 747-8 Being released today

    I'd do 35 for it but no way at 70. I just don't fly the 747 enough.
  8. JasonPC

    PMDG 747-8 Being released today

    You can have both the -400 and -800 at the same time, but you need to uninstall the -400 first and download the new update just released today (no microupdate through operations center).
  9. JasonPC

    Coolsky Fleet Coming to P3Dv4

    Any word on how this compares to the Leonardo MD-82?
  10. JasonPC

    UTOPIA Take Off Calculator for QW 787

    I started working on a utopia profile for the -8 but stopped working on it because I have put this plane on the shelf as I think it's too buggy. For now I interpolated a lot of values because I didnt have time to try every altitude/flap value/derate setting.
  11. JasonPC

    QW787 current status?

    Never had that problem with the fslabs airbus. Only way it would happen is if you inadvertently disabled autothrottle. With this bug I disabled autopilot and there was no way to get the throttles back to idle.
  12. JasonPC

    QW787 current status?

    I had a bug the other day where my throttles were stuck at TOGA position after takeoff no matter what. I went up like a rocket ship. Who says the age of supersonic travel is dead? I've seen other people report the bug. I've never had this one happen before until 4.3.
  13. The latest version is on Simmarket from what I can tell. The version date was 6/26/18.
  14. JasonPC

    Captain Sim 757-200

    He's saying that he can move the stabilizer from the white area to the green area (which the value shown by the FMC should be within) but yet even after doing this the plane is very unstable at takeoff and requires a lot of movement on the yoke and/or retrimming in the air. I have this problem as well. At first I thought it was just me but after a few flights I'm convinced it's the plane. From my understanding the trimming for takeoff CG should require some inward pressure on the yoke once you have taken off. But the plane seems to want to lose altitude without any user input which results in more intervention than usual to prevent from crashing.
  15. JasonPC

    Captain Sim 757-200

    Performance hasn't really improved since the first hotfix that allowed you to disable the virtual cabin. It still leaves a little bit to be desired and could be better. The NGX and CRJ definitely perform better.