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  1. Here’s a novel thought to everyone arguing over the shade of grass (really?? It’s come to this?). There are varying climates and various species of vegetation all around the planet. Winter in Florida looks a lot different from winter in Minnesota in the US for example… I believe accuseason has it built in to be able to change the tree tones depending on these climate zones and times of year so should they be able to implement texture masking (which I am a skeptic that they can), maybe they can do the same for it.
  2. Not working for me either tonight could be related to the WU12 launch?
  3. The problem is there have been no substantive updates for several months. I know there were changes made to the fuel pump logic in one of the sim updates, I think SU9, and the dev hasn’t been able to get the fuel system to work exactly as it should since then. There have been some hotfix updates to the Concorde to keep it working somewhat but I can’t get all the trim tank fuel pumps to work correctly anymore. So the end result is this aircraft is indefinitely stowed away in the hangar. There are too many better aircraft to fly now.
  4. I think it’s related to the cloud system and I don’t think the problem has always been there. I think it first started appearing when they made drastic changes to clouds and released on Xbox. It happens in dx11 as well.
  5. Didn't say it would not just that for overall performance (for other applications that don't care about cache) the 5800x would certainly be faster due to the higher clockspeed. This is further compounded if you have a chip like mine that can't sustain full boost speeds under 100% load across all cores. I came from a 5600x and performance nearly doubled in some circumstances in msfs.
  6. Yes I have tried everything and have come to the conclusion that it’s just bad silicon. There’s a video on the optimum tech YouTube channel where he purchased a new 5800x3d to replace a borrowed one and it ran significantly hotter than the borrowed cpu despite being in the same system. Since voltage and clock speed are locked down on this chip there are limited amounts of tweaks that can be done to overcome this. I've also repasted the CPU and really found that the previous application was excellent. My temps actually got slightly worse after the repaste although possibly this will improve a little as it cures somewhat.
  7. I don’t think it’s really a worth while upgrade/investment from a 5800x. It’s an improvement but not day and night. If you are satisfied with the 5800x you risk getting bad silicon/a bum chip. My 5800x3d falls into that category when I read how others perform. It technically meets all the specs set by AMD but it struggles to meet its full boost under an all-core load due to heat. Mine can only achieve 4.1 maybe 4.2 ghz in a stress test while others can get 4.4 or 4.5. In gaming it will do just fine though. But in an all-core load a 5800x would easily beat my 5800x3d.
  8. Yes I've seen it and I have seen many others report the problem. It seems that it also depends on the camera angle whether the bleed through occurs or not.
  9. If they could have pushed this product farther into immersion compared to the P3D version I think no one would have batted an eye at the price. But in some ways it was a step back compared to the progress they made in the subsequent P3D updates and they are just now starting to get caught up to that branch of development. It’s still one of my favorites to fly and it’s even more immersive to fly in msfs due to the sim itself. For the price it gets a lot of use from me. I hope they continue to support it and add more features. I am encouraged by the recent updates. The automated simbrief integration is welcome although I wish it didn’t take yet another process running to make this happen.
  10. No the default key bindings don’t necessarily all work. There is the maddog app which allows you to assign some commands to keyboard/controller shortcuts outside of msfs.
  11. That’s why I said the 5800x3d may squeak by more performance here but many people use their PCs for more than just flight sim.
  12. I would recommend the newer 13600k. It’s actually slightly cheaper and matches or beats the 12700k as a whole. 5800x3d has more cache and might squeak by a little more performance in msfs but the 13600k has it beat by far for multi core performance.
  13. Personally I think I got a bum chip/lost the silicon lottery. This is also probably the worst aio cooler one could get. That noctua is probably way better than this MSI crud aio. Although I can tell it’s working properly and that it’s the chip putting out some serious heat because when I touch the radiator, it is very hot even with fans ramped up all the way. When I said over 80C all core I meant in a cinebench benchmark. In msfs temps are between 60 and 80c.
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