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  1. Yeah for some reason I couldn’t find the full zip on garmin’s website. On the download page they had linked to
  2. The only setup package I could find was which included an older database from 2018.
  3. Where can I find the Databases_Setup.msi file? I can't seem to find any file where I can extract that installer. Think I may have answered my own question... is it in this file? https://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=14141
  4. What’s your mesh resolution set on in v5?
  5. I think there is a way, but it's not exactly easy. You have to point flai2utl to the AIG aircraft directory and add an empty text file to each aircraft type to identify which aircraft to use for each type. The manual uses an example of creating an empty file named B738.ai2utl and specifically mentions that they used the Alpha India aircraft.
  6. I'm seeing giant (off-seas) oil platforms in some fairly unrealistic places in P3DV5. Can anyone confirm? I did a flight into KSDF (default scenery not FSDT) and there was an oil platform on short final to RW17R that was basically in the flight path of the approach. Seems a little bit far inland! Anyone know if there's a BGL file that can be disabled to remove them? Clearly this is from the updated vector data. I've also seen some in Lake Ponchartrain near KMSY. There are some platforms out there but they are not the size the platforms represented in P3DV5 (those would be more representative of something out in the Gulf of Mexico).
  7. Is it just me or is the night lighting really dark?
  8. Meh why don’t they fix their current aircraft first I have low expectations here. I’m sure the model and textures will be great though.
  9. Now that I look at my upload I think it's the image compression that makes it look worse (my photo looks a bit different from what I am seeing in-game). Lights look right though.
  10. Yeah those runway and taxiway textures do not look right.
  11. Sounds about right. I've never had a problem slowing this plane down with the reverse thrust.
  12. The only thing I can think of is the cabin pressure bug has been fixed which was never fixed in the old version (it wasn’t a bug in the original release but rather introduced in a patch). Still has major LNAV issues especially on SIDs. It will follow it fine and then all of a sudden start looping around for no apparent reason. I’m sure this is a great way to make friends with controllers on VATSIM. It still is prone to some unstable fps but I find as long as you load a default aircraft first, this isn’t an issue. Still most modern P3D addons don’t require you to load a default plane first and I don’t like that you need to do that.
  13. It still has LNAV problems. Even after they called it “Pro” it still shares a lot of the same issues as the first version. Just slapped some PBR on it and fixed some stupid bugs that should have been squashed a long time ago.
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