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  1. I think they used a reduced render scale to basically emulate an upscaling to 4K from a lesser resolution because the graphic card they used couldn’t possibly be expected to realistically run above 30 fps at 4K native. This allowed them to run the sim at 60 fps with the update’s performance improvements.
  2. It would also be great to see if a version of the sextant could be made for this, though I have my doubts since AH didn't develop it.
  3. This one is so much fun to fly but darn it was a very buggy release for P3D. I hope this one is better.
  4. That's a shame, but I am really glad they were able to walk away from the accident.
  5. In my opinion it's Asobo who likely leaned on Aerosoft to stop sharing tidbits of the inner development of the SDK considering how closely Aerosoft and Asobo have been working together. Since Asobo is not obligated to help Aerosoft in these matters (though it's in their best interest), they absolutely have the right to request less information being shared about the current state of the SDK. I suspect a comment was made that Asobo didn't particularly like. That said I still expect the hype train would still be in full gear considering they said most communication about the addon would be handled by marketing.
  6. I tried everything and I always had problems with the tracking in NAV mode, especially when there is a vector in the departure. Then later versions developed problems with the pressurization system. Then the A320 in P3DV4 I had problems with VNAV (managed airspeed dropping) for the longest and gave up.
  7. I think he means until it's out and reviewed we don't know WHAT to expect. But there were two prior major releases (obviously on old/different code) that both had unresolved issues despite numerous updates and promises. So maybe those two other releases are setting the tone for his expectations?
  8. I hope the thing can follow the stupid magenta line this time. But I will definitely wait to buy this. I'm not going to be fooled three times.
  9. The FPS drop seems to be related to the weather transitions. But there has been no improvement there.
  10. Yeah at altitude I had a reading on -99C once. It did not match the temps aloft that were read in the program.
  11. Honestly this program is still not ready for prime time. Without a proper SDK for the weather, I'm not sure if it will ever be. I'm a bit disappointed. It almost feels like you're playing roulette with the weather with either this program or the built in live weather. Both have different interpretations of what's going on, but usually both are wrong. At least the built in weather has seamless transitions, though it does have a lightning problem.
  12. I have to say I have seen some issues with a couple of the METARs that the program is pulling from. There were some major accuracy problems and if I checked from foreflight, a completely different metar was read from what was being reported in weather force. It's the exception not the rule, but like I say there's been a couple.
  13. I think there is still yet a lot of work to be done. Anyone who calls this study level or even better than Aerosoft maybe looked at screenshots of it and nothing else...
  14. I think everyone needs to go fly the 737 or A320 in FSX for a while to get a good idea of what one should expect. Everyone has been flying PMDG, FSLabs, or Leonardo aircraft for too long for a frame of reference. Although there's some bugs and definitely some wonky flight dynamics, they are much higher fidelity aircraft than the FSX default. I don't think it will take much to get them even better given how far the mods have improved them already. That said, bring on the third party developer aircraft, they will be fantastic in this sim.
  15. I will say this hobby isn’t cheap (many aren’t). But have you considered how much $$$ it would take to make any other sim look like MSFS? IMO it’s a bargain compared to that.
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