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  1. I have a Goflight EFIS which I thought could never use at MSFS, and then found the Polypot GoFlight Interface Tool, which made it work very well with the PDMG B737
  2. I tried enabling DSR at the NCPanel at 1,78x and 50% smoothness, and switching from my native 1080p resolution to 2560p, and got almost no more blurry images at DLSS DX12
  3. How that sharpening setting at the usercfg.opt interacts with the ingame AMD sharpening option ?
  4. I have a problem, since before SU10. I cannot set flights from USA airports, I have always a CTD when loading the flight. No problem with Europe and South America. When I disable GSX, the issue dissapears. I hoped that SU10 would fix it, but it didnt.
  5. Not in my case, with both Studio and Game Ready drivers, with DLSS enabled, my RTX3060 uses almost fully its 12gb VRAM, with TAA it uses 9,6gb VRAM, so some diferent memory management is currently going on.
  6. TAA is OK, and shows slightly better FPS performance. Images are crisper, and shimmering was avoided by switching from my native resolution 1080p to 2600p, I think will stay with TAA at DX12 and the new game ready driver
  7. I got a CTD and a total PC crash at the same scenery. I should try with TAA to see if it happens
  8. Installed the new game ready driver, and my impresions are: I am running at DX12 and got almost the same FPS rate as the old driver, but when DLSS was enabled, I found less stuttering than before.- Blurry textures where cured almost totally by setting DLSS to quality, and the AMD sharpening option at full, combined with enabling DSR at 1,78x rate and 50% smoothness and image scale /sharpening to 100% at the NCP. Also shimmering dissapeared when I switched my native resolution from 1080p to 2560p. .- At TAA, FPS performance is slighly better, and images are crisper but at the cost of certain shimmering, and is not as smooth as DLSS
  9. Is hiperthreading useful at DX12 ? I have a 6 cores processor, and tried both enabled and disabled, and the only diference I noticed was that when enabled, percentage CPU usage is lower.
  10. GTX 3060 here, and last studio driver.- I switched to DX12 and my experience is: With DLSS noticed some FPS and smoothness improvement but at the cost of blurred images.- Noticed a dramatic increase at VRam use ( 11Gb of 12 Gb total) Activated DSR at NCP at 1,78x and selected 50% smoothness Switched from native 1080p to 1620p That dramatically improved image sharpness equaling TAA with better FPS performance, but at the cost of more stuttering when panning. I tried playing with DSR 1,78x and 2,25x and diferent smoothness rates but found no improvement. So I returned to TAA which I found being a better compromise between sharp images, FPS and less stuttering Waiting to the Ready Game Driver to see if it gets us some improvement.
  11. I saw some performance improvement (better FPS rate), and way more smoothness, but at the cost of not so crisp image as I got with TAA, even using the ingame sharpening slider at maximun
  12. PMS GTN750 released an update compatible with SU10, and now the VRmap works OK
  13. Generally working well, I noticed a slight performance improvement: 10% better FPS, PDMG B700/700 performs well. I tried DLSS but the image quality didnt satisfied me, so I returned to TAA as I get better crisp images with almost no performance diference.-
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