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  1. Those files are present at my B737/700 folder, which I bought from PDMG, and have no problems with it, my problem is with B737/800 bought from MSFS Marketplace, and found that those files are not present at its folder. Should I have to reinstall it ?
  2. After SU15 my loading time seems to be slightly short (4 or 5 minutes) But today the starting progress gets stuck for a long time when looking for updates, it took about 12 minutes to load. I tried 3 times with the same result, maybe it is due to excesive busy servers ?
  3. Same to me, after SU15, all times I fly the 737/800, fix it restarting the flight
  4. I am using FS Traffic, and everytime I set a flight from any airport, traffic doesnt show initially, If I get out and restart the flight from the beggining, then strangely, traffic appears. I generated a ticket at support but didnt get a solution
  5. I built a new PC for FSMS, and am not sure about some steps while reinstalling it : Should I uninstall previously MSFS at the old PC in order to prevent problems with licence, etc ? For the reinstall process should i just ingress at my Microsoft account and find the product there ? As I have the Packages /Community/Oficial, folder installed at other disk, which I plan to keep in my new Pc, I asume I can install only the basic game and use my old Packages folder, is it OK ? Addons as PDMG aircraft and others which are installed in diferent Windows folders, should be uninstalled previously at the old PC ? Some other advise or tips related ? Thanks
  6. My mother and CPU are too old ( i7 990) and should be replaced, so I am searching for both. I noticed there are DDR4 and DDR5 RAM mother options, which is the diference ?
  7. I am in way to replace my actual CPU for MSFS, and want advice about a medium/high class Intel processor, and RAM options. Thanks
  8. Thanks for your opinions. My CPU is old, a I7 990.,@ 4,5 Ghz, so I think that is my bottleneck - I tried DX12, HAGS and FG enabled, and didnt notice a really neat improvement, almost + 15% FPS, but with some strange flickering artifacts. So I went back to DX11, with DLSS Super Res./DLAA as before, and NV reflex low latency set at on+boost (I dont know what is it for) with almost the same FPS improvement but better image, as that allowed me to set Terrain LOD from 80 to 120 with almost not FPS penalty.
  9. I use a CH Throttle Quadrant, and works great at 4 engines aircraft (DC6, B747, A340,etc) Also reversers work OK for the 4 engines
  10. How is that you can set DX12 at the NVCP ?
  11. I switched from a RTX 3060 to a RTX 4070 and noticed a very modest performance improvement, almost the same FPS as before. I an using the same MSFS settings such as super DLSS resolution with DLAA, which I dont know if they are adequate to the new gpu, also I want to know how to manage the new gpu features as frame generation, as it doesnt show at the Nvidia control panel.- Thanks
  12. I had DXCache and I deleted all its content, and from then, it is now always empty
  13. I had never problems with the PMDG B737 brakes, just pressing both toe brakes always releases them. Maybe you have a pedals configuration problem.
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