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  1. Problem solved ..... somehow Multicrewxperiences screen narrator had been triggered ........
  2. Hi .... here's a curious one .... all of a sudden on certain of the planes in my hangar, i am being treated to a pitch call-out which at the end of the take-off roll, runs: 'Pulling stick' the which is followed by '4degrees pitch/5 degrees/6 degrees/' etc .... in some cases stopping when level flight reached, in others continuing ad infinitum ... Obviously I ask myself what I might have added recently and come up with 1) latest version EditVoicePack and 2) beta copy Milviz KA 350i .... have checked with Lars at the former and checked the sound folder in the 350i simobjects entry, the sound folder at root, and not anything either recognized by Lars or found in either folder .... as this unwanted intrusion a serious distraction, I want to remove it ... anyone recognize what I'm describing????
  3. Spellbinding piece of work .... well done (pardon the pun, but the music totally in tune with the content) ....
  4. Malcolm .... have to leave that one for Alfredo to answer .... basic beginner sized questions I can help with but have to leave the bigger picture nuts and bolts stuff for others .... sorry .... Alan
  5. M4rk0 ...... I think the above reply to my raising the issue covers your query .... Supermalc .....to get the process up and running you have to click 'shift' at same time you click on map to highlight the tile .... you see a sort of red speckled effect inside the yellow box .... Alfredo ... Ran a tile earlier today with the current version and works just fine .... Alan
  6. Hi Alfredo ..... links to error messages: http://www.mediafire.com/file/04ep12h031atcjh/error2.PNG/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/g5cy37geqsffeob/imagerror.PNG/file am running the latest version of the program .... look forward to your thoughts ....
  7. ignore this for now ..... have backtracked the program's record of the task and found what may be the problem .... will advise if a fix not found! ------------------------------------------------------------------------just completed a rerun of Oahu using BI17 and discover no ADDON_SCENERY folder created ..... ?? ..... any ideas??
  8. Euroau .... thanks for pitching in ..... my thinking is taking me towards the conclusion that it really is in p3d's processing of the tiles the problem lies ..... on a couple of occasions while waiting for the program to finish, opened a selection of the bmps in the Addon_scenery folder with Paint, and been impressed by the clarity, colour depth/vibrancy of what I'm seeing .... i.e. if that were replicated in the sim then what a happy bunny I would be! (this notion supported by my recollection of running the program during my recent trial of X-plane .... think I'd recall seeing the anomalies I'm seeing in p3d, had they been there? Alan
  9. Hi ..... just my tuppenceworth of feedback on the current state of play .... decided to do Oahu(2 tiles-exe version GO2 Z17) with summer + night mask and, processed in under 2 hours which is pleasing .... where I'm less enthusiastic(yes, I know I'm repeating myself here but for me a significant disappointment) has to be with the quality and consistency of the finished tiles ... for example, take a look at the captures as per links below, to see what I mean .... someone commented to the effect its a bug of some sort with P3D.... so why isn't it visible with my Orbx regional scenery which is utterly convincing as to colouration and consistency?? Hate to rain on the parade, but I have to be honest and say output like that is non-viable, a real immersion killer(the night scenery also leaves a lot to be desired - see capture also) .... I very much appreciate the work going into this project on kjjj's part and am keen to see it succeed, and appreciate its early days, but feel we have to consider quality of output as a variable in the equation .... Alan http://www.mediafire.com/file/w319j7bd5a21jii/oahuinconsistency.PNG/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/ms35gmm0jsc5555/oahuinconsistency1.PNG/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/majcrlokdbl05r5/oahunight.PNG/file
  10. Hi ..... given the above I expected to find Imagemagick included in the latest file available at github .... no sign????
  11. Hi .... having got sorted out with the 'how to' end of things with running the program, wonder what the consensus is regarding the look of the ortho on the ground .... I'm seeing anomalies which I've taken captures of and can be seen as per the links below. Interested to know if anyone else seeing similar, and know any way of avoiding these .....???? 1) Mallorca ..... ortho scenery stops short of the East end of the island though according to the map the whole island is covered by the 2 tiles ..... something else a litlle odd about this was the whole job only took between 2 & 3 hours to complete, which compares not at all with some of the mamoth time frames i've encountered for a single tile to be processed .... https://www.4shared.com/folder/i-UZIWaF/lepa.html 2) EGPK shows a dividing line between what looks like 2 seriously different colour palettes .......https://www.4shared.com/folder/weHJeXSN/EGPK.html using exe version with BI17
  12. Hi John .... the xp-style file structure, like you, threw me at the outset .... you have to click down through these folders .... will bring you to a folder: BI_ZF(yours may be named differently if you're not using Bing as source of imagery) .... inside that is all the texture files + a folder 'ADDON_SCENERY' .... 'scenery' folder inside with bgls ...... scroll to this folder from Scenery Library in sim as you'd normally do when adding scenery .... and, other things being equal, you should see your new scenery .... don't forget to untick any third party scenery(such as an Orbx region if your tile located there) .... locate it well down the priority list (i've got mine just above 'base-scenery') ..... hope that helps .......
  13. Glad to see you've taken your medicine with fortitude and a healthy sense of humour ...... Thanks to kjjj for the youtube link .....
  14. Aussibob ..... trying out your 'Assemble Vector Data' approach .... currently at step: BuildImagery/DSF .... did you then click on 'All in one'???? Request to kjjj - would you mind posting the video to YouTube as my ESP won't let me access the link given .....????
  15. I ran creation of a single BI17 tile yesterday using exe version and shut the process down eventually as still in progress after 7 hours ... also noted a high overhead in storage space required.... 61 GB ..... surely something must be amiss??? PS ... run a reasonably fast PC .... will check out the video, see if anything jumps out at me ....
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