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  1. When i try to fly direct to a VOR expect to see DME ...... but nothing doing ..... this is using latest WT mod??? (visited Github in hope of being able to put the question to them, but couldn't find a contact link) This a message for any Moderator who happens to be passing: perhaps when you decide my post has to gain the site's approval before posting, it'd be basic good manners to tell me what infraction I've committed so I can avoid it next time .... thanks
  2. Should anyone really be surprised that the status quo vis-a-vis the planes is (systems-wise) less than stellar? To support my point, here's a suggestion ..... pop over to Wikipedia and look up Asobo, and try to work out from the details of their back-catalogue, which of the game titles listed speak to their being qualified to create believable aircraft in a flight simulator ....????? AND when you've grappled with that one have a look at the following piece: https://www.hardwarezone.com.sg/feature-heres-how-microsoft-flight-simulators-developers-breathe-life-their-planes ......?????
  3. Run several of the available mods and uncertain how they're likely to be affected by the update ....... what's likely to happen .... will mod creators check whether any conflict between their mod and changes made by Asobo and work around them ..... or whatever???
  4. Anyone point me in the direction of which key now current??? PS where might I find latest keystrokes for all functions.... ???
  5. hoping someone out there using a controller, could advise a workaround for the fact the stick i'd use is self-centering, so keeping the throttle open(in a plane without an autothrottle) would involve keeping it open with a finger on it, which not all that convenient ..........
  6. Eureka! problem solved .... went into youtube and had a look at a setup tutorial, and saw my mistake in setting up my joystick ........... appreciate all of your chipping in to help .....
  7. Last night i installed p3d and checked the physical joysticks relationship with the in-game controls, and lo and behold, when i centered the physical joystick the in-game controls did likewise .... so in MSFS,the in-game controls not centering must go a long way to explaining the crazy behaviour i'm getting .... any ideas for a fix????
  8. Might as well fill this space I created with something, and its my decision to bid MSFS a not so fond farewell ..... there's a limit to the amount of frustration/stress I can carry, and that has been reached, so its back to the balmy pastures of P3D ...OK setting up all the various add-ons to make the sim user-friendly has to be some kind of tedium, but compared to bouncing one's head off a brick wall in what amounts to an expensive obstacle course, its a dawdle ..... many thanks to those who pitched in here with suggestions, and Robert, I made a small donation a couple of weeks ago, as a retrospective thank you for all the pleasure generated by Realair. Have the Turbo Duke and the Lancair awaiting me back at base in P3D ..... ...... Alan
  9. At the risk of confirming Ricardo41's theory that i'm in need of some basic tuition, may i ask , having looked at how my controller(joystick) and the controls in the sim relate to each other, when i deflect my joystick in elevator and ailerons axes, and centre my stick, should the in game control surfaces centre too???? cos they ain't ....
  10. Am currently experiencing a wall of frustration trying to complete my first flight in one of the GA planes, after the take-off run it is uncontrollable,,... before i go into a spiral down to a crash, i get a tantalizing view of the scenery i am being denied ... ???
  11. Have this problem too, but, given my futile attempts to use the Daher, have decided an attractive solution would be to use Robert Young's modified plane(bound to be excellent and stable flying) which i have put it in the community folder .... how do i get it to appear in the sim ...it appears in the content manager, but there is no download option) /.... ????
  12. So how does one uninstall to start over, there being no way of uninstalling via Programs and Features?? ..... this whole shooting match has to be some kind of cosmic joke i.e. Microsoft lay on the hype with a trowel, promote it to the nines then send purchasers literally disappearing up their own word not allowed, in their efforts to install the another word not allowed thing ..... why so yet another word not allowed complicated ????
  13. Perhaps I'm missing something, but I'd be fascinated to know what motivated the 3 forum members who have given 'Stoopy' likes for his offering: 'Did the location with the green sky happen to be near Chernobyl?' ..... a totally tasteless comment alluding to a nuclear disaster All I can say is Stoopy, why stoop so low ??
  14. At the risk of being accused of being a grumpy old fart, have had my interest in watching any more videos killed stone dead by the mind-numbing music ...... there's an interesting paradox (in relation e.g. to the first video posted in this thread, and more generally) in that planes by definition go somewhere, but invariably the music that accompanies the endless videos of them as they do so, goes nowhere ..... repetition. repetition and more repetition .... give me the whine/roar of a jet engine, or the spine-tingling burble of a Merlin engine a-la-Spitfire any day of the week ...... feel free to stuff your incidental music where the monkey stuffs its nuts ! end of rant! time for my afternoon nap!
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