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  1. Excellent ... thank you all ... and to the developer ... i'm delirious ... the plane no longer heads for the trees or the airport furniture on take-off and landing ... well done ....!!!
  2. Have installed the mod in my Community folder where FBW A320 and Just Flight Piper Arrow reside(and show up in game) but no G36 ... the Garmin NXI shows up in content manager ...any ideas??
  3. I cannot recommend Macrium Reflect enough, reliable as can be which an important + where painless recovery of one's system involved ... AFAIK only available for Windows ..... there has always been a free version, latest version (8) no exception ... ..... suggest you check it out .....
  4. many thanks for that ........... back to the drawing board i guess! P.S. looking at your location confirms my opinion that place names(as with the English language in general), can de endlessly interesting ..... i'm a bit of a scribbler and many moons ago wrote a short story set at the time of the US Civil War............ as i did my research i realized how evocative were the place names where battles took place: e.g. Mechanicsville, Bullrun, Fort Sumter, Manassas and so on ......... I live not a stone's throw from the battlefield at Bannockburn, one of the few times we got the better of our southern neighbours!....... regards ........Alan
  5. Hi Luke ........... the cloud?? (thinking the likes of Azure) ............
  6. Hi ...... wondering if, by creating a VM, is it possible to get around the pointlessness of trying to run 5.2 with sliders to the right ... in laptop with soldered 4GB VRAM GPU ....??
  7. as a rank and file user, how would i put pressure on Asobo??
  8. OK ........ all sounds pretty reasonable ..... so, to boil it down, what's the best thing i can do to assist the beta program in moving toward a resolution of the problem ??
  9. Wish I could share the enthusiasm ..... i'll pass on the plaudits until they see fit to sort the ludicrous ground handling suffered by propellor planes ............. only change i can see is in the fact of the Piper Arrow, on landing, now firing itself to the left of the runway, whereas before it was the right ...... same end result ...... total frustration at the immersion factor being obliterated every flight one tries to make ...... aware i'm becoming a long-playing record with the needle stuck in a groove with this issue, but i expected more from my purchase, and wonder how enough pressure can be put on MS/Asobo, and by whom, to order their priorities towards core issues .... or maybe that's just an impossible dream?????
  10. Sim Update 4 ( is now live!..... unlike my hopes of seeing ground-handling for prop planes sorted .... but then again perhaps i'm aiming too high .... an earlier poster expresses an interest in having tyre-smoke .... maybe i should request they simulate blue ice ............. appropriate as the game a crock of same .... (i refuse to use the word 'simulation' as i've yet to witness a real aircraft behave like a bucket of snakes on landing)
  11. Here's my take on the comparison discussed by the OP. Have developed an obsession which manifests itself as an unstoppable urge to select Just Flight's Arrow, take off, do a circuit, and return to my starting point to land, sit back and relax as MSFS assumes control and fires me and the Arrow into the trees ..... any attempt i might make to minimise the denudation of the virtual woodland, being ignored ........ ground-handling 'par excellence' i'm sure you'd all agree .... FSX with all its glitches CTDs etc couldn't pull off that little foible ........... which has destroyed the immersion factor for me i've lost count of how many times ..... and for which no gazillions of acres of fancy schmancy scenery will ever compensate .....
  12. Definitely not a simulation, until such time as the developers see fit to fix the ground handling issues which see prop-driven planes snaking all over the runway on take-off and landing, thereby destroying the immersion factor; in my book, no amount of fancy schmancy scenery etc compensates for the absence of believable flight dynamics .... relevant link here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/600024-bonanza-g36-ground-handling/?tab=comments#comment-4530172
  13. I appreciate your perspective bs, but question the wider issue i.e. that a factor such as ground handling is up to the user to sort by fiddling with figures .... no other sim i've used including and since FSX, put the problem of ground handling in the hands(no pun intended) of the user, we all took it for granted as a crucial and essential part of the package we paid for ... what makes MSFS different?? Should you not have checked out the link i give above, suggest you do so, as it makes interesting reading ...
  14. until this ridiculous anomaly is dealt with, i for one will consider it renders this simulation unfit for purpose ..... courtesy of its destroying the immersion factor ... what is the point of flying through whizz-bang top-notch scenery etc. to have the start or end of one's flight destroyed by this particular can of worms?? Grousing is the easy bit .... how to seek a solution the bigger issue!
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