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  1. I'm in a somewhat similar situation ... when i try to d/l from website, get message 'unwanted behaviour' - no download ... with either Firefox or Google ... get HTML document ...
  2. Hi ... I don't have any Realair config panel in the Start Menu ... the only cfg link i know of is the one in the installed plane's file package in Simobjects folder ... it contains a lot of items the user can adjust including a page for gps but i don't see any means of replacing the GPS 500 with the F1 750 in there ... i'd have thought you'd have to have Flight 1 version installed, install it in the Duke, then make the change using the Reality XP app ...??
  3. One of the more unusual postings I feel sure all will Agree ... Have P3D 5.3 with longtime installed plane, as per title, which recently started to throw up all sorts of error messages none of which made any sense to me ... so I applied the logic of 'if in doubt have it out' ... having it out in this case amounted to me downloading a fresh copy of the plane from the RealAir site and carefully copying over from this, to the kaput version, basically all the files ... !Eureka! it worked! ... only slight problem being the new plane is linked to the GPS 500 of FSX days ... I'm sure some whizz can magic up a way of making my new 'improved version' accept the up-to-date Reality XP package to install the latest version of the 750 ...??
  4. Hi ... is it possible to de-activate p3d on W10, copy the whole program temporarily to an external drive, uninstall W10, then install W11 and transfer the externally saved version back but into W11, and finally install a fresh version of the program over it ... tried it out with existing copy of W10 on my machine and it worked fine ....???
  5. Hi Bob ... Here today, gone tomorrow doesn't seem to me much of a business plan - well, so much for accessing my Q400 course ... showbiz i guess!
  6. Found the notice regarding sign in with existing credentials ... i try that and am told a verification email will be forwarded ... has not happened ... what is the problem ... ???
  7. Hi ... for reasons unknown your website not accepting any of my email account names when i try to sign in ... please could someone help me ...???
  8. Hi ... any way to turn off AND keep off assists ... tried going through the whole lot and de-activating,(i.e. opting for HARD mode) but remain to plague me in external view ... ???
  9. Can someone tell me where exactly in the TBM 930 cockpit the parking brake resides so i can toggle it with mouse, as the keyboard guide key combination does nothing ... and its driving me nuts ??
  10. Sorted by the expedient of trying the installer download with Firefox(bless its little cotton socks) ... leaves me with an issue you could hopefully assist with ...from the capture as per the link you'll see i'm seeing double, as it were, when i click on the bezel ... would it be possible to blackout the screen on the panel while the pop-up's showing, as without that its a bit of a messy immersion killer ... ??? https://www.mediafire.com/file/zo07c5j6jgtxup0/Screenshot+(23).png/file
  11. Attempting to re-install but am told the above problem exists ... i trawl the fora and find suggestion to reinstall using F1 installer, which i try to do and hey presto doesn't download, courtesy alleged virus ... ???
  12. Hi Maxis ... pulled the post as the info not up to date ... goes back into January ... thanks for picking it up though ... going to backtrack to p3d with its relative stability, plus a new hotfix to explore ....
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