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  1. I did a flight lasting 50mins, I had no problems at all. I have the frame rate set to 30fps.
  2. My first airshow was at RAF Gaydon 1961-62 when I was a 13 -14 year old schoolboy, the V bombers used to do the 4 minute scramble, a Vickers Valiant V bombers nose wheel collapsed as it turned to take off right in front of me, it sat nose down engines screaming for what seemed like am age before they shut them down, I thought it was going to blow up, the noise was unbelievable. frightened me to death lol, fortunately no one was hurt and the airshow continued. The aircraft were displayed properly in those days, no health and safety nonsense. If you want to hear a really loud Vulcan howl, turn the volume up and watch this video (1) Vulcan XH558 AWESOME HOWL! Best Take Off Yet (19/0 - YouTube
  3. In the great scheme of life MSFS is totally unimportant, unless you are addicted to it.
  4. I have noticed stutters on the approach occasionally since the update, usually when flying the DC3.
  5. The tail lock is supposed to be on during take off and I believe during landing, but I find the aircraft easier to control with it off.
  6. I have flown the DC3 on a quite a few flights and really like it. I find it is a nice aircraft to fly by hand, on take-off I don't use any flaps and turn the elevator trim wheel down a few clicks this stops the steep climb tendency on take-off. I also find the plane easier to control with the tail wheel unlocked on take-off and landing. I am using the classic version as I like using the sperry auto pilot.
  7. Just Flight - Sky Simulations - McDonnell Douglas MD-11 (MSFS)
  8. I'm using DX12 now, it is working fine for me, I alternate between TAA and DLSS, depending on the aircraft, as on some the blurred instruments can be quite bad which is a shame, as DLSS puts far less strain on the GPU, which also runs a lot cooler.
  9. I have a 3090 and it runs MSFS very smoothly with good FPS at ultra settings, so I see no need to upgrade.
  10. I have had the Connie right from the start and have to say with all the development Redwing have put into the plane, it is now one of the best aircraft you can buy for MSFS, especially if you are into vintage airliners.
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