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  1. This was one of my most desired WUs, much appreciated MS and Asobo! I can only imagine how these areas will look in MSFS2024! I hope they will do countries like Greece, north-Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia as well, in the future.
  2. Under wishlist, seasons has been 'started' for a while now. Not anymore. The FS2024 trailer showed seasons, so this is a strong suggestion that seasons won't make it to 2020.
  3. Hello, MSFS has always run very smoothly on my >10 years old PC on medium to high settings but this is no longer the case. I believe the last sim update has absolutely cut my fps in half and it is more of a slideshow now; has anyone experienced the same? I have downloaded the latest updates and nVidia drivers. Thank you,
  4. How to rewatch this? When i click on the link, it shows the live feed (now done), but there is no slider to go back. Thank you!
  5. Since the Italy WU, PG cities are overgrown with trees; it takes away a lot of the immersion. Several iterations later, the problem seems to persist. Since the issue was not there before, I wonder what is the problem and why won't they fix it. Does anyone know if there is a fix for it?
  6. Edmonton already looked good before the update; I hope they have not ruined it with trees, like they have done in many other places. I am really disappointed with WU updates recently; Italy WU ruined cities like Naples and Rome; there was the lackluster USA update and now this. I know it is free and I loved what they had done before (eg Japan, Switzerland, Spain), but I wish they could make it perfect before they release and certainly not ruin what was good before.
  7. The Italian WU seemed to introduce this issue; cities with already very good PG pre-update (eg Napels), were given an apocalyptic make-over by hyper-generation of ugly trees. They posted than an update saying it was solved, but it isn't. There are many PG cities with too many trees and the latest city update seems to have the same issues, as described in this video and highlighted in the comments: (18) Microsoft Flight Simulator - BEFORE and AFTER - City Update 1 Comparison - YouTube Oddly, not all cities seem to have the issue. When will they finally fix this extremely annoying bug?
  8. People complained about Rome and Naples being post-apocolyptic jungles after WU9, even though they already had perfect photogrammatry pre-WU9-. It is beyond me why Asobo-MS had to update these cities and ruin them? Post WU10 and installing all the updates on the other WUs (perhaps a mistake), I see the trees issue also in cities like Zurich and LA, ruining them. Asobo-MS, please fix this in the next SU, as it completely ruins the experience. Thank goodness the issue is not present in all PG cities, so I wonder why some are affected and others not.
  9. Totally agree, please update Canada and not just the US.
  10. Cannot find it in the market place anymore. Have they removed it?
  11. Can anyone please recommend me a good monitor setup for MSFS? I have an old i7 2600k with gtx960 that performs really well with MSFS, but need a better monitor, also with a future PC upgrade in mind. I was thinking a 43 inch like the LG42BN70u might work, but I heard it is not that great for gaming. I am interested in the ultrawide monitors (eg LG ultragear 34 inch), but does that not stretch the image? How about dual monitors? I do photo and video editing as well. Thanks for any tips!!
  12. From far above, it looks great, but love to slowly get closer and have more night lighting details revealed. Thank goodness they restored the night lighting to where it was initially and vastly improved upon this. Well done Asobo, my best hat off for you! It is incredibly realistic and immersive.
  13. Agreed. Night lighting is just incredible now. Gliding over city streets at night is so realistic. Frankfurt one amazing example.
  14. It has been 'started' now for a while but no mention of it anywhere, even during the Q and A sessions, were Jorg goes through the list. I do not understand the radiosilence around such a huge topic.
  15. Dynamic seasons is really missing and I find the implementation of snow not that good. In a year time, they have not improved it. There is no accumulation and rain does not change into snow when going below 0. I like to see drifting snow/whiteout and would like to see ice as well. Please Asobo, vastly improve this and make this part of seasons.
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