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  1. Thanks for posting your first impressions. About your 'whitewashed bleached over-bright feel to it', I very much like this, as it provides some much needed brightness in the otherwise apocalyptically dark world MSFS is. Have you tried overcast? It looks like the final hours of dusk. In full harsch sunlight in the real world, don't you get the same over-bright bleaching effect you complain about? Asobo has not done anything about the brightness since launch.
  2. I am not a study level simmer, I just madly love MSFS for its visual fidelity, immersion and overall scope, but there have been some changes since launch, improving on some aspects and worsening others. Personally, I noted the following: Forward: -World updates, some terrain improvements, addition of very nice landmarks, amazing Japan Photogrammetry, night lighting (improved and worsened in some respects compared to launch, but I consider it an overall very slight improvement). Backward: - Overall visual fidelity seems to have somewhat lowered (I noticed less detail in the clouds, lower detail in the distance, worsening photogrammetry); - Worse performance on my 10 year old mediocre PC. I used to get smooth performance at launch (which was totally unexpected), with overall settings to high. Now, most of my settings need to be at medium-high. Longer load times since latest update. - Small planes oversensitive to winds over 10knots, almost unusable. - Coastline glitch. Probably many improvements and degradations I missed. I still very much enjoy MSFS though and appreciate all the dedication the Team is putting into it.
  3. Cannot agree more with this topic. I really hope they address this in the next generation MSFS, as currently it is extremely flawed.
  4. I can remember talk prior to MSFS release dooming companies like ORBX because there would no longer be a market for scenery add-ons. it seems that such add-ons are even more important now. The great default scenery of MSFS makes you crave for even more perfection. Besides, the recent photogrammetry releases in word updates have been so disappointing (in my view), the glaring exception being Japan, i prefer AI-generated cities with hand-made landmarks and custom-made lighting integrated within it. Or would the best solution be photogrammetry with such custom-made landmarks overlaid, as is currently being done by Asobo to some degree. Wonder what you think. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I noticed that small planes like the 152 or Savage Cub have become a lot more sensitive to wind and start shaking strongly at wind speeds over 6 knots. I do not like to fly at lower wind speeds as it makes water look like oil slick. Anyone else experiencing this. I presume this is not realistic? I liked the flight behavior of these planes before but they seem to have changed something....
  6. Hi, I briefly checked London and Oxford using the drone camera, but even when waiting for minutes for the scenery to load, the buildings have either that melted look or just look very blurry. I do not have this issues with the Japan photogrammetry. So could this be just a quality issue? I do get the message occasionally that my bandwidth is too low for photogrammetry, but not this time when loading the London and Oxford scenery. Any ideas? I would be relieved if these quality issues are due to low bandwidth and not because the photogrammetry is of low quality. On speed tests, I get 25 to 50 Mbits per s.
  7. Having seen photogrammetry in all shapes and forms within the sim, from spectacular (Japan Update), to mediocre (some North American Cities), I do sometimes prefer the AI generated scenery, which looks better up close and generates at a further distance it seems. It does look a bit too clean up close and does not blend with the surroundings as well, but I find photogrammetry, aside its frequent rendering issues, too dark sometimes, like there is a permanent shadow on it. Even photogrammetry does not always blend well, as the patch of scenery with photogrammetry may have a different Color than the surroundings (often darker). With the increasing improvements to the autogen and the addition of churches, I have high hopes it will look even better in the future. It is one of those striking MSFS achievements seldom talked about; the quality of the AI generated scenery.
  8. Not sure if this was done before, but here we go, in order of preference (and biased towards Europe): 1) Eastern Europe, including photogrammetry for cities like Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, Prague, Budapest, Belgrade, etc 2) Adriatic coast and Greece 3) The Netherlands 4) More of Germany and France 5) More of Canada Love to see updates on South America, Carribean, Middle East, Africa, all of it, but this is the top 5.
  9. Snow on ground or low level terrain is still good, but on mountains it has changed. There also these regular patterns of evenly white trees among the boreal type trees that makes it look very unrealistic. Definitely a degradation in my view and it follows the pattern what we have seen with previous updates. They deteriorate graphical quality, probably for performance reasons but improve it again at a later stage. Perhaps this is simply part of the upgrade process. In any case, snow rendition has clearly gotten worse in my view, especially in mountains, and I hope they will return to the original form. Perhaps some sun reflection in the snow surface would be great as well.
  10. Is it just my impression, or does snow look worse since the last update? More procedural, algorithmic rather than natural and patchy like before. I do not like the way mountain peaks and trees look with the new snow, too even and smooth, lacking natural variation. I also do not see traces of snow on runways at low snow depths, like before. Anyone else experiencing the same? Could this be because of the realtime life weather snow coverage algorithm now implemented? Thanks!
  11. I did not fly there before the US upgrade, but how beautifully rendered this place is, amazing!
  12. Since VR for MSFS is coming out this month, the question of getting a VR glasses becomes relevant. Can anyone recommend one and do the recommended PC specs for it match those recommended ones for MSFS itself? Or would it be better to wait till the technique matures more. Thanks
  13. I am looking for a new 32inch 4k HDR monitor for future compatibility as my current PC hardware does not support 4k rendering yet. I like it to be an IPS monitor due to better colors and viewing angles. Can someone recommend me a good monitor. I found this monitor to be the most affordable with the required specs and would not go over this price wise. https://www.amazon.de/LG-FreeSync-Ergonomischer-verstell-schwenkbar/dp/B088BMZ41V/ref=sr_1_2?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=lg+4k+ips+32&qid=1606556093&s=ce-de&sr=1-2 How is HDR rendered in flightsim, what graphics card is needed for it, thanks!
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