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  1. Robert, any chance you can clue us in on what the next aircraft coming out of the PMDG factory will be?
  2. mcbellette

    Uhhhh... We have sort of have a problem here...

    I find it amusing there is a training manual in the cockpit. Shouldn't you already know the aircraft inside out if you're in the cockpit?😄
  3. mcbellette

    Next aircraft

    Already own the JS41 for FSX but don't really fly it. Going to sound silly, but I find it quite tricky to set up and it also uses a fair amount of power on my PC whereas other aircraft such as the 777 do not.
  4. mcbellette

    Next aircraft

    Just wondering if I could make one tiny request regarding the next aircraft o be developed by PMDG? I'm a father of three young children (8yrs, 5yrs & 7 months) and I work full-time. I also volunteer what little free time I have as a medic at community and sporting events in my region. Consequently, I don't have much time for FSX these days. I certainly don't have time for the kinds/lengths of flights the 747 (or even the 777) is designed for, hence the reason why I have not purchased the newest iteration of this airliner. So, with this in mind, can I ask if the next aircraft from PMDG is one designed for short or perhaps even medium length routes instead of long haul routes? Maybe a regional airliner, or even a turbo prop? Hoping you'll take my request into consideration.
  5. mcbellette

    [25SEP18] We are cooking an update for you...

    Robert, I've come across a rather stubborn bug that I just can't get around. It's really quite irritating! My wife won't allow me to purchase this product due to the cost. Do you have a fix for this bug?
  6. By the way, I think RSR is having some fun with all of you. There is no way you can tell where - geographically - the aircraft is by looking at the fuselage, and there are no other visual clues other than to say the aircraft looks like it is set for takeoff or landing.
  7. Robert, I know you simulate failures in your aircraft. I was just wondering if you're simulating the effects of those failures visually in terms of smoke or fire coming from an engine or engines, for example? Or is that going to eat up too many animations or FPS to do so?
  8. I'm not buying unless there's a pogo stick.
  9. mcbellette

    PMDG 747 Shutting Down Simulator

    Brian, I don't wish to appear unhelpful or unwilling to help, but your best bet to remedy this problem is to submit a support ticket directly to the support team at PMDG via the support portal at in order to help you find a solution in a timely fashion.
  10. mcbellette

    B747-8 Beta Program Bug Report- FULL DISCLOSURE

    I'll be REALLY impressed if turning on the windscreen wiper causes that bug to smear the windscreen!!!
  11. mcbellette

    Could PMDG possibly...

    The model on offer at Carenado is not the PC-12NG. It's the same model as the Flight1 product I mentioned.
  12. mcbellette

    Re visited thread

    What Jim said.
  13. mcbellette

    Could PMDG possibly...

    Hi PMDG staff, I just wanted to put forth an idea for a future aircraft. One of my favourite aircraft of all time is the Pilatus PC-12. Currently, there is a PC-12 available for FSX from another developer (Flight1). However, this product is showing its age in the face of new ways of creating aircraft and virtual cockpits. It’s an older version of the aircraft, with the current model being the PC-12NG. The systems included are fairly basic as well. Nothing against the Fliggt1 product - I still use it alot. But I’d love it if PMDG would do another prop aircraft - the PC-12NG, with all of its systems and the new glass cockpit. So my question is, could we see PMDG doing a PC-12NG at some stage down the track? I love the airliners, but I increasingly find my FSX time limited with work, two kids under 8 and a new 2 month-old baby, which means mostly shorter, regional flights for me. Would be nice to balance the long range heavy metal with something for shorter hops.
  14. mcbellette

    non riconosce la mia email

    Anyone speak Italian?
  15. mcbellette

    How far has the 747-8 been developed?

    I wonder if Robert has the time to secretly scroll through this forum and have an evil chuckle at topics like this one?