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  1. Thank you so much. I tried the middle mouse button which didn't work but I remembered its bound to a view selection in Chase plane. I've changed the chase plane binding and it now works fine.
  2. I'm enjoying the 350i I am however having trouble how to set the altimeter to standard? It says click to push for standard on the dial but both the left and right mouse clicks turn the dial left or right. Also there doesn't seem to be a way to set Kilos in the FMC for weights. That actually might be a realistic thing with he FMC. I've looked through the manual a few times but can't find any information.
  3. I also seem to suffer from this issue, I'm not undocking the FS2Crew panel though. I leave it in the top let of the main screen. I'm also using the button version. My 747, maddog and 737 NGXU all work fine with no frame rate drops.
  4. That is great news Bryan, Looking forward to both products. So erm.... when is release? 😛 Just kidding. Keep up the great work 🙂
  5. Thank you very much Jay. I shall give that a go this afternoon.
  6. Thank you for the info John, I have adjusted the levels and am now quite happy with the results. My next quest is getting a decent set of AI. I've never bee that bothered about AI before but VOX makes it worth it as the traffic is controlled reasonably realistic. I was looking at the live AI program but after some searching it seems it needs quite a bit of fiddling to get working with VOXATC.
  7. I've now completed a couple more flights and I really like it so far. I have one issue left that I can't seem to solve. The volume slider in windows 10 volume mixer for VOXATC keeps resetting itself to 50% which makes the voices very quiet. If I slide the slider to 100% it will stay there until a voice is played then the slider resets itself back to 50% I have do nothing ticked in the options in windows sound settings to stop it lowering volumes itself. I have the volumes turned up foe the voices in the VOX setup itself. I just can't seem to figure this last issue out. It's the only program that seems to have this issue nothing else is affected.
  8. Thank you all for the great insight and suggestions. I really do love the AI injection too. There is a lot to like about what Vox ATC does compared to the competition. I guess the fact an approach can change mid flight is actually far more realistic than I was thinking. It adds a new challenge to the flight rather than programming the FMC and following it all the way down to touch down. Going to do a few more flights over the next few days and make my mind up. To be fair i'm already leaning towards a purchase after reading these coments. It does have a few quirks but the realism it brings just in the AI injection and interaction is far superior to others. DrumsArt, You mention is great at vectoring during a mountainous area, this is something that others fall flat on if not following a star. Where does Vox get its elevation data to allow for the vectoring? Others do attempt it but really do get it wrong so many times.
  9. I managed to get it working okay just by rebooting the PC. I've done a couple of flights now and really like a lot of what it does. One thing that bugs me and possibly be a deal breaker is that it doesn't read the weather at the destination very well if at all. Also it doesn't appear to assign a runway when assigning the STAR. It's a shame it doesnt read from a weather file or from the internet like some others ATC programs do. I'll keep trying and see if I can figure out some of the oddities.
  10. Hi all, I have downloaded the VOXATC demo and was hoping to try it out this evening. I have it installed and it shows in my start menu. I have also run the indexer and selected both the NGXU and my Aerosoft airbuses in the panel config program. However when I launch P3D I get no notification to allow a new addon like the manual says I should. I have checked both the Gauges folder and the panels for the above aircraft and everything looks good. I just can't seem to get anything to show whilst in the cockpit. Maybe i'm doing something wrong? I'm using simbrief for the flightplan, loading P3D and selecting the aircraft and the airport, letting the sim load and once i'm in the cockpit i'm loading the flightplan from simbrief into the flightsim. I've tried assigning yoke buttons both on my yoke and throttle. Also tried the default keys pre set with VOXATC and also tried changing them but nothing. Any Ideas?
  11. I second this. I was having issues a few months ago with pauses and random lockups while flying low and slow or high and fast. I searched the internet and watched loads of Youtubes recommended various fixes and settings. After hours of tweaking and adjusting my CFG file nothing seemed to work. So I deleted it and run the sim again to build a new one with the thought of tweaking from a fresh CFG file. However, in my test flight before tweaking, I noticed all the issues I was having were gone. Completely gone. It's been smooth ever since. I highly recommend a fresh CFG for anyone having issues.
  12. As many others have already done, I'd like to say thank you not only for making this software free but a thank you to all those involved in its development and upkeep all these years. I've been a user of Radar contact for a good 10 years. Like many, I still use it very often.
  13. Well, I just completed my first flight in this bird. Only a short hop of around 80nm. This twin prop is absolutely fantastic. Feels great to hand fly, sounds great with the dynamic prop and wind sounds. I'm not overly familiar with the G1000 unit but I managed to string together a working flight plan with it. This is currently fighting my personal top spot of my goto planes to fly. It's going to be hard to decide on flying this or the A2A Bonanza. My only 2 suggestions would be 1, Incorporate the rain effects from A2A, one it's free to developers and two their rendition of the effects are the best out there in my opinion. I'm sure this has already been mentioned as coming later but not sure if it's the A2A version of rain. 2, A load manager for fuel and payload, may be part of the already great config app. I know we can use the P3D built-in menu option to set fuel and weights but it's something I've not used for years as most add-on aircraft now use a manager. being able to set fuel and weights before loading the sim would be a nice feature. Neither of these 2 suggestions is taking away any fun or enjoyment I'm having with this plane, just purely cosmetic and convenience. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a modern Twin, It really is fantastic, well done to all those involved in bringing this to us 🙂
  14. This would be a fantastic option to have in the load manager.
  15. Oh wow, This looks interesting. I will give this a go :)
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