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  1. Hi Dave, I really like the option to allow for P2ATC to give me random vectors during a STAR. Would it be possible to expand this feature for the SID's? Whilst it probably wouldn't be vectors but a cleared direct to a waypoint further along the SID or even to the end of the SID, just as real ATC often do. Also a random chance they will clear you to break the altitude constraints on departure? would really make it more dynamic and more like real ATC. Obviously these could be an option so people who don't want the randomness can turn them off.
  2. Hi Bryan, Sorry for the slow reply not had much time for flightsim the last few days. Ah maybe I'm remembering wrong then. I just thought the MD80 was capable as the EFB take-off calculator that comes with the Maddog has an option for packs on or off take-off performance. Another thing I noticed today when doing another flight. When lining up on the runway and the FO sets spoilers it also seems to set of the TCAS system test.
  3. Seems I may be the only one who found this feature useful hehe 😛
  4. For me the ATC in MSFS isn't great. so I tend to use a mixture of Real traffic using the real traffic app and AIG models, then I enhance this with the ATC audio from FS ATC CHATTER. The reason simple ATC for me was great was because I could forget the ATC in Xplane as that was awful as well and have a very basic controller telling me to contact ground or tower etc, this allowed me to fly the sim in the way I had filed with all the added realism of real flights and chatter. The downside of using MSFS ATC for me is it often repeats assigned altitudes, sometimes completely forgets me and gives no instructions, and worst of all it will often fly you straight into a mountain as it has no terrain awareness. With Simple ATC, I just set departure and destination, runways and altitude and get a very simple but satisfying experience, Although simple ATC is fake and doesn't really control anything, it was enjoyable because it would let me fly my planned route without any hassles and just gave a sense of a controller following you along the route and telling you to switch to tower, ground etc.
  5. Hi all, I used X-Chatter for Xplane for a long time and loved it, I really liked the Simple ATC part. I used it on every flight. Are there any plans to bring it over to the MSFS version? As simple as it was it really added to the immersion for me 🙂
  6. Hi All, Great product as usual. Really like the departure brief and landing briefings back in again, I really missed those. I can't seem to find an option to do a packs off take-off? I'm sure this was possible in the P3D version. Also even though I briefed for reduced thrust take off and pressed the TO FLX button on the ART panel the FO still presses TO and announces ART AUTO during his checks? Also FO doesn't set brakes to RTO. ART Switch isn't set back to auto after take-off, no captains PA at cruise using button control and also centre fuel pumps were not switched off once they were low.
  7. I see that a new forum for the Maddog MSFS version has gone up, are you still on track for a release this weekend? Please say yes as my better half is away this weekend and I have lots of flying time on my hands 😄
  8. The deal breaker for me at the moment is that I can't get wind Information into FSHUD without having active sky installed. I own Active sky but I don't have P3D installed anymore and you can't install active sky without P3D because it can't find certain files. I really don't understand the need for Actrive sky just for winds. Pilot2ATC uses metars from the internet which works fine, it will even adjust the runway and STAR if the winds change, so it definitely works. Also PF3 ATC also uses metars from the internet when used with MSFS and that also works. Without the wind information I end up with AI taking off from wrong runways etc because FSHUD thinks winds are calm.
  9. There are a couple of videos on youtube, these are from P3D but I would imagine it would give a good indication of what to expect. especially with the voices used etc.
  10. I noticed you are offering beta access to people who own the P3D version. If I buy he P3D version could I also get access to the MSFS beta? Also buy purchasing the P3D version would that upgrade to the MSFS version or are they going to be separate products?
  11. I've been keeping an eye on this over on the P3D Forums, very interesting indeed. I currently use Pilot2ATC like many others but that does not control the AI Traffic. As soon as this is available for MSFS I'll purchase 🙂 I've now removed P3D from my PC as the Maddog and the PMDG 737 are now out. I know you've probably been asked this many times already but any idea on a time frame for a release for MSFS2020?
  12. Hiya, Is there a way to update the sectors for users who aren't using P3dD? I only use MSFS2020 now but the manual says it requires files from P3D to update the sectors. The default sectors in the UK are wrong. Manchester control stretches all the way down over Cornwall when it should be London Control etc.
  13. Anyone know if this comes with a proper full tutorial? Actually looks like its Youtube videos. I much prefer a PDF tutorial to start off with.
  14. Do we know where Leonardo are based? at least that might indicate a rough time we could expect normal business hours to commence.
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