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  1. As many others have already done, I'd like to say thank you not only for making this software free but a thank you to all those involved in its development and upkeep all these years. I've been a user of Radar contact for a good 10 years. Like many, I still use it very often.
  2. Andayle

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Well, I just completed my first flight in this bird. Only a short hop of around 80nm. This twin prop is absolutely fantastic. Feels great to hand fly, sounds great with the dynamic prop and wind sounds. I'm not overly familiar with the G1000 unit but I managed to string together a working flight plan with it. This is currently fighting my personal top spot of my goto planes to fly. It's going to be hard to decide on flying this or the A2A Bonanza. My only 2 suggestions would be 1, Incorporate the rain effects from A2A, one it's free to developers and two their rendition of the effects are the best out there in my opinion. I'm sure this has already been mentioned as coming later but not sure if it's the A2A version of rain. 2, A load manager for fuel and payload, may be part of the already great config app. I know we can use the P3D built-in menu option to set fuel and weights but it's something I've not used for years as most add-on aircraft now use a manager. being able to set fuel and weights before loading the sim would be a nice feature. Neither of these 2 suggestions is taking away any fun or enjoyment I'm having with this plane, just purely cosmetic and convenience. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a modern Twin, It really is fantastic, well done to all those involved in bringing this to us 🙂
  3. Andayle

    Request (ZFW)

    This would be a fantastic option to have in the load manager.
  4. Andayle

    SimBuddy? Has anyone tried this?

    Oh wow, This looks interesting. I will give this a go :)
  5. Andayle

    Timeout at Startup

    Exactly the same issue for me, connection closed message. UK here no VPN
  6. Hi all, I'm having an odd issue with FSX Steam edition. When I'm at cruise altitude, currently FL340 in the PMDG 737-800 (this happens in all aircraft) and have the view facing forward I get a massive drop in FPS. If I pan the camera to look down at the instruments I get around 30 to 40 FPS, but when I pan back up it drops to around 15 FPS. This also occurs whilst in spot view outside. if I look down just taking the horizon out of view I go back to 30 - 40 FPS but when I pan back up the hit occurs again. I've also tried disabling weather and using clear skies as I first thought it was an issue with clouds but it makes do difference at all. I'm using Activesky2016 with Active sky clouds if that helps with the 2k textures. I'm really stumped why it's doing this. My specs are: i7 3770K @4.4 8 Gig ram nvidia 1070 GFX card FSX steam edition, running DX10 with steves DX10 fixer using ORBX as scenery.
  7. I can't wait any longer, that 50% off discount is tempting at 114 million dollars.
  8. Andayle

    mmmm! That new forum smell!

    hehe, I wonder if the discount will increase until it hits launch price and time
  9. Andayle

    mmmm! That new forum smell!

    I bet the PMDG team are sitting in their secret bunker (private forum) just cackling at us lot frothing at the mouth for this to release
  10. Andayle

    mmmm! That new forum smell!

    Hmm, I seem to have the same bug as Paul. The 747 does not show up in my aircraft list. Has a fix been issued for this yet?
  11. I really hope she is released before Friday as well. I'm off all this week but start an away from home contract for 7 days on Friday evening.
  12. I'm sure I read that we would be getting a weeks notice on the release day? Unless I've completely missed the notice I don't think we will see a release this weekend.
  13. Hi all, I need some help deciding on my next FSX purchase. I have been using the new early access version of AirHauler 2 which i'm really enjoying. I set up a small company based in Dutch Harbour, Unalaska, flying the awesome A2A Comanche. I now want to expand the range of my virtual company with a biz jet. I have never owned any biz jet addons for FSX so i'm not familiar with any of the current products on offer. I'm looking for something that models the systems nicely, doesn't have to be study sim level like a PMDG aircraft but at least modelled to it's simulated enough to feel real. The external model whilst nice is less important to me, I'm not a screen shot taker or anything I just like flying so i'm always in the Virtual Cockpit rather than external camera view. So any suggestions?
  14. Andayle

    SayIt Errors and Issues

    Hi John, When handed over to another controller use the report selection on the sayit feature, then select report altitude. It took me a little while to discover that and it's seems to be the only logical response to give when handed over.