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  1. Maybe it's because of people like you that developers think it's ok to release half baked products? No offence, or something like that, intended.
  2. Even though I'm planing on the 5600x I'm definitely interested in that test. Regards, Márcio
  3. Sorry to steal your thread a bit Rob, but does anyone noticed a big difference with the 5000 series on p3d? Thinking about getting the 5600x paired with a RTX3070 or a used 2080ti Regards, Márcio
  4. Anyone up to do some paints for me? Been trying to use photoshop for hours, just cant do it
  5. marxio09dio

    FPS Drop

    Hi, Whenever I load the route into the fmc and its displayed on the ND my fps drop like 10-15 fps. Initially I thought it was maybe because of a complex SID but even if I just load the route without the SID I have the same drop on fps. Any Idea of whats causing this? Thanks I'm using FSX:SE Márcio Araújo
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