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  1. Hi, Whenever I load the route into the fmc and its displayed on the ND my fps drop like 10-15 fps. Initially I thought it was maybe because of a complex SID but even if I just load the route without the SID I have the same drop on fps. Any Idea of whats causing this? Thanks I'm using FSX:SE Márcio Araújo
  2. Can someone do a Air Portugal repaint? Thanks Márcio Araújo
  3. I need help. Yesterday i was doing some landings with T7 then i closed fsx and opened again i selected the t7, click fly now everything loaded ok but then when the aircraft appears my fsx stops working and closes. The green initialing bar doesn´t even appear. The NGX works fine though. This happened after uptade the PMDG Opertions Center Thanks for the help Márcio Araújo
  4. Hi all, i've formated my computer and i want to activate my 737NGX again but when i put key it says "the actication of the fulfilment is denied by the actication policy because max extra activations exceeded. [incident# 5832-289243]. can someone help me? thanks in advance Márcio Araújo