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  1. Is there a way to get line up and wait instead of position and hold for the US area?
  2. Hi does anyone know if REX Soft Clouds for fs9 is still available somewhere? I would love this add-on but having a hard time locating it since fs9 is dated. Thanks Bill
  3. Thanks for the reply, will check those sites out.
  4. Hi all, I have not used my FS9 in some years and slowly getting back in. In all these years, has there been a faster way of installing AI flight plans and aircraft. I have lots of WoAI packages installed and loved their work since it was an easy install wihch included the aircrafts. Now that my packages are getting dated...for example I still have USAir flying around with cactus callsigns which I know American took them over years ago. What would be the best way to update my american Airlines package to include US Airways as American. I dont even know if the folks at WoAI are working on AI stuff anymore either, however when searching for AI items in the library seems like tings are separated, like just the flights plans but you need to install each aircraft on its own and search for their repaints. WOW, thats time consuming. So just wondering if things have changed for the better on the AI aspect of FS9. Thanks and happy flying Bill
  5. Hi all, Ive been out of the loop in FS9 in many years and finally got back to it again. Does anyone know if Radar Contact added any more call signs? Im on V4.3.3845. Ive been using the default FS9 ATC system and want to try RC again since the default ATC system seems not real accurate on the vectoring and altitudes. Thanks, Bill
  6. Thanks, will give it a try and its defiantly going to take some time. I have quite a bit of AI.
  7. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knows my my 757 AI traffic at night has what looks like a big ball of light in the middle of the fuselage. They turn off when what looks to be the landing lights. I have tried some other halo textures and does not change the large ball of light. When you get close to the aircraft it goes away however. Its really annoying in the sky and from a distance. Looks like the aircraft is from WoA_AIA_B752W_RR
  8. Anyone know where i can get the reshade for FS9?
  9. Where can I get the reshade for FS9? I use reshade for my American Truck Sim and would love to try it on FS9 as well
  10. Is there a video out there with before and after comparison in Fs9 with this enhancer app?
  11. Or does anyone have the most relastic settings availbale for active sky 6.5? If so can you post them here? There was a sticky way back in the days that had the recommneded settings.
  12. Most of my settings are identical, however some things are different most of my visibility settings are ticked. Just curious about his settings and why it should not be ticked or why it should be enabled. Thanks
  13. Thanks, did not know it was a known issue. No big deal in guess.
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