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  1. So it still happens with FSLTL on or off CPU temps are bellow 80c so I know the CPU is not getting hot. Wonder if it's just my 3070 GPU with its 8GB memory limit. The thing is I might not even drop massive frames within 15 min of the start at the gate... It's random. I had a flight where it was all good until I got off the runway and started to taxi to the gate..went external and Bam! 20... 15... 27... 14........ Then 30 in a matter of like 20 seconds
  2. Yes, I deleted DX Shader cache and did a clean install for the 535.98 drivers...does make me wonder if its a server overload or something out of my control... I also use 60GB to cache some scenery
  3. Ok, did a flight from KPHX (BMworld scenery) to KLAS (FlyTampa) ...did not use the FSLTL injector at all, didn't even launch it. Just used Vpilot...there was 1 other plane at KPHX at the time...the sim was running smooth and 30 frames...flight was smooth all the way to Vegas and there were 4 other planes there on Vatsim. Taxi as smooth too...launched GSX for debearding and when looking towards the right side of the planes wing view frames were at 23....then closed Vpilot from my other monitor and waited about 5 seconds and back to solid 30. Now dont know for sure if its a random event where my PC just cant handle something...but seems like most people dont get these huge drops when there really is not much traffic happening. On another occasion I was looking forward at KPHX at the gate and there was no traffic at all anywhere and frames went from 30 to 25 then 23 and stayed there for a bit, changed to external and that did not help when to 15 there...went back to cockpit view and 30....WTH!!!
  4. I'll try right from the start not to use the injector a see
  5. I can try to turn off all ground items. Mine is also set very very low as is. Only my road traffic is set to 80%. I think I have planes on the ground to 0, airport traffic set to 5 or 10. Workers set to 5. I have a screen shot with my traffic settings on the first post.
  6. Ok, tried with the FSLTL set with 0 IFR, 0 VFR and 0 Static...Vpilot was on in KPHX and there were 4 planes at the airport on Vatsim. All was good for most of the prep, then went external during pushback and frames went from 30 to 14.5...I went and shutdown FSLTL injector which I take it was really doing nothing since all was set to zero, then it jumped back to 30. Dont know if it was a coincidence since the drop only lasted like 7 seconds...but having a nice 30 to 14 really sucks,
  7. Thats good to hear.... in a way... that Im not the only one...I do have mine set to high instead of ultra also
  8. I'll give that a shot and get back to this post. I know I have all the other settings on the config set fairly to short distances for that same reason. I also have it set to use AIG traffic that's priority.
  9. Hi, I have done a clean install on my Nvidia drivers with the latest version...Now IDK if its an issue with having any AI in the sim but for example if Im at KPHX (BMworld scenery) I have a nice locked frame of 30..it can go more like 45. I have my FSLTL set to just a setting of 2 for static planes only no live traffic since i use Vatsim. Now Vatsim would have 1 or 2 planes in the area. All would be fine and when trying out the different view and external views and is great and smooth...then all of a sudden like 5 min into the sim at the gate while I prep I look to my right side or it could be left or even external and my frames would drop to like 15, maybe 10 then wait a bit like 10 sec then 30 solid. this is random but its bugging the word not allowed out of me why its doing this. I have 2 monitors both different however both set to 60mhz. I tried Gsync on / off still happens. Tried unlocking my frames and using 100% monitor refresh. Yes its really smooth when panning but when taxiing and turning I do get these micro stutters that I don't get when I lock at 30, so I choose not to use 100% and revert to 50%. Now when it does happen, I have closed FSLTL and boom...back to 30. Anyone have any idea why I would have such a massive drop just like that. I will post my settings here too. If I think if anything else I will post here. My specs are in my signature also. Much appreciated! MSFS settings: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1adMbc1yGv9NS7tXpJdwIIiuPhbrEO_VV?usp=sharing Nvidia Settings: Global: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zmr8yD5YfeHPAFqFwEJCKKaNjszZCifF?usp=sharing MSFS: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1IMrvvS3c-F5PgPzYrxah4xFPPcjfkjnc?usp=sharing Thanks Bill
  10. So I ordered replacement airliner handles in on April 20th. I have emailed them back and forth on an update when it will be shipped. They are telling me that their warehouse is having issues with their printer to print shipping labels..., then they told me that it should be sent out last week....well here we go again...nothing...I have asked for a refund and they have refunded me the money and cancelled my order. They told me to order from other providers that are affiliates to them since they are having issues. Does anyone else know here I can order handles? I have searched and cant find it. "Good morning, We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. I will cancel your order and refund your purchase. Please note this shipping issue is only affecting our warehouse and not our partner retailers. If you would still like to purchase our products, you should have no issues going that route. Again our apologies. Regards,Honeycomb"
  11. I think honeycomb will be at the flight sim expo in Houston. If anybody is going to the expo ask them about the shipping issues.
  12. I think honeycomb will be at the flight sim expo in Houston. If anybody is going to the expo ask them about the shipping issues.
  13. Ordered extra handles 4 weeks ago and emailed them about the status. They told me that they are have issues printing shipping labels. Their printer at the moment is down.
  14. Just wanted to let everyone know that if you have Bravo Throttle system from Honeycomb, FlightsimFactory has creaed a set of handles for the new Microsoft ATR. Just purchased my set. Wanted to share https://www.etsy.com/listing/1474240963/new-atr-42-72-pro-throttle-detent-set?click_key=01055a50a68dab0221f6542418ec5cac7af75f98%3A1474240963&click_sum=1d0a55b5&ref=shop_home_feat_1&sts=1 Bill
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