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  1. So I have my refresh rate on a monitor set to 240hz, locked my frames with Riva tuner at 40 frames. So when I turn LSFG on it shows a solid 40/120 on the counter. Now I have two monitors. My monitor on the left which only goes to 60 hz, displays navigraph, Vpilot, and Self Loading Cargo. My frames never dip where there would be a stutter, at least most of the time. It is completely butter smooth when I first start LSFG, but then I'll go outside externally to check out the aircraft and come back inside the cockpit and it's not very smooth anymore. The frame still show locked 40/120, but it's not butter smooth. I would have to click on the other monitor then come back to the main one or turn off LSFG, and turn it back on for us to be absolutely smooth again. Anybody else experiencing this? And how have they resolved it? Again my monitor is showing 40/120 the whole time whether it's butter smooth or not as smooth.
  2. Mine this morning is indicating a 176gig update..I cancelled and reloaded the sim and again the update is there.
  3. Plane is amazing, but anyone else getting lots of engine blade texture ghosting when the engines are running with frame gen on? Running a 4080
  4. Yes I would have these freezes that would last long enough where I think my computer crashed completely coming in on approach to different locations.
  5. Anyone else experiencing lots of really bad stutters lately today? My sim runs smooth I would say 95% of the time. Tried out the Huey in San Diego area around 430 MST today and boy was it bad with stutters and pauses. Curious if any one else is experiencing this.
  6. Yeah my frames don't drop then mine is currently showing 40/80. Smooth as butter however out of the blue when panning left and right it would not be smooth anymore. I don't know what's going on, then it'll smooth out eventually again. But the frames never change. I do have other items on my other monitor like navograph. So I don't know if my other monitor is causing issues with my main screen even though I'm not moving the mouse to the other monitor and keeping it on the main screen.
  7. Anyone give it a whirl with a 240 hz monitor? And what frames and settings are you using?
  8. Anyone know how to get rid of those shimmering lines around the spoilers that I have noticed since SU15. You can see them on this video I took
  9. So trying to understand how this works. If I want to lock at 48 frames, do I set my monitor refresh rate to 144? That way 48 × 3 =144. Then I'll use X3 on the app?
  10. Where does it get its AI aircraft from? FSLTL?
  11. So what are the suggestion and settings for a monitor with a refresh rate of 240. I have noticed that yes its smooth locking frames with this new software to 30 frames..but clicking buttons and switches in the flighdeck or even panning there is this latency lag
  12. What bugs with this app..if I switch monitors to access Navigraph or other apps for the sim the go back to the main MSFS monitor now I have stutters and I have to either rescale again for it to go away or sometimes the stutters stick for a while.
  13. Mine seems pretty smooth locking my frames at 40 however setting my monitor refreshed to 240
  14. Usually steam apps are located for example: C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common under the common folder you will see a folder called Lossless Scaling, copy that folder over to like the C root drive then click that exe, it should open without initializing Steam
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