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  1. better be as spad is a very important piece for cockpits builders
  2. he is perfectly right too many people talk and have not a clue what they talk about; no devs broke tools or scene the only breakers here are ms
  3. you already have the best msfs can offer default mesh + fixed morphing shorelines
  4. free for those who have taburet norway mesh from simmarket simMarket : TABURET - NORWAY COASTLINES MORPHING EFFECTS FIX MSFS
  5. here is a new video showing performance of updated Taburet mesh: in this case is the new updated spain 1.2 pack MSFS Spain Mesh 1.2 performance - YouTube he is updating all packages; even areas updated by asobo with higher res than 10 m to avoid morphing.
  6. xplane 12 feature a complete new weather engine Austin presents the new X-Plane 12 weather model : Xplane (reddit.com) we will see what is all about and how it compare with msfs weather system
  7. will be interesting compare weather simulations when the new xplane 12 is out between the two sim
  8. check render scaling settings; if too much move slide down -
  9. download the updated hawaii mesh; work perfectly well
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