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  1. Since yesterday i have very big sttuters when i start the descent. Didn't have it during take off and cruise but they start when i start the descent. I didn't change nothing in graphic options 😞
  2. in the last pictures the texture of the mountains are very bad
  3. anybody kniws what i havve to change in game graphic options to fix the slow loading texture / objects issue? In most of photogrametry cities the building textures finish to load when i am near of them, and some scenery objects are loaded too when i am negar if them (runway signs at the airports for eixample) Thanks
  4. Can anyone test if piot2atc tells vector to visual approah to GEML? In my case ATC didn't say me the correct vectored approach to land thanks
  5. Inside MSFS do you have cache On or Off?
  6. i don't have DXcache file, i only have GLcahe folder , why?
  7. updated and have lost the FPS nvidia counter
  8. FSLTL injector, injects more traffic and has better perfomance than FSHud injector
  9. yes, but psxt is free , the only cost is the external subscription to the server.......only 12 dollars per month
  10. for that you need yo use PSXT You can download here for free https://lekseecon.nl/
  11. don't loose your time and money with FSHUD
  12. wating for the realease of beyondatc
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