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  1. for me isn't very realisitc when i am taxiing the ia planes of psxt don't stop if i am priority
  2. tested 747 and can't write the ZFW values of simbrief in the FMC The simbrief ZFW is 315035 kg, but if i write at FMC 315.0 it says "invalid entry" The fuel charged in the FMC is 95.5 kg SENSED , but in simbrief the block fuel is 30944 kg why?
  3. Pilot2atc is the absolute winner in all aspects and you have trial period to test it. In FSHud you have to buy it if you wanna test it ,may be bcs if you test it fisrt you probably won't buy it
  4. Hiya , can anybody tell me the reason why after starting descent FL245 at PABAS ,the altitud is increased to FL325 at the next waypoint (ASADA)? , Is that real? or is a thing to fix at the next update? thanks
  5. yeahh i choosed visual approach because atc didn't give me descent instructions when i raised the green dot , and he didn't give me any vectors for approach, that's the reason i choosed visual approach Can you try a flight to LXGB
  6. Here the log of last flight. I have made the approach manually because atc didn't give me descent and vector instructions https://mega.nz/file/9pEDDBSJ#y-ax5Dcxk29CK2nBJ3SBbsP8gJjITAQguPIS4NoY9aE thanks dave to take a look
  7. i don't know it thats the reason, but i made again the same flight, and i have raised the cruise altitude of 9000 correctly at the begining, but when i arrive to de descent point (green arrow at map) the ATC didn't give me the descent instructions and ehaen i arrive to approach it didn't give me the vectors so land into rw 09
  8. Can you check the latest logfile Pls Dave? Thanks
  9. Sorry Dave i attached you an incorrect log file Here is the correct file, like i said you , the atc didn't give me any instructions for descent or approach to LXGB https://mega.nz/file/YsEx3T6Z#YEfJHlby53UfU9R8YhzD7l7wEachMxHlzoBiLciCgiQ thanks
  10. Last fligt LEMG -LXGB. The ATC never give me tje approach vector to LXGB rw09 and didn't give me descent instructions here the log file https://mega.nz/file/dxchRI5B#Jek_X8E68nAYr9AlMsp3OMpzY0jC1k4S46h4S3T_g_Y thanks
  11. Kg is appearing if you use spanish language inside game
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