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  1. now the basic subscription for realtraffic is 90 EUROS FOR ONE YEAR!!!!!! ???????
  2. Realtraffic------------90 euros per year. is a joke?
  3. In LEMD i have asiggned for take off the runways 14L and 14 R When i push autoplan it assigns me Rwy32L for take off and there isn't SIDs for that runway Any fix for that? thanks a lot
  4. i have updated it via store but still tells me that there is a mandatory update
  5. in xbox app it says that is updated
  6. i am stucked at mandatory update screen , and it says me i have to update it from microsoft store, but i have updated it but when i start the it says me again that there is a mandatory update Anyone knows how to solve it? thanks
  7. Using beta2F I have imported this FP LEBL DCT GRAUS UM601 CEGAM DCT LEBB When i push autoplan , pilot2atc assign SID but nothing for APPR and STAR and when i am arriving at airport (LEBB) the ATC didn't say nothing to me (no starting descend , and no STAR assigned for landing)
  8. is there a way to find a flight plans that uses specific aircraft? I mena, if i wanna see some Beech1900 aroung Europe, which aerolines i have to download?
  9. if te product is at simmarket, forget marketplace
  10. Thanks Dave but the TOD is still on white Flight plan line not on yellow approach line and the approach line is shorter than the original <flight plan line
  11. Just today make a flight from LEZL (Sevilla) to LXGB (Gibralatar) with cruise alt of 15.000 feet When pilot2atc told me the vectors for final approach he didnd't told me to descent until i was very near of detination airport and then it told me to descent to 3000 feet , but i can't do that because i don't have enough distance to do that i am to near of airport Any solution for that , i think is better if ATC start the descent before when you have enough time to do the descent and arrive to the final approach with correct altitude thanks
  12. Yesterday a did a flight with B787 (including heavy mod) , all flight was perfect using AP, it follows the flight plan and respect altituted and speed restrictions, but when the plane arrive to the last point before approach it goes crazy and didn't follow the flight plan. anyone with same problem and knows how to solve it? thanks a lot
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