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  1. yes they are in my T5.csv file too , but for some strange reason the taxirunways for this airport aren't imported into P2ATC, did you see the map of EDDT? With the old P2ATC database the airport has the green lines (taxi runways) but not in correct places , but after update the database with make runways (last beta) and imported EDDT airport he green line have dissapeared I did the same import process with a lot of airports with no problem
  2. can anyone take a look for EDDT (Berlin-Tegel airport) ? for some reason the taxiways aren't imported. thanks
  3. can anyone take a look at LEMI airport (Murcia international airport) is an airport included in game but the ingame IATA is RMU (don't have ICAO code) . the taxiways and gates aren't imported thanks
  4. yeahh . most people with that problem https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/787-on-taxi-impossible-to-turn/307464
  5. I have problems too with taxi operations in this plane, i have to turn full throtle to move it a little and it don't turn left or right when i push the buttons to turn
  6. Tested and now they make the taxy runways, but they aren't correct , here a pic
  7. Created file of entire ariports with makerunways, afert that ia have imported in pilot2atc taxiways for Lfpg (Paris airport) , but after importing proces nothing is showed at the map (no taxiways are showed , only runways) Anyone with this problem at this airport? thanks
  8. All flifht plans imported to Pilot2ATC asign a cruise altitude of FL180 , is there any way to disable it and get cruise altitudes upper than FL180? All flight plans are made traveling inside Europe Thanks
  9. yes i am using asobo madrid airport, the one of deluxe version . Thanks a lot kiek
  10. Have installed the program and now the life traffic is awsome, but the only bad thing is that the ai aircrafts don't run inside the runaways, have tested on madrid airport. Anyone knows how to solve that for a good inmersion? thanks
  11. P2ATC says me that there is traffic at three o clock but there isn't. How can i configure it to match P2ATC information with real AI traffic simulator (FS2020)? thanks
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